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The Cottage Journal Winter 2020

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The Cottage Journal features decorating ideas, style tips, creative inspiration, and delicious recipes - and now you can enjoy every single page on the tablet! Create a warmer, more magical home with the beauty of nature and The Cottage Journal!

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editor's letter

Inspiring beauty in your home is our goal for each issue, so when planning our featured stories, we love to include seasonal touches that make home a special place to return to at the end of the day. In the pages that follow, you’re sure to discover captivatingstories and charming style ideas as we celebrate abodes that reflect the personalities of the owners who love them. In “An Artist’s Retreat” on page 61, a historic home in Alabama is filled with art from all over the world, and the resident’s collection has grown to include her own works of art. From the front entrance to the master bedroom, angelic paintings, serene wall colors, and natural textures seem to wrap you in the warmth of a neutral, comfortable interior. Beginning with silverware as…

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boxed beauty

As varied and as beautiful as the treasures they guard, wooden boxes have been around nearly as long as humans have had the need for storage. But there’s more to these pieces than mere function—from culture to culture, distinct decorating styles have emerged, turning what was meant to be a utilitarian product into something worth collecting in its own right. Practiced in every culture where wood is available and one of the oldest crafts known to mankind, carving is the most obvious way to ornament boxes and other wooden containers—but it’s far from the only technique used. As early as the 12th century in China, turned wooden boxes were covered in layers of lacquer, which, once hardened, were carved with elaborately detailed scenes and patterns. Coloring the lacquer with minerals was…

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pieces with a past

Antiques are another way of traveling. They transport you to other times, other places, other ways of thinking. In French, the word souvenir means “memory,” and for me, antiques are the ultimate souvenir. Whether a cherished family possession handed down from one generation to the next or a purchase picked up at a Paris flea market while traveling abroad, antiques create conversation points in your home for telling your story. I’ve always believed your home should represent who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Your home is uniquely you and should tell your story. When decorating with antiques, use them as punctuation in your home—the exclamation points and question marks. They give a certain je ne sais quoi, adding that little something extra to your home, making the…

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winter by the window

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market finds

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a marriage of style

When interior designer Abbe Fenimore and her husband, Dru, moved into their home nearly three years ago, the circumstances were nothing short of destiny—putting them in the right place at the right time. Just two days before they were supposed to close on a new home in Dallas, Texas, the deal fell through, and the couple was back on the hunt for a house. Much to their surprise, they found a perfect home in a coveted, established neighborhood, and as only fate could have it, they moved in just a week later. At that time, they began a six-month renovation project, all while living in the 20-square-foot finished garage with their two bird dogs. “We’ve always loved this neighborhood,” Abbe says. “But we never thought we’d move over here because the…