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June 2021
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The Critic is Britain's new highbrow monthly current affairs magazine for politics, art and literature. Dedicated to rigorous content, first rate writing and unafraid to ask the questions others won't.

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america first

WHOSE PROBLEM IS CHINA? As Patrick Porter reminds us in his piece in our China special this month, she’s ultimately America’s. The United States is in first place and China is not. Whatever there is to be “lost”, it’s America’s to lose. But what is at stake for everyone else in the rise of China? And should other nations act before — or even beside America — in dealing with her China problem? The first thing to appreciate is that there is as yet no “war of American succession”. We are plainly not where Britain, America’s predecessor as global hegemon, was when she reeled under the assault of global war from without, and financial and industrial near-collapse within. Next year is the centenary of the Chanak Crisis, when Lloyd George’s Hellenophile anti-Turkish…

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call the junk-monger

WHENEVER A PRIME Ministerial family is feeling a bit skint it has only to call for Lord Brownlow of Deep Pocket in the County of Dosh and those pecuniary blues will be magicked away. This former rozzer has never needed to importune a passing premier and offer to buy a peerage. He has achieved that status by selflessly helping out. The noble gofer is apparently always on hand to assist however he can. Samantha Cameron, Theresa May and, most recently, the Prime Shit and the First Groundsheet are all in debt to his abundant small change which is, of course, so clean it might have been scrubbed with Fairy by Nanette Newman herself. Milord’s many interests include a house building company bizarrely named Havisham Homes, which suggests mausolea for the living. Its…

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RURAL RIGHTS I read Gawain Towler’s article on Pick for Britain and the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) with great interest (The Critic online, 9 May). He makes some fair arguments regarding the programmes, but he misses some key points on seasonal agricultural work itself. I have learned seasonal agricultural work is much more skilled and difficult than many commentators, and indeed those who sign up to the work, often realise. While I was a Brexit Minister, I was often asked about SAWS. In the course of things, I was surprised to discover, for example, that when picking apples, you must not use your fingertips but rather the palm of your hand or you bruise the apple. It’s not trivial. An experienced seasonal agriculture worker will successfully pick fruit at a much greater…

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an affront to justice

IN APRIL, THE COURT of Appeal put right the biggest miscarriage of justice it had ever dealt with in a single ruling. No fewer than 39 former Post Office staff were cleared of crimes of dishonesty. All had lost their jobs and some had served prison sentences. Three of them had died. There is much that can be done to prevent a scandal like this happening again — but not if the government continues to reject calls for further safeguards. Apart from the defendant, there are normally three separate parties involved in a criminal trial: the alleged victims, police investigators and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). These cases went wrong because the Post Office was complainant, investigator and prosecutor, all rolled into one. Although criminal proceedings are brought in the name of…

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man about town

Duchess of Grub St. THE ARTISTE FORMERLY KNOWN as Meghan Markle — now Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex — has written a children’s book, The Bench. This has been greeted with excitement (in America) and dismay (in Britain). Personally, I’m delighted that one of the world’s most controversial women has decided to take a well-earned break from causing controversy to embark on the more sedate pursuit of a literary career. A profession where, famously, it is impossible to wreak havoc. I shall hope to run into her, swaying slightly as she sips lukewarm white wine, at the end of a bibulous party at Daunt’s on Marylebone High Street. Perhaps, in her refreshed state, she will be willing to spill revelatory titbits of gossip about her fellow royal authors. Did Fergie really write Budgie…