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Time Magazine International July 29, 2019

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LOOKING AHEAD RE “DOUBLING DOWN” [July 1]: Donald Trump is deluded if he thinks that his base will win him re-election in 2020. There was voter apathy in the 2016 election. Most Americans are decent folk and are appalled at how Trump has damaged America’s image. They are the group of voters that will come out in droves and end this charade that the world has had to endure since he conned his way into the White House. Samuel Sotunde, ROCHESTER, ENGLAND YOUR MAGAZINE IS A HUGE part of the President’s re-election campaign. Your refusal to give him the benefit of the doubt on any of his policy initiatives is counterintuitive to most Americans. You are bullies, and Trump is using your bullying to rally voters. Frank Carroll, CUSTER, S.D. HUMAN BEINGS, AND NAtions, have…

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for the record

‘I dread getting back into a plane.’PAUL NJOROGE, whose wife, three children and mother-in-law were among the passengers who died in the March 10 crash of a Boeing 737 Max in Ethiopia, in an Associated Press interview published on July 16, the day before he testified to Congress about the incident 4 hr. 57 min. Time it took Novak Djokovic to beat Roger Federer to win Wimbledon on July 14, setting a record for the longest men’s singles final in tournament history; Simona Halep won the women’s title ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.’THE NAME OF A FACEBOOK EVENT jokingly calling on people to show up at the Nevada Air Force base at the center of UFO conspiracy theories; after the event got more than a million RSVPs, the U.S.…

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the policy setbacks behind the tweets

IT’S BEEN A BAD FEW WEEKS FOR PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s immigration agenda. His Administration tried to add a question on citizenship to the 2020 Census, but the Supreme Court effectively blocked it. He threatened to close the southern border and levy tariffs against Mexico if it didn’t do more to stop the flow of migrants, but then backed down when Mexico agreed to modest enforcement measures. He promised massive immigration raids, but they didn’t materialize in a significant way. Facing those failures, outrage over crowded detention centers and a growing backlog of asylum claims, Trump reset the topic on July 14 with a series of racist tweets telling four freshman House Democrats to “go back” to fix the “places from which they came.” He doubled down the next day. “These are…

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india grapples with water shortages as city residents reach their limit

AS SEVERE FLOODING FORCES MILLIONS of people from their homes in northern India, residents in the south of the country are facing a different kind of water crisis: drought. On July 12, a train carrying 2.5 million liters of water arrived in the city of Chennai. That load will provide relief to residents who have struggled with shortages for the past month, but a “Day Zero”—when piped water sources are expected to run dry—is on the horizon for 20 other cities across the country. DRIED OUT In the 2018 monsoon, Chennai, home to more than 8 million people, saw 55% less rainfall than average—the worst drought in 70 years. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai was once rich in lakes and wetlands. But rapid urbanization has diminished these sources;…

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Puerto Ricans call on governor to resign Police in Puerto Rico clashed with protesters on July 15 as thousands demonstrated outside Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s mansion in San Juan. The crowds have called for him to step down over leaked private chats that revealed Rosselló used sexist, homophobic language when chatting with close aides. World hunger on the rise More than 820 million people worldwide are still going hungry, according to a new U.N. report, despite a target of zero hunger by 2030. The report said that goal posed “an immense challenge” considering that the number of people living in hunger globally has risen for the third consecutive year. Planned Parenthood CEO out Leanna Wen, the first physician to lead Planned Parenthood in five decades, said on July 16 she had been dismissed by the organization’s…

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DIED Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, a boxing champion in four weight classes, at 55 on July 14. SPREAD Ebola, to the city of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The World Health Organization declared on July 17 the outbreak is an international health emergency. ANNOUNCED That Alan Turing, the British wartime code breaker and computer pioneer, will appear on the U.K.’s new £50 note. MOVED The headquarters of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, from Washington, D.C., to Colorado, per a July 16 decision by the Trump Administration. ARRESTED R&B singer R. Kelly, on charges related to the alleged abuse of women and girls over the course of decades, by a multistate team of investigators in Chicago on July 11. Kelly has denied the accusations. DETAINED A Canadian citizen in China, on drug charges, amid ongoing tension over Canada’s arrest…