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Time Magazine International September 16, 2019

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NO WAY TO WIN RE “THE BATTLE FOR THE Soul of Hong Kong” [Aug. 26]: I was born in 1982, the year when Margaret Thatcher met with Deng Xiaoping in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People to discuss the future of Hong Kong. Our confidence about Communist rule was lost in 1989 after the bloody crackdown on the pro-democracy movement at Tiananmen Square. Many Hong Kong people, including my schoolmates and friends in church, left and settled abroad in the U.S. and U.K. Twenty-two years after the handover, Hong Kong faces increasing interference from Beijing. The battle for Hong Kong is the battle for the autonomy and freedom guaranteed by the principle of “one country, two systems.” It will be a big mistake if Chinese leaders think they can win the…

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‘His is a government with no mandate, no morals and, as of today, no majority.’JEREMY CORBYN, leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party, on Sept. 3, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party lost its majority after one lawmaker defected and 21 were expelled for joining a rebel bid to make a “no deal” Brexit illegal‘If you don’t go out holding your girlfriend’s hand in public, you might get a Marvel movie.’KRISTEN STEWART, star of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie, to Harper’s Bazaar, on pressure to downplay her sexuality‘DETAILS ARE IRRELEVANT IN TERMS OF DECISION-MAKING.’JOE BIDEN, former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate, arguing on Sept. 3 that his habit of mixing up names and dates doesn’t affect his judgment; his statement came after the Washington Post reported that a war…

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as trade war escalates, pocketbooks suffer

TO MANUFACTURE FLAT-ROLLED STEEL, you need to start with a steel slab. For a company called NLMK USA, which makes carbon flat-rolled steel in Farrell, Pa., there’s nowhere to get those slabs domestically. That’s meant it has to source them from China—and pay a 25% import tariff—or find an overseas supplier exempt from the tariffs. Meanwhile, prices have climbed as companies in the same situation scramble to find new supplies. As its costs rise, NLMK USA is taking fewer orders and running fewer shifts. “It’s made it very difficult for us to compete,” says Bob Miller, president and CEO of NLMK USA. The Trump tariffs that have already led to cutbacks across the U.S. were joined on Sept. 1 by a new round of 15% levies on more than $125 billion…

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india’s register of citizens leaves nearly 2 million people off the list—band at risk

WHEN INDIA’S NATIONAL REGISTER OF Citizens (NRC) was published on Aug. 31, after a six-year effort to catalog all legal residents of the state of Assam, some 1.9 million people—mostly Bengali speakers accused of being “infiltrators” from Bangladesh—were left off the list. Their exclusion, the first step in an experiment the Indian government says it wants to replicate nationwide, puts them at risk of statelessness. Rights groups warn it could also presage a humanitarian crisis in the world’s largest democracy. CITIZENS OF NOWHERE To be deemed a true citizen, residents of Assam had to provide documentation dating prior to March 24, 1971, the day before the eruption of a war with East Pakistan that spurred a wave of migration. Rights groups say that burden of proof is too high for many…

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Iran says no to bilateral talks with U.S. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that he’d never hold bilateral talks with the U.S., and that dialogue on reviving a nuclear deal could resume only if the U.S. lifted all sanctions on Iran. His Sept. 3 announcement came alongside reports that French President Emmanuel Macron offered Iran $15 billion in credit to keep the old deal alive. Pence stays at Trump golf club in Ireland Vice President Mike Pence stayed at President Trump’s private golf club during an official trip to Ireland at Trump’s “suggestion,” Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short said on Sept. 3. Facing criticism of taxpayer funds going to the President’s business, the Vice President defended the move as “logical.” Italy leaves right-wing party out The anti-establishment Five Star Movement in Italy backed a…

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can refusing to name mass shooters help prevent violence?

AFTER AN AUG. 31 MASS SHOOTING IN WEST Texas, as questions swirled about the event that had left seven people dead and 22 injured, Odessa police chief Michael Gerke declared that one question would remain unanswered: the shooter’s identity. “I’m not going to give him any notoriety for what he did,” Gerke said at a press conference on Sept. 1. Later that day, however, other law-enforcement officials identified the gunman, who had been killed by police. Police officers and media outlets are increasingly choosing to downplay the identities of perpetrators to avoid potentially inspiring others to carry out similar atrocities. Following an armed rampage in a Virginia Beach municipal center in late May that left 12 dead, Virginia Beach police chief James Cervera said authorities would mention the gunman’s name only once,…