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The Luxury Report

Winter 2020/21
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The Luxury Report is a quarterly magazine aimed primarily at the high net worth individual. Readers are affluent with high spending power. The publication covers a wide range of topics from profiling the most exclusive hotels and resorts, luxury products, financial products, fashion, architecture, fine dining, and all that encourages a sumptuous lifestyle

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United Kingdom
Chase Publishing Ltd
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the ultimate real estate investment

Imagine investing in the tropical dream. In a destination that is politically stable and economically robust, that has a modern infrastructure, a world-class healthcare system, and real estate opportunities that are second to none. Then look no further than the beautiful Cayman Islands, home of white, sandy beaches, year-round sunshine and the highest standard of living in the Caribbean. Now more than ever, Cayman really is the quintessential island oasis in a troubled world. Cayman is known as the ‘culinary capital of the Caribbean’ Consisting of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, this Caribbean archipelago is a sophisticated English-speaking British Overseas Territory. Grand Cayman is the largest island and is known for its thriving financial centre as much as the famous Seven Mile Beach. It is also fast emerging as a global digital…

3 min.
the wonderful world of seychelles

Situated 1600km from the east coast of Africa, Seychelles is an island nation of stunning natural beauty and great diversity. Of the archipelago’s 115 islands, only 16 currently offer accommodation for visitors, the rest are simply as nature intended. Among the islands are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the legendary Vallée de Mai, where mysteriously shaped Coco-de-Mer grows, and Aldabra, the planet’s largest raised coral atoll must be seen to be believed. With nearly 50% of its landmass designated as national parks and reserves, Seychelles remains a sanctuary for some of the rarest flora and fauna on earth. The Luxury Report spoke to Sherin Francis, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board to find out what makes the islands so utterly unique. What’s the best way to experience Seychelles? Sherin Francis: Seychelles is made…

4 min.
beauty off the beaten track

Israel is a destination for the ages, from the ancient and majestic sights of Jerusalem and Nazareth, to high-tech Tel Aviv, with its electric atmosphere, chic nightlife and chilled out beach scene. Israel is a melting pot of people, cultures, traditions and religions. What many don’t know about is the unique and luxurious experiences waiting in the Negev Desert. Located in the south, the region offers a variety of options for those who want to enjoy everything from adventure tourism to pampering themselves in an amazing spa hotel. A great place to base yourself for a luxury desert retreat is Eilat, Israel’s southern-most city. It is located on the Red Sea, with 10km of shoreline that offers more than just beautiful beaches. The water is clean, clear and refreshing, with loads…

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awaken the senses in baden-baden

Combining a contemporary lifestyle with a fascinating history, Baden-Baden brings Belle Époque style to the 21st century. Promising visitors a taste of ‘the good-good life’, this jewel of south-west Germany delights with its vibrant character, picturesque landscapes and sophisticated culture. The city, which can trace its origins back over two centuries, has always appealed to those looking for relaxation – indeed, the Romans came here to bathe in its therapeutic natural springs. Small but thriving, this German gem is all about reconnecting with nature. Baden-Baden has evolved into an iconic destination, enchanting all with its legendary hot springs, sublime spas and exceptional hotels. Offering a range of opportunities for both relaxation and excitement, Baden-Baden is the ideal getaway for discerning travellers. Known by locals as the ‘green city of short distances’, this…

2 min.
far from the crowd

Rich in beauty, history, culture and cuisine, Italy offers so much to travellers. As visitors flock to its most popular destinations they tend to overlook many hidden jewels, within the cities, and out in lesser known but equally awe-inspiring places. Which is why visiting Italy with The Unusual Tourist – a travel company that specialises in private and customised itineraries – is highly recommended. The company is unique, going out of their way to help you avoid the crowds. Mass tourism can be detrimental, especially to Italy’s natural environment and the historic towns and cities that have not been designed to accommodate large influxes of people. Consequences are evident when locals and artisan shops are driven out and replaced by an endless array of souvenir stands, making it extremely difficult for…

2 min.
look forward to a magic winter 2021

Specialist tour operator Inghams' awe-inspiring 2021/22 winter vacations to Lapland are selling fast. It seems there is a lot of people making up for the current lack of travel opportunities by booking a trip to this scenic winter wonderland deep inside the Arctic Circle for winter 2021. Featuring 7-night trips and short breaks to the snow-blanketed Lapland. Inghams’ Finland vacations offer the chance to stay in a thermal glass igloo and watch the Northern Lights dance across a star-studded night sky, or ride in a reindeer-drawn sleigh. You can also hit the ski slopes, dash through enchanting forests on a snowmobile, and even meet the real Santa in his hideaway. With so many activities on offer, it is no wonder Inghams’ sales for winter 2021 are succeeding their usual numbers when compared…