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The New York Review of Books April 4, 2019

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RAE ARMANTROUT’s most recent collection of poetry, Wobble, was a finalist for the National Book Award. JON BASKIN is a Founding Editor of The Point. His book Ordinary Unhappiness: The Therapeutic Fiction of David Foster Wallace will be published in August. CHRISTOPHER DE BELLAIGUE’s latest book is The Islamic Enlightenment: The Struggle Between Faith and Reason, 1798 to Modern Times. RUTH FRANKLIN’s most recent book, Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life, won the 2016 National Book Critics Circle Award in Biography. MAX HASTINGS is the author of many books on military history, including Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War and Inferno: The World at War, 1939–45. His latest book is Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy, 1945–75. URSULA LINDSEY writes about culture, education, and politics in the Arab world, and cohosts BULAQ, a podcast on Arabic literature.…

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a future without fossil fuels?

2020 Vision: Why You Should See the Fossil Fuel Peak Coming a report by Kingsmill Bond. 41 pp., September 2018, available at carbontracker.org A New World: The Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation a report by the Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation. 88 pp., January 2019, available at irena.org “Kingsmill Bond” certainly sounds like a proper name for a City of London financial analyst. He looks the part, too: gray hair expertly trimmed, well-cut suit. He’s lived in Moscow and Hong Kong and worked for Deutsche Bank, the Russian financial firm Troika Dialog, and Citibank. He’s currently “new energy strategist” for a small British think tank called Carbon Tracker, and last fall he published a short paper called “2020 Vision: Why You Should See the Fossil Fuel Peak Coming.” It asks an interesting question:…

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literary works for the spring season

“The kind of book, and the kind of human, you’d want to guide you through the past few decades in letters and culture…. Moore is one of our best documentarians of everyday amazement.” —The New Yorker The fiction debut from the Los Angeles Times bestselling author of What We See When We Read “A deeply inventive and wonderfully strange novel.”—Jenny Offill, author of Dept. of Speculation “The product of a ferocious yet sensitive mind…. Amis’s book is like hurtling down a black-diamond ski run.” —The New York Times A new nonfiction collection from Toni Morrison, one of the most celebrated and revered writers of our time “Prescient and highly relevant to the present political moment.” —Publishers Weekly “Powerful, highly compelling pieces from one of our greatest writers.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Beautiful and complex…. Hollinghurst achieves [a] kind…

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poetry from princeton

Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets Susan Stewart, Series Editor First Nights Niall Campbell The River Twice Kathleen Graber Forthcoming September 2019 Radioactive Starlings Myronn Hardy At Lake Scugog Troy Jollimore Stet Dora Malech The Unstill Ones Miller Oberman Scaffolding Eléna Rivera Flyover Country Austin Smith The Ruined Elegance Fiona Sze-Lorrain Before Our Eyes Eleanor Wilner Forthcoming September 2019 Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation Peter Cole, Richard Sieburth, and Rosanna Warren, Series Editors New Final Matters Selected Poems, 2004–2010 Szilárd Borbély Translated by Ottilie Mulzet “Szilárd Borbély’s life’s work is as significant as it is tragic. He was a poet—a great poet—who shatters us.” —László Krasznahorkai, winner of the Man Booker International Prize Forthcoming Titles Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli Translated by Taije Silverman and Marina Della Putta Johnston After Callimachus Stephanie Burt The Translator of Desires (Tarjuman al-Ashwaq) Ibn al-‘Arabi Translated by Michael Sells Cantigas: 122 Galician-Portuguese Troubadour Poems Edited and translated by Richard Zenith…

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painting the beyond

Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future an exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City, October 12, 2018–April 23, 2019. Catalog of the exhibition edited by Tracey Bashkoff. Guggenheim Museum, 243 pp., $65.00 (distributed by Artbook/D.A.P.) World Receivers: Georgiana Houghton, Hilma af Klint, Emma Kunz an exhibition at the Lenbachhaus, Munich, November 6, 2018–March 10, 2019. Catalog of the exhibition edited by Karin Althaus, Matthias Mühling, and Sebastian Schneider. Hirmer/University of Chicago Press, 276 pp., $49.95 Hilma af Klint: Notes and Methods edited by Christine Burgin. Christine Burgin/University of Chicago Press, 287 pp., $45.00 Born in 1862 to a prominent Swedish family (her great-grandfather had been ennobled for services as a naval officer), Hilma af Klint was a skilled painter of portraits and landscapes who in the first decades of the twentieth century began making hundreds of strange…

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conserving tutankhamen’s tomb

Since its discovery by archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922, the tomb of Tutankhamen has become one of the most famous cultural heritage sites in the world. However, the tomb’s status as a “must-see” attraction for visitors to Egypt led to concerns regarding its condition. A multiyear collaboration between the Getty Conservation Institute and the Egyptian authorities sought to preserve the tomb and protect it from damage over the long-term. Completed in fall 2018, the project has helped preserve this important site for future generations. Learn more at getty.edu/world A World of Art, Research, Conservation, and Philanthropy. GETTY CONSERVATION INSTITUTE + GETTY FOUNDATION + GETTY RESEARCH INSTITUTE + J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM Members of the project team undertaking wall painting conservation in the burial chamber of Tutankhamen’s tomb. Photo: Lori Wong. © 2018 J.…