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The Hockey News January 2, 2018 - World Juniors 2018

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olympic torch to juniors?

DRUTHERS, IT IS COMMONLY accepted, is derived from ’drather, a term coined in the 19th century as slang for “would rather.” Now you know. We also know that given them, we’d be watching NHL players at the Olympics now and forever more-eth. Unfortunately, that’s not happening in 2018, and possibly 2022. During the failed discussions to keep Olympic hockey a best-on-best event, the IOC stated that if the NHL didn’t participate in Pyeongchang, it wouldn’t be invited to Beijing. They’re taking their pots of gold and going home. We’ll learn in the next few years whether that was a bluff. The NHL is eager to grow its global footprint, as evidenced by renewed forays into Europe and China this season. If there’s enough belief among team owners that showcasing hockey’s best…

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your say

Jon, then Sean This one’s a no-brainer: Sean Avery should be the next guest editor of THN. He’d be perfect, and the issue would be sure to create a buzz and excitement. Considering his off-the-ice interests and candidness, he’d be sure to include some interesting pieces in the issue, be it sports, fashion or frank exposes on the game. His past internship at Vogue also gives him some first-hand experience into an editor’s job and what goes into making an issue. There shouldn’t be any hesitation or concern over his “reputation,” as that was only an on-ice routine. I’m sure he’d be focused on the work in the office. This would be right up his alley and would be a hot ticket for THN. Get it done! VAUGHAN BYRNES, KINGSTON, ONT. Missing Martin I…

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I would give Brendan Gallagher a body six times bigger to match his heart and work ethic. Then watch him tear the league to pieces. – Nicholas Chase Enman I’d give the Islanders the Coliseum. – @mikeybasile I would give the gift of an alarm clock and a business suit to Evander Kane with a card saying it’s from Dustin Byfuglien. – James Arthur A new division for the Caps, so they don’t have to play the Penguins in the playoffs. – @ShorthandedNews To the players …fiiive Olympic riiings… – @TerryJosephson I would give the Flyers Sergei Bobrovsky, but they would just give him away. – Mathew Calverase The Hurricanes back to Hartford. – @eyezeezeeoh The Kings still need more offense, so it’s time for a Hanukkah gift in lieu of a Christmas gift. Instead of one goal, it’s a miracle and the Kings…

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put skates on houston?

IF IT WEREN’T FOR a series of events that conspired to keep it out of the NHL 40 years ago, we wouldn’t even be talking about Houston as a suitable market for expansion or relocation, because it would have already been in the league, 14 years before the Dallas Stars arrived in Texas. It’s a long and convoluted story but, basically, when the NHL merged with the World Hockey Association in 1979, the Houston Aeros were frozen out of the process. The three Canadian teams – the Edmonton Oilers, Winnipeg Jets and Quebec Nordiques – were shoo-ins. The NHL only wanted four teams, which left the Hartford Whalers and the Aeros as the two remaining candidates. Failure to that point in Sun Belt cities Oakland and Atlanta had the NHL skittish,…

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my weapon

I’VE BEEN USING A Warrior stick for quite a while. I used to have what they called ‘The Modano Curve,’ but I’ve done some things with the toe and the heel, so I guess I’d have to call it ‘The Henrique Curve’ now. I’ve probably cut about six or seven inches off the stick, and that was mostly because of (former Devils coach) Adam Oates. When he came here, he talked to me about it and a lot of what he said made sense. He was always a great puckhandler, and he used a shorter stick, so he got me to do it, and it’s really all about puck control. You can do a lot more with the puck in a confined space when you have a shorter stick. Maybe…

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hall of fame lock-o-meter

JUST A FORMALITY The Hall used to allow supernovas to gain immediate entry upon retirement. MARTIN BRODEUR would have been ideal for that in 2015. He has 140 more wins than the No. 2 goalie, four Vezinas, three Cups, a Calder and two Olympic golds. He’s hockey royalty. ON THE HALL’S SPEED DIAL Hall of Fame or Hall of Very Good? The debate is moot, because plenty of other Hall of Very Good types have already been inducted. So why not DANIEL ALFREDSSON then? He has more than 1,000 points, won the Calder Trophy, finished top 10 in scoring three times, won Olympic gold with Sweden and is the Ottawa Senators’ longest-serving captain. MAYBE SOMEDAY JEREMY ROENICK has been eligible since 2012. With 513 goals and 1,216 points, he’ll pop up on Hall candidacy lists…