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April 26, 2019

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editor’s letter

In The Week’s office, the country’s major newspapers are laid out in a line each day along a counter. One day last week, the same spooky image stared out from every front page, like a cosmic eyeball—the first-ever “photo” of a black hole. (See Health & Science.) It’s an achievement once thought impossible, given that black holes exert such monstrous gravity that they swallow light itself. To see the unseeable, it took 200 scientists on four continents using eight radio telescopes, synchronized so that they functioned like one giant radio dish the size of Earth. Even Einstein, whose theories predicted black holes, initially doubted something so outlandish could exist. Now astronomers have captured what one looks like: a radiant orange-red ring of superheated gas swirling around an ominous void—the “event…

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trump’s plan to ‘dump’ migrants

Migrants line up to apply for asylum at Texas border. (Reuters)What happenedPresident Trump said last week that he is “strongly looking” at a plan to transport immigrant detainees from the southern border to sanctuary cities as retribution for Democrats’ refusal to support his border policies, as his administration ratcheted up efforts to stem the influx of Central American migrants. The proposal to bus migrants to Democratic-controlled “sanctuary cities” like New York and San Francisco was championed by White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, The Washington Post reported, but was shot down as inappropriate and expensive by officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). One day after the story was published, Trump tweeted the plan remains under “strong consideration.” It’s “retaliation to show them, ‘Your lack of cooperation has impacts,’” a…

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extradition fight begins for wikileaks founder

Will Assange stand trial in America?What happenedWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was this week preparing for a potentially years-long legal battle over a U.S. extradition request, after he was expelled from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London and arrested by British police. U.S. officials have charged Assange, an Australian national, with a single count of conspiring to commit computer intrusion. The case stems from 2010, when Assange allegedly told former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning that he would help crack a password that would provide even deeper access to the Defense Department computer network from which Manning was leaking classified information. That password hack was apparently unsuccessful, but WikiLeaks did publish hundreds of thousands of classified and sensitive military and diplomatic documents supplied by Manning. The indictment notes that Assange encouraged Manning…

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it wasn’t all bad

Vitisak Payalaw was working on an oil rig 135 miles off southern Thailand when he noticed something unusual paddling in the water: a dog. The animal made it to the rig, and the crew quickly hauled him up to safety. “He looked extremely exhausted,” Payalaw said of the pooch, which may have fallen from a fishing vessel. The rig workers gave the dog water and meat and named him Boonrod, which means “he has done good karma and that helps him to survive.” Payalaw says he will adopt the dog if his original owner doesn’t come forward.Woods: Champion againTiger Woods pulled off one of the great comebacks in sports history at Augusta National this week, winning his fifth Masters title and 15th major tournament by one stroke and ending a…

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barr: why he’s probing ‘spying’ on trump campaign

Barr: Investigating investigators (Reuters)Attorney General William Barr just “keeps on delivering for President Donald Trump,” said Stephen Collinson in CNN.com. Barr first proved his loyalty by dismissing the obstruction evidence against Trump gathered by special counsel Robert Mueller and issuing a one-sided, misleading summary of Mueller’s report. But the partisan Republican’s shamelessness reached an alarming new peak last week when he seemed to confirm Trump’s paranoid fantasy of an attempted “Deep State” coup against him. Testifying before a Senate subcommittee, Barr declared he would be investigating government “spying” on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, when the FBI grew concerned about Trump associates’ numerous contacts and connections with Russians. Under grilling by incredulous Democrats, Barr “kind of, sort of walked back that claim,” said Aaron Blake in The Washington Post. He clarified…

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good week/bad week

Good week for:Adjustments, with assurances from Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara of the Texas Rangers that they will stop grabbing each other’s crotches as part of their ritualized home-run celebration. “We apologize for that,” said Gallo.Holding your fire, after armed police responding to a home-invasion call in Oregon found the suspect cornered in a bathroom and burst in to find an active Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, whose noisy collisions with the walls had alarmed the house sitter.Pampered dogs, After The Wilson, a restaurant in Manhattan, debuted special dishes for dogs and their owners to share on an outdoor patio. The menu includes a $42 grilled rib eye with baby vegetables and a $14 bowl of mixed berries.Bad week for:The hirsute, with new research showing that men with beards carry more…