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Time Magazine International June 24, 2019

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MAKING HER WAY RE “NEXT GENERATION Leaders” [May 27]: I admire the drive and energy of Greta Thunberg and others of her generation. However, I am convinced that her efforts will fail if political leaders and billionaires are not confronted with practical solutions that require direct decision making and funding. If Greta would offer a basket of specific environmental projects—identifying locations and approximating budgets—the people she is addressing would have little excuse not to get involved. Herbert Henrich, FRANSCHHOEK, SOUTH AFRICA YOUR COVER OF GRETA DEpicts a simple, humble greatness in one so young. It gives me hope for my grandchildren and their children. Colin Bohash, HONOR, MICH. INVESTING IN THE FUTURE RE “A FAMILY’S VALUE” [May 27]: Your article on paid family leave reveals how a country once revered for its creativeness and ability to…

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for the record

‘The actions taken by the NYPD were wrong.’JAMES P. O’NEILL, New York City police commissioner, on June 6, in the NYPD’s first apology for its June 28, 1969, raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Manhattan’s West Village; the patrons who fought back are considered by many to have launched the modern LGBTQ-rights movement 13-0 Final score in the U.S.-Thailand Women’s World Cup match on June 11; the U.S. team set a new scoring record for the tournament $58 million Estimated cost of a round-trip ticket to the International Space Station; NASA announced June 7 that private citizens would soon be able to pay their way ‘The encouragement is not coming from a sense of “How great it would be!” It’s from fear.’MINDY KALING, actor, arguing that Hollywood casts are getting more diverse…

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the risks of trump’s dollar-driven diplomacy

CUSTOMS AND BORDER OFFICIALS SAY 144,000 people crossed the U.S. southern border illegally in May, a 13-year high. President Donald Trump has responded with a threat that may have surprised those struggling to stem the flow. On May 30, he vowed to impose escalating tariffs on all Mexican imports, adding a 5% penalty every month on everything from avocados to autos, up to a maximum of 25%, unless Mexico halted the influx of undocumented immigrants. Migration is not a trade problem, strictly speaking, and the episode revealed a larger truth about Trump’s foreign policy. When he is faced with a challenge on the world stage, Trump’s reflex is to reach for economic carrots and sticks as a way to advance U.S. interests. From North Korean nuclear weapons to Chinese intellectual-property theft…

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persecuted’ russian journalist released from house arrest after protests

RUSSIAN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST IVAN Golunov made his career writing the news, revealing corruption among Moscow’s elite for the news site Meduza. But he became the subject of headlines himself after he was arrested on trumped-up charges of drug trafficking that could have landed him 20 years in prison. After a public outcry and scrutiny from Russia’s remaining independent media, he was released on June 11 when police conceded lack of evidence. Activists hailed it as a rare victory amid a sea of repression. LOCKED UP After Golunov was stopped on June 6 and subjected to a strip search, police said they had found drugs in his bag. When his lawyer was finally able to see him after more than 12 hours, Golunov said he had been beaten and not allowed to…

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why is youtube changing its policies on extremism now?

WHEN YOUTUBE ANNOUNCED ON JUNE 5 that it was updating its policies to ban white supremacist and neo-Nazi videos, along with those that deny the truth of historical events like the Holocaust, it was a change months in the making—even though it came amid a new round of controversy for the platform. In early June, YouTube came under fire for its handling of videos posted by Steven Crowder, a conservative video creator with nearly 4 million subscribers, who repeatedly attacked Carlos Maza, a video host for the news site Vox who is gay and Latino. The platform first said it couldn’t intervene because Crowder’s videos didn’t violate its policies, but mounting pressure led it to reverse course and “demonetize” Crowder’s channel, meaning he couldn’t make money from advertising on his videos.…

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DIED Dr. John Embodiment of a city’s sound LIKE SO MANY MUSICIANS FROM NEW ORLEANS, MALCOLM John Rebennack Jr.—known as Dr. John—played music for the pure love of it. That love allowed him to be himself. I first encountered him when I was on tour in Japan in the 1980s; he was doing a double bill with the Neville Brothers, and when we saw those guys, it was almost like we were back home. Mac was a sweetheart, and when I would see him, we’d talk about New Orleans and the things New Orleanians talk about, which is mostly food and parties. He loved to cook, and I remember he told me how good possum was. I said, “Mac, I haven’t made that journey yet,” and he said, “Possum is some good eating, man.”…