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The Rake

The Rake April 2021 - Issue 75

The world’s preeminent publication dedicated to the renaissance in gentlemanly sophistication and style, THE RAKE recaptures the codes of classic men’s elegance. Inspired by icons such as Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, the Duke of Windsor, Gianni Agnelli, Sean Connery, and their contemporary counterparts, THE RAKE provides incisive, in-depth commentary on magnificent menswear, and the many other elements of gentlemanly living, from manners and ethics, to art and design, tasteful travel, health and well-being, the intellectual and philosophical, to homes, modes of transport, entertainment, food and drink. THE RAKE is the modern voice of classic elegance.

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United Kingdom
The Rake Pte Ltd
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3 min
the pale king

The chain of peaks after which my kin and I are named is gradually losing its crisp-white appearance due to climate change depleting its glaciers. Conversely, my coarse, element-cheating coat — which, with its fine woolly undercoat, should serve as inspiration to the likes of Zegna and Loro Piana when creating their world-beating techno-fabrics — will remain forever white, even when the pigment cells in my follicles are long expired. “White hair often covers the head,” wrote French author and my compatriot Honoré de Balzac, “but the heart that holds it is ever young” — he should have replaced the word ‘but’ with an ‘and’, though. For white hair does not denote maturity, in those who have it for life, but rather cheats the ephemerality of youth. As with our fur,…

8 min
suspendered in time

There are generally two breeds of interviewer. The first kind are assiduous about getting prepped for their subject. Sir David Frost was the exemplar here; when I turned up to interview him some years ago, he spent the first few minutes making ostentatious reference to a slew of recent stories I’d done, which was both impressive and not a little disarming. The second group takes a — how to put this? — more cavalier approach. Larry King was indisputably their champion. Over 25 years and his many thousands of interviews fronting Larry King Live, CNN’s highest-rated, longest-running programme that reached millions across America and some 130 countries around the world, the Brooklyn-born King displayed what The New York Times called “the folksy personality of a Bensonhurst schmoozer”, making a kind of…

8 min
ralph lauren for the rake ‘bearfoot negroni bear’ watch

I described him in my last story with these words: “His countenance is known the world over. His visage has become an obsession for men and women alike. There are legions devoted to his ineffable style, his ability to move effortlessly between sublime sports chic, pitch-perfect preppy-dom, and transcendent black tie. He says little, but his warm, fathomless brown eyes speak volumes of his extraordinary depth. And while he may be small in stature, he exudes a heroism and strength of character that is singular and inspirational. And the mere rumour of his appearance on a skateboard literally broke the internet, with millions of fans vying for the chance to meet him.” I speak, of course, of the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear. But what his fans may not know is that…

3 min
a fine lineage

The seasoned dressers reading this will doubtless know that the best linen cloth is weaved in one of two places: Ireland or northern Italy. Irish linen is often densely woven, chalky in the hand and surprisingly heavy for a warm-weather material, though very satisfying to wear in the spring. Italian linen, on the other hand, is softer, lighter and smoother to the touch. And prince among all makers of Italian linen is Solbiati. Dating to 1874, Solbiati were founded in the town of Busto Arsizio by Michele Solbiati, who established the mill as an expert weaver of velvets, moleskins and fustians. The firm passed jointly through the hands of his three sons, on to a third-generation owner, and then a fourth: Vittorio Solbiati, who had the tricky task of guiding Solbiati…

3 min
primate suspect

Uriah Heep in David Copperfield, Ruprecht in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Groundskeeper Willie in The Simpsons, Klinger in M*A*S*H… The pool of secondary comedy characters who are strong enough to top the bill is a deep one. And in some cases — Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman, Only Fools and Horses’ Boycie, and, of course, Frasier Crane — they even get their own spin-off vehicle. It would have been no little travesty if Warren ‘the Ape’ DeMontague* — a character first introduced on the quasi-Muppets spoof Greg the Bunny, which aired on Fox from 2002 before pinballing around the cable channels for a while — had never got his own show, albeit one that, ultimately, ran for only a single summer in 2010. For the uninitiated: Warren is a simian-slash-thespian has-been, a former star…

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