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Winter 2020

Thrive Health Magazine – a global health and nutrition-based magazine, focused on clearing up confusion in health & nutrition. Thrive Magazine has subscribers around the world and publishes only expert articles on health and nutrition.

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winter 2020

Founder & Editor in Chief hello@thrivepublishing.co.uk www.thrive-magazine.co.uk Dark mornings and darker nights, winter is definitely setting in, but you know what that means – cosy jumpers and winter stews and that’s something to look forward to for sure! We have a real jam packed winter issue for you and we focus on immune health to keep you healthy throughout this winter season and well into 2021. We’ve carefully selected the articles inside this issue - all written by our team of qualified Thrive Expert Nutritionists, so that you know it’s information you can rely on and trust! Nutritionist Elena Letyagina looks at the latest research in anti-ageing on (pg 8-9). Can diet and lifestyle changes have a direct affect on how we age? ‘The Power of Good Nutrition when it Comes to Immune Health’ on (pg…

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thrive’s experts on health, nutrition and wellness

Halima Ferreira Halmia is an experiened chef and plant based nutritionist. Halima wrote our Brand Partner feature ‘Culinary Medicine and Plant-based Nutrition’on (pg 14-15). www.tailoredtaste.co.uk Victoria Hamilton Victoria is a certified Nutritionist and has a BSc in Biochemistry with Immunology. Victoria wrote our feature ‘The Role That Nutrition Plays During Covid’ on (pg 20-21). www.victoriajainhamilton.com Laura Bryan Laura is a MSc Nutritional Therapist (mBANT) She wrote our feature ‘The Role Fibre Plays on Gut Health’ on (pg 32-33). www.mindnourishing.com Lizzy Coles Lizzy holds an MA in Natural Sciences and an MSc in Nutrition from King’s College London. She wrote ‘The Power of Tribes When it Comes to Your Health’ on (pg 24-25). www.nutritionbylizzy.com Elena Letyagina Elena is a Registered Nutritional Therapist (DipION, mBANT, CNHC) and is currently completing functional medicine training. Elena wrote ‘Can Health, Diet and Lifestyle Changes…

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hot products healthy new finds

1. Zen Shot Tangy ZEN shot with turmeric, aloe vera and lemon, plus L-theanine, shown in studies to reduce stress levels. www.wearejunius.com/shop 2. Acacia Gum Powder 100% plant-based high-fibre dietary supplement. Contains important plant fibres that contribute to getting the recommended daily dose of fibre to support a healthy diet. www.alpiniashop.com 3. GoFigure Muesli Cranberry protein muesli pot. High in fibre and a great source of protein. www.optibiotix.online/gofigure 4. Liposomal L-Carnitine Youth & Earth liposomal L-Carnitine is an effective supplement for athletes. www.youthandearth.com 5. Dark Chocolate Vivani chocolate with cocoa nibs, vegan. The ultimate in cocoa. Just cocoa mass, cocoa butter and crunchy cocoa nibs – that’s it. www.vivani.de/en 6. Fermented Beet Naturally fermented beetroot, great as a snack, in salads or the perfect filler in a sandwich. www.realfoods.co.uk 7. Choc Caramel Bomb From Tribe - a vegan protein ball choc caramel snack. www.wearetribe.co 8. Olive Oil Crisps Finely cut potato crisps…

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can health, diet and lifestyle changes slow down ageing?

So, what is ageing exactly? Ageing is a process of accumulation of cellular damage over time, leading to impaired function of tissues and organs and, eventually, causing death. There are a number of cellular processes contributing to ageing, a characteristic that they have in common is “inflammageing”. It is a combination of “inflammation” and “ageing” and it describes exactly that: a low-grade chronic inflammation that settles in as we age, causing cellular dysfunction and destruction. Addressing chronic inflammation is the key for extending our health span as well as lifespan. Let’s take a look at the key cellular mechanisms of ageing. 1. Extra-cellular protein cross-links As we age, our cells create too many connections between proteins outside of their surface, causing tissues to become more rigid, lose elasticity causing wrinkles and arteriosclerosis. These cross-links…

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the power of good nutrition when it comes to immune health

“Vitamin D deficiency is already known for its association with lung and respiratory tract infections. As such it is worth checking your vitamin D levels.” As doctors and scientists do their best to understand the disease better, research from early cases suggests that health and nutrition plays a vital role in the onset and severity of the disease. Who is more at risk of COVID-19? COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus called the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) which causes a cough, shortness of breath and in worsening cases breathing difficulties, pneumonia and sepsis. Research suggests that people who suffer from chronic diseases - such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease – are more prone to adverse effects from the virus. Focusing on building a healthy and robust immune system…

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the power of tribes when it comes to your health goals

Our brains and bodies have been hardwired over millions of years to function in specific, and very efficient ways. Tapping into this is powerful because we’re able to work with how our bodies naturally function as opposed to fighting against it, making achieving our aims all that more realistic and effortless. A great example is the current dietary trend of fasting. Fast-track your goals with fasting Fasting involves shifting when (but not necessarily what) we normally eat; it’s essentially a pattern that involves eating plenty most of the time, but punctuating this with intervals of eating very little. This complements human evolution; we have evolved to function without food for extended periods because food wasn’t always available to our ancestors (Mattson et al. 2017). “Another key part of our evolution being studied by…