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"When you are young, you’re naturally curious about the world and everything in it. But the world seems made for grown-ups; complex and unknowable. That’s why we’ve created The Week Junior. It explains the news and events in ways that children understand; immediate, colourful, exciting. From news to nature, science to geography, and sport to books, The Week Junior explores an extraordinary array of topics from around the globe. Written to engage a young person’s point of view, without spoon-feeding or patronising, it explains events in a safe, accessible and inspiring way."

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calls to remove president trump after capitol riots

Politicians in the US are calling for President Donald Trump to be removed from power after a riot broke out in Washington D.C. on 6 January. What happened? On 6 January, Trump held a rally in Washington D.C., where he told his supporters to march towards the Capitol. The Capitol is where Congress meets. Congress is made up of members of the House of Representatives and members of the Senate, and is where new laws are decided (like Parliament in the UK). Trump’s supporters broke into the building and the politicians inside had to be rushed to safety. There were clashes between police and the rioters, and five people died. Why do people want to remove Trump from power? Trump is accused of encouraging the violent scenes and trying to stop Congress from confirming…

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snowfall causes chaos in spain

On 8 January, parts of Spain were hit by Storm Filomena, which brought the heaviest snowfall for around 50 years. Although many people enjoyed playing in the snow, the bad weather caused severe problems with the delivery of the vaccine for Covid-19 (the disease caused by the coronavirus). A vaccine is a medicine that helps your body fight a disease using its own defences. At the time The Week Junior went to press four people had died in the storm. The worst hit area was the capital city, Madrid. About 50 centimetres of snow fell between 8 and 9 January. Temperatures fell to -8° C in parts of the country and more than 600 roads in central Spain were covered in snow. The government sent soldiers to clear the roads and…

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dozens of arrests are made in hong kong

More than 50 pro-democracy activists were arrested in Hong Kong on 6 January, prompting the governments of Australia, Canada, the UK and the US to express “serious concern”. Those arrested include politicians, lawyers and students. The activists are fighting for democracy – citizens’ right to vote for their government – in Hong Kong. Huge pro-democracy protests were held there in 2019 and 2020. In June 2020, China introduced the National Security Law. This made it illegal for anyone in Hong Kong to disrespect the Chinese government. Many people see this law as a way for China to increase its control of Hong Kong, which is a semi-autonomous region. This means that although Hong Kong is part of China, it has some control over its own rules and a separate political and legal…

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it’s an amazing week for…

INSPIRING HOPE Taylor Hardy, from Plymouth, England, has raised more than £4,000 by cycling 603 miles on an indoor exercise bike. The 12-year-old raised funds for a charity that supports young carers. Taylor helps his mum care for two of his brothers, who have disabilities. SPOTTING A RARE BIRD Birdwatchers flocked to a national park in Maryland, in the US, earlier this month to spot a bird called a painted bunting. Seeing the brightly coloured bird was described as “magical” by observers. The species is common in Florida, where the climate is warmer, but is rarely seen as far north as Maryland. FANCY-DRESS FUNDRAISING Nick Jemetta, from Hertfordshire, England, has raised more than £6,000 for charity by wearing fancy dress on work video calls throughout the pandemic. He began dressing up for calls during the…

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covid-19 vaccine centres open

The largest vaccination programme in UK history was launched on 11 January. A vaccine is a medicine that helps your body fight a disease using its own defences. Although Covid-19 vaccinations began in the UK in early December, now hundreds of new vaccination sites have opened around the UK as part of the Government’s plan to vaccinate at least two million people a week against Covid-19 (the disease caused by the coronavirus). Where are the new centres? Seven large-scale vaccination centres have opened in England. They are in Birmingham, Bristol, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Stevenage and Surrey. Around the UK, hundreds of other sites such as hospitals and pharmacies are being used, and more centres will open in the coming weeks. These could be in places such as sports stadiums, supermarket car parks…

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the week in history

17 January 1942 Boxer Muhammad Ali is born On 17 January 1942, Cassius Clay, who was later called Muhammad Ali, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in the US. At the age of 12, he took up boxing and won a gold medal at the 1960 Olympic Games, when he was 18. Ali became the first fighter to win the world heavyweight championships three times. He campaigned against the unfair treatment of black Americans, and also refused to fight in the Vietnam War. Ali became one of the most famous figures of the 20th century. He died in 2016.…