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The Hockey News November 6, 2017

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workforce stays flat for now

WITH BRIAN COSTELLO | @BCOSTELLOTHN IT’S STILL HARDto fathom that 50 years ago this season, the NHL doubled in size from six teams to 12. While it was great news that topflight hockey was being witnessed in twice as many markets, the talent was incredibly diluted. Each NHL team roster was cut in half and watered down with minor leaguers and junior grads. Imagine if you added that much water to your cup of coffee or glass of wine. The league’s best players feasted on weaker defenses and second-tier goalies. Just three players in 1966-67 had more than 65 points. The next season, with thinned-out rosters, a dozen players topped 65 points. In time, the talent level caught up with the number of teams. Either that or fans got used to the new…

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[your say]

Head in the right direction Thanks to Jason Kay (First Word) and Matt Larkin (“Battle for Brains”) for raising the issue of brain injuries/concussions in your Season Preview issue. It is not surprising the owners want to live in denial, but it’s surprising the NHLPA seems to agree with them. The primary role of a union is to ensure the well-being of its members. Yet the NHLPA remains silent on its most serious health and safety issue. Two modest starts would be to issue a game misconduct to those who fight and a major penalty for any check to the head. BRIAN HUNSBERGER, WATERLOO, ONT. Ice icing, baby Some of your ideas in Season Preview’s “Make Hockey Great Again” were a little far-fetched, but a few would be great. Eliminating icing on penalty kills…

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Sidney Crosby goes No. 2 easily. His desire to win at all costs is contagious, and he turns 10-goal players into 20-goal players. – @Omi2b Auston Matthews. The kid is one of the best in the game today and he has only played a year. It’s best to build around a star center. – @__NJ_Sports__ Erik Karlsson. He completely changes the game by himself. Dynamic, fluid and complete. He has recreated the defense position, like a modern-day Bobby Orr. @whoisalbernier Carey Price. Surround him with a team that can score consistently and I don’t see how they’re not an instant contender. – @shanemilz Honestly? Brent Burns. A crazy offensive defenseman, power play machine, bearded wonder. – @BringingTheWing Jonathan Toews every time. – @WillyBeRollin Matt Murray. Two Stanley Cups as a rookie and before he got to start a home opener. – @Nittany99…

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will nhl raise draft age to 19?

FORTY YEARS AGO, A 19-year-old kid named Ken Linseman thought he was old enough, mature enough and good enough to play professional hockey. And by all accounts, he was right. He led WHA’s Birmingham Bulls in points both in the regular season and the playoffs and picked up 126 penalty minutes along the way. And in doing so, he became the Curt Flood of the NHL draft, opening up the process to 18-year-old players where previously only 20-year-olds could be drafted into the best league in the world. Linseman’s route to pro hockey began when he took the NHL to court over the legality of its 20-year-old draft, a lawsuit that was dropped when he got a restraining order against the WHA that prevented him from signing there. That restraining order…

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my weapon

I LOVE MY STICK. I do a lot of s--- with it. Not to the blade, but I paint the bottom, because the color of it down low distracts my eyes when I play. I used to have a Bauer stick before, and it was black, but this one has the bright color. It’s a business, so they want it to look good on TV, probably. But for the players, you don’t really want to see it. Maybe some guys like it. But you keep looking down at it, because the color of the stick is so different. It’s orange, blue…so I’ve painted the lower part of it black. A lot of guys do that. I like doing my knob, too. The grip. I shape it and shave it to make…

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behind the mask

ROBIN LEHNER | BUFFALO SABRES IF YOU’VE HEARD Lehner interviewed, you know he’s no ordinary personality. He’s brutally honest and refreshing. It feels fitting, then, that artist Dave Gunnarsson gives Lehner such a unique mask design. It’s a tribute to Lehner’s favorite band, heavy metal group In Flames, and depicts their jester logo in a gritty, “sketched” look with a matte finish. Gunnarsson has worked on Lehner’s masks since Lehner was a kid. MASK: DAVID GUNNARSSON/DAVEART.COM; STICK: WARRIOR HOCKEY; KOMAROV: CLAUS ANDERSEN/GETTY IMAGES…