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CLOSER AT HAND RE “INSIDE THE NEW RACE to the Moon” [July 29]: Ye Peijian, the leader of China’s lunar program, may be right that some people believe that “if we don’t go there now, even though we’re capable of doing so, then we will be blamed by our descendants.” But I’m pretty sure that the majority of our descendants will blame us for throwing money up in the sky instead of healing our issues on earth. Just think, as one among numerous examples, about global warming.Jean Claude Pivot, VOURLES, FRANCE THE CAPTAIN’S TEST GROUND RE “THE CRICKET WORLD Cup” [July 29]: Your article extolled the exploits of the England and Wales cricket team and the exciting way they won the World Cup with a team of diverse nationalities. One thing that definitely…

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‘Why should I waste time talking to him when he, of course, is not going to listen to me?’GRETA THUNBERG, 16-year-old climate activist, on whether she wants to meet President Donald Trump in New York City in September‘It’s been a tough year, but we’ll keep going.’SERENA WILLIAMS, U.S. tennis player, after retiring from the Aug. 11 Rogers Cup final in Toronto because of back spasms; Bianca Andreescu, 19, became the first Canadian in 50 years to win the tournament $295 Cost of a new room-service menu announced on Aug. 9 at the new W Hotel in Washington, D.C., designed for making mukbang, a genre of videos that originated in South Korea in which people binge-eat on camera ‘HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO GOD?’An ANONYMOUS WOMAN, one of nine who accused renowned opera…

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push for new gun laws faces reality check

THE PATTERN IS FAMILIAR BY NOW. A MASS shooting prompts calls for stricter gun laws. Politicians promise to fix the problem, then run into roadblocks. Intensity fades. Congress ends up passing nothing. But after back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, left 31 dead in 13 hours of violence, there are the slightest of hints that this time might be different. President Donald Trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell have cracked open the door to a debate over new gun measures like universal background checks, which roughly 90% of Americans say they support. Bipartisan talks between congressional and White House staffs have begun. The National Rifle Association, normally the biggest impediment to new gun legislation, is struggling internally and could pose less of a hurdle. For supporters of new…

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a nuclear accident in northern russia accelerates a 21st century arms race

THE NEWS TRICKLED OUT SLOWLY. ON Aug. 8, Russian state media reported at least two people killed in a mysterious accident in the country’s far north. Then came news of a spike in radiation near a White Sea military facility and footage that seemed to show doctors in hazmat suits treating victims. Finally, on Aug. 13, five days after the blast, the Kremlin confirmed five nuclear scientists had died testing one of the newest weapons in President Vladimir Putin’s arsenal, the first apparent victims of a new arms race. IGNEOUS ROCKET Putin promised the world a new type of nuclear missile during a 2018 address, one able to penetrate any defense. To illustrate his point, he showed an animation of a rocket striking Florida. But the explosion on Aug. 8 suggests…

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Norwegian mosque attacked Police said a “young white man” was arrested in Oslo on Aug. 10 after allegedly opening fire at a mosque. He injured one man before he was overpowered. Officials said he wore a camera during the attack and had expressed far-right sympathies online. He is also suspected of killing his stepsister. Trump delays some China tariffs The White House said on Aug. 13 it would not impose tariffs on imports from China of cell phones, laptops, video-game consoles and some clothing until Dec. 15, helping keep prices low through the holiday shopping season. The delay came as the Trump Administration continues to pressure China over its trade practices. Rift opens in Yemen’s civil war Fighters backed by the United Arab Emirates seized the Yemeni port city of Aden from the Saudi-backed government…

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can changing what we eat help stop climate change?

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUMANS AND the land we live on has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, but no period has involved such rapid change as the past century, when we began using land in new ways to extract wealth and build a modern economy. A landmark U.N. report released on Aug. 8 warns that humans now face a moment of reckoning over the way we use the planet’s land: either we change our ways, particularly our diets, or risk devoting huge swaths of land to uses that spew far more carbon dioxide than we can afford. The report, authored by more than 100 scientists from 52 countries on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the U.N.’s climate-science body, found that emissions from land use—practices like agriculture and logging—cause…