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The Hockey News September 11, 2017

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parity? partly

THE HOCKEY NEWS’ annual predictions meeting has been known to give me flashbacks of what I believe was my journey through the birth canal. Hours of painfully slow movement and echoes of blood-curdling screams, all to travel a foot. And the feeling around our office is that because of increasing parity in the NHL, the forecasting process is becoming tauter every year. So I set about to gaze this fuzzy navel: is parity good or bad for the game? First, however, I thought I should run the numbers to assess where we stand on the class-gap spectrum. You know, base opinion on facts. I applied the knowledge from the math degree I got at Altered State University to produce the data sets. First, I examined the past 10 seasons and crunched how…

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your say

Twice as nice guy Nice article on Vegas marquee draftee Marc-Andre Fleury (“Mr. Nice Guy,” Aug. 14). There was just one mistake: he is not the nicest guy in the sport. Vegas missed out on Mr. Nice Guy when Florida protected James Reimer. Reimer played through some, to put it lightly, “trying” years in Toronto, but he never lost his composure or his smile. Luckily for Panthers fans, he didn’t seem to lose that attitude at the border. So good luck to Fleury, but it’s about time that James got some respect. WILL DAVEY, LUCKNOW, ONT. Stick to hockey I read Ryan Kennedy’s column on Jaret Anderson-Dolan (“Where Family Values Still Matter,” Aug. 14). It was another reminder of all the things going on in the world that go against my beliefs. I personally…

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nhl’s world stops turning

ONE OF THE more underreported aspects of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s state-of-theunion address prior to the Stanley Cup final is that the league’s i n ter n a t ion a l hockey strategy is essentially in disarray. Olympic participation for 2018 in Pyeongchang is dead, the nebulous concept of a “Ryder Cup” type of competition is off the table and even the NHL/ NHLPA backed World Cup is out the window at the moment. That leaves NHL players participating in the World Championship each year and nothing else. At a meeting last November, the league essentially tried to attain labor peace with the NHLPA for the next nine years in exchange for an international agenda that included the Olympics. The players were having none of it. “We had, as part of…

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five things you may not know about the ‘rocket’

IN DOCUMENTING MAURICE Richard’s life for a 2011 biography, Charles Foran drew on his working-class French-Canadian heritage to paint a portrait of ‘The Rocket’ that looked at him as more than simply an athlete. Foran again brought that interpretation to life in documentary form as part of CBC’s Extraordinary Canadians series in August 2017, as well as highlighting five amazing little-known facts about the iconic Canadien: Late Start: Richard was 15 when he played his first organized game, only participating in shinny and recreational games prior. Three years later, Richard was a star, scoring 133 of his midget team’s 144 goals. Before ‘Rocket’: Richard was originally nicknamed ‘Bones,’ having sustained a broken leg and wrist earlier in his career. His injuries were frequent enough that the Canadiens tried to trade him, believing…

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the same but different: hockey in quebec

$32.95, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 352 pgs, 6" x 9", paperback How does language and culture influence sport’s place and portrayal in a given society? In The Same But Different, the complex topic of hockey’s representation in Quebec is explored over 10 essays, written by Anglo- and French-Canadian authors. Early chapters focus on the sport’s growth in the province. One essay recounts the Depression Hockey League (1932-1960), a Montreal-based amateur league that raised money for charity while also striving to serve as a model of masculinity and family values. The latter essays discuss more recent subjects, like the Quebec Nordiques’ policy to use only French during games and how that affected unilingual Englishspeaking players. This is not a typical bedtime-reading hockey history book, though it will appeal to the academic side of…

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care to share?

REVOLVING DOOR BRIAN ELLIOTT & MICHAL NEUVIRTH They’re both signed for two years, with just a $250,000 gap between their salaries. Neither is perceived as a No. 1. This battle should last all year long. PRIMED TO PLATOON THOMAS GREISS & JAROSLAV HALAK Greiss was promoted to No. 1 for the past year and a half, but his numbers declined with a career-high workload. Ex-starter Halak, meanwhile, finished 2016-17 strong. Uh-oh. JUST KEEPING THE SEAT WARM STEVE MASON & CONNOR HELLEBUYCK Mason’s $4.1-million cap hit this season and next suggests he’s the “starter” over youngster Hellebuyck. But Mason’s ho-hum .911 career SP suggests his hold on the No. 1 gig is slippery. DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE JIMMY HOWARD & PETR MRAZEK Howard overthrew Mrazek by setting career bests in GAA and SP at 33. Looks like a…