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The Hockey News January 23, 2017

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expansion’s ‘golden’ era

A BIT OF unsolicited advice for Bill Foley and George McPhee: take 95 minutes to watch the new documentary, The California Golden Seals Story, for valuable tips on how not to run an expansion team. Fifty years before there were the Golden Knights, there were the Golden Seals, an NHL start-up trying to make a go of it in a Sun Belt city in the Pacific time zone. Technically, they weren’t the Golden Seals in the beginning, they were just the California Seals. Then they were the Oakland Seals, followed shortly thereafter by the California Golden Seals. Lesson No. 1: find an identity and stick to it. The doc, written and produced by TV industry veteran Mark Greczmiel, traces the rise (if you can call it that) of the club from its…

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the race to sign million dollar babies

BY KEN CAMPBELL FOR UP-TO-THE-MINUTE COVERAGE, VISIT THN.COM THERE IS A boy playing minor hockey in Toronto you haven’t heard about yet but probably will before too long. Then again, he could be out of hockey in three years or become a marginal player in junior or college hockey. We have chosen to not publish his name. But he’s very, very good. He’s attending an elite hockey academy in Toronto and is thriving a year above his age bracket for one of the top Triple-A organizations in the Greater Toronto Hockey League. He’s big and he’s skilled and he has lots of promise. He’s also just 12 years old. And his family has been getting calls from player agents. The same agents who represent multimillionaires playing in the NHL have been contacting the…

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the instigator

THE BIG 50: BOSTON BRUINS $16.95 U.S. / $19.95 CDN, Triumph Books, 304 pgs, 5.5" x 8.5", paperback Author Fluto Shinzawa took the difficult task of boiling down the Bruins’ 92- year history into his 304-page book, The Big 50: The Men and Moments that Made the Boston Bruins. He reaches way back with tales of players such as Dit Clapper and Eddie Shore, Frank Brimsek, Milt Schmidt and the ‘Kraut Line.’ Of course, modern greats get their due as well: Orr, Esposito, Bourque, Neely, Chara, Bergeron and numerous others. But Shinzawa doesn’t just focus on the good times. He also recounts some of the lowest points in the B’s history: Ted Green’s traumatic head injury, Joe Thornton’s trade to the Sharks and the infamous “too many men” call in the 1979…

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THE WAIT IS OVER. The NHL’s new expansion franchise revealed itself in November as the Vegas Golden Knights. Gimmicky to drop the ‘Las’ in Vegas? Sure. Will everyone just call this team the Knights? Probably. But the logo is pretty darn good. The NHL has produced 10 expansion teams in the past 25 years. Which one fielded the best inaugural logo over that span? We’ve ranked them below. Disclaimer: we did not factor in jerseys and uniforms, as the Knights (see? Already dropping the Golden) haven’t yet revealed theirs. We’re judging teams only by their logos here. 1 VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS 2017-18 LIKES: It’s a simple, clean image. The gladiator-style helmet exudes camaraderie. Not only does the black shadow create the effect of an intimidating presence wearing it, but it also forms…

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know no boundaries

WHY LOSE FIVE POUNDS when you could lose 30? Why max out your bench press at 150 pounds when 200 pounds is in reach? Why not push yourself beyond your perceived limits? If you ask Karim Corringham, the fitness manager and head trainer at Hyperfit Hockey, one of the best things athletes can do when setting fitness goals, be they as part of New Year’s resolutions or mid-season training programs, is to try and push their limits. “I really wish people would have more outrageous goals,” he said. “I really wish somebody would come to me and say, ‘Listen I’m 14, I bench 105 pounds. By the end of our six months together I want to hit 220.’ It’s going to be a ridiculous goal to get to, but it is…

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goods | gear | life

CUT FOR A CAUSE A COMPANY THAT’S making NHLers look marvellous is making itself look good in the process. Michigan-based clothing manufacturer State and Liberty is producing “The JVR” shirt, named after Maple Leafs right winger James van Riemsdyk. Part of the proceeds are going to autism charities. The cause is close to van Riemsdyk’s heart, so he will match any donated money. “I’ve got some cousins on the spectrum and a friend that I grew up with in New Jersey,” he said. “So I want to support that cause any way I can.” When the Leafs were in Detroit recently, van Riemsdyk, who shares an agent with State and Liberty co-founder Lee Moffie, hooked his teammates and team trainers up with shirts from the company, which are tailored for athletes’ bodies.…