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The Magnolia Journal

Summer 2020

This magazine from TV couple Chip and Joanna Gaines focuses on seasonal ideas for life, garden, and home. Each quarterly issue identifies a thought-provoking virtue (gratitude, confidence, hospitality ...) and delivers stories that inspire readers to pursue it intentionally in their own lives. Regular features include personal essays by Chip and Jo, ideas for entertaining and family activities, recipes, gardening, decorating, and much more--all beautifully packaged with the signature Magnolia style.

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letter from the editor

WE’VE ALL DROPPED ANCHOR IN PLACES THAT SUITED us for a time. Until, inevitably, the day came when we sensed something new stirring, and we recognized it was time to move past our comfort zones and walk bravely into the unknown. Trusting that instinct to move when we’re compelled, to try something that might scare us in exchange for the thrill that may await on the other side, to invite courage over comfort—these are the very moments we set out to celebrate in this issue. But I couldn’t have imagined how risk, and the many ways it can manifest, would change and evolve as it has in recent months. For many of us, reality has shifted. In light of what we’ve learned and experienced together, there’s a chance we understand risk…

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magnolia post: risk

We’re Expanding the Silos Grounds! Chip and Jo’s original vision for the Silos grounds is nearly complete! This project brings more experiences to the Silos—all with the hope that your visit will be one where memories are made with your family and friends. NEW SHOPS Six new retail shops will offer a variety of products, from paper goods to bath and body favorites. HISTORIC CHURCH Built in 1894, this church is one of the oldest structures in Waco. Once relocated to the Silos, it will be a place where guests can enjoy its restored beauty. WIFFLE BALL FIELD For over 50 years, Katy Park helped shape the history of Waco, bringing baseball players like Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth to town. This summer, we’re proud to revive its legacy with our very own Wiffle ball field. We’ll…

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welcome (back) summer

As the days get warmer and linger longer, my mind shifts to what summer has in store for us. The nature of a season so intrinsically linked to freedom and adventure makes it easy to want to savor its every ounce. Yet I’ve learned over the years that holding tight to a list of things to do can squeeze the spontaneity and creativity out of our days. Instead, at the beginning of summer, I’ve started choosing a word or phrase that can serve as a guidepost for our family. Typically it answers the question: How do we want to celebrate this season? Directing our focus toward an idea like exploration, curiosity, or even simplicity gives us a framework for how we ought to spend our time this season—which, in return,…

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the making of a chef

I fell in love with chef José’s cooking on a trip to Mexico that our family took with some friends. It wasn’t just the authenticity of the ingredients he used or even how delicious it all was—and it truly was delicious judging by the amount of his salsa verde we ate through. It was that plus the way we all felt around the table, sharing his food as he shared stories of where each recipe came from, mostly aunts and grandparents of generations past, that made every meal feel like one big family dinner. It was easy for us to see that food for José really is all about family. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I did—and that you’ll try one of his delicious…

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stepping into the unknown

THE DEFINITION OF RISK IS A SITUATION THAT EXPOSES YOU TO DANGER. BUT DANGER DOESN’T ALWAYS LOOK LIKE WE MIGHT EXPECT: You could be in danger of falling in love. You could be in danger of having the best day of your life. You could be in danger of getting everything you want. You could be in danger of laughing so hard it hurts. You could be in danger of finding a person who knows what you’re thinking before you say a word. You could be in danger of loving a song so much you have to sing it out loud, as loud as you can. You could be in danger of opening your heart instead of closing it. Just like risk can take lots of different forms, rewards often appear in…

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papered walls

In a world of white walls, wallpaper is an antidote rich in warmth, color, and texture, with the unique ability to imprint a room in a style that’s all your own. In a space that’s lacking character, wallpaper adds a layer of energy, warmth, expression—even storytelling. Wallpaper can also serve as a record of collective tastes and changing technologies. Peel back the layers and you just might uncover pieces of a home’s history. Early wallpapers originated in the 16th century with the widespread use of printing presses. By the 20th century, printed patterns became a design element incorporated into any and every room in the house. In the 1960s and ’70s, the rise of the do-it-yourself movement coincided with the introduction of prepasted papers, metallic finishes, and easy-to-clean vinyl surfaces. Wallpaper…