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The Hockey News November 21, 2016

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ASSUMING HE REMAINS healthy and helpful, Roberto Luongo will complete this season as the fourth-winningest goalie in NHL history. If he plays an additional year and stays close to his recent victory pace, he’ll snuggle into third place, behind only Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy (fellow Quebecers, no less). Luongo, 38 in April, has never won a Vezina (top four in voting five times), never been a first-team all-star (a second-teamer twice) and, probably most importantly to him, has never won a Stanley Cup. His shining pro moment was winning gold in 2010 for Canada. A thousand miles or so up the coast, another superb goalie has followed a similar pattern. Henrik Lundqvist has a Vezina and an Olympic gold, but otherwise his brilliance has only gotten him second best. Lundqvist, 34,…

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Debating Great Debates You must be joking when comparing the better slapshot. It is not even a contest. In the skills competition, Zdeno Chara had a 108.8 mph slapshot, but he skates 30 feet into it. MacInnis didn’t need to skate into the puck to unleash fury. His howitzer was the most intimidating shot in hockey and he proved it game in and game out, not just on all-star weekend. When ‘Chopper’ wired one, it broke fingers and masks, terrifying anyone who got in its way. PETER AMORUSO JR., GARFIELD, N.J. Don’t forget Devellano In your Better Dynasty debate, Stan Fischler gave all the credit to the “High Command” of the Islanders organization consisting of Bill Torrey and Al Arbour. Admittedly, those are great hockey minds, but you left out a major cog in…

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shrinking oh so slowly

BEN BISHOP WAS sitting on a bench inside a small visiting team dressing room after a recent workout, his equipment splayed out on the floor in front of him like a giant goaltender scarecrow. He was asked about plans to reduce the size of his gear. “Shooters just need to get better,” the Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender laughed. “There’s been a lot of goals this year. I don’t know what you guys want. Every night, it seems like there’s six goals… what do we want, nine? You guys are picking on us enough.” In March, the NHL’s GMs emerged from meetings in Florida with a plan to streamline goalie equipment with an eye to increasing scoring. As recently as August, commissioner Gary Bettman – conceding the process was “still a work…

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IN THE CARDS Score gave out several different promotional cards during the summer of 1990 to hype its upcoming hockey set. Other than a few minor changes, most of the promos looked the same as the cards found in packs later that fall. But the Mark Messier promo, which shows him holding a hapless Kings player in a headlock, which was oddly violent for a card photo, was swapped for a more tame version. That promo card now sells for up to $20 – if you can find one. – SAL BARRY OF PUCKJUNK.COM BLUE PAINT GREENBACKS Stars top list of teams with highest cap hit dedicated to two top goalies…

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THE HULK > RON HEXTA LL Owns three 100-PIM seasons. No other goalie has even topped 70. Hextall is the king of pure rage. He fought willingly and was known for leaving the net to throw big hits. His two-hand power slashes were devastating, too. SERENITY NOW! > PATRICK ROY St. Patrick was never afraid to stand up for himself. Habs leave him in too long during a blowout? Fine. He’s done playing for them and off to Colorado to win a Cup. BIT OF A SPAZZ > TUUKKA RASK Rask got famous in his AHL days for blowing a gasket after a shootout defeat. He’s since cooled down a bit, but few stoppers hate getting scored on or losing more than the fiery Finn. GOALIE RAGE O-METER NEEDS ANGER MANAGEMENT > BILLY SMITH No goalie hated skaters…

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COMPOSURE IS ONE of the skills by which goaltenders are most often judged. But John Stevenson, a sports psychologist at Edmonton’s Zone Performance, is quick to tell you it’s not an intangible or unteachable ability. Stevenson is of the mind that a goalie training his or her brain isn’t all that different from a skater improving stickhandling, shooting or passing. “It’s a thing that I get my clients to work on,” Stevenson said. “They go to their mental gym every day for half an hour or 45 minutes, and they go work on that skill.” One of the focal points of Stevenson’s teachings is what he calls the three Rs: recognize, regroup and refocus. After a mistake, like allowing a goal, Stevenson wants his clients to take a moment to think about…