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Time Magazine International January 20, 2020

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IN A TOUGH SPOT RE “MAN IN THE MIDDLE” [Dec. 16]: Ukraine is one of the severe victims of Donald Trump’s reckless and selfish acts. If the American President had had a coherent and sound diplomatic strategy, Kyiv would not have been in such a precarious situation against Russia. Trump’s dubious moves in the Kyiv scandal are doing Ukraine more harm than good in terms of its security and economy. Though the majority of Americans seem focused on Trump’s impeachment, we should realize that Ukraine is suffering from Trump’s capricious politics. Shuichi John Watanabe, SAKAI CITY, JAPAN TIME TO STAND TOGETHER RE “THE DISUNITED KINGdom” [Dec. 16]: Your article on the possible breaking up of the Union following the likely departure of the U.K. from Europe dismayed me. Please remember that many of us…

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for the record

‘TOO MANY TROLLS.’LIZZO, singer and TIME’s 2019 Entertainer of the Year, in a Jan. 5 message declaring she was taking a break from Twitter $495,000 Asking price for each of two decommissioned nuclear-missile silos on the market in Arizona ‘It doesn’t matter about the physical attributions of the person you fall in love with.’LAYLA MORAN, British lawmaker, in an interview with PinkNews, after coming out as pansexual in a Jan. 2 tweet; she is thought to be the first out pansexual lawmaker in the U.K.‘We’re starting a new year, and let’s see if we can’t both complete the year as pancreatic cancer survivors.’ALEX TREBEK, Jeopardy! host, asked if he had a message for Representative John Lewis, in an Associated Press interview published Jan. 6; the Georgia Democrat revealed his diagnosis in December and…

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what the world sees as australia burns

FAMILIES HUDDLE ON A ONCE PICTURESQUE beach as their homes burn behind them. Baby koalas, their fur singed, cling to their mothers as they face a fiery demise. And military helicopters whomp overhead, searching the charred landscape for stragglers looking for a last-minute escape. These bracing scenes illustrate a terrifying reality on the ground in Australia, where more than two dozen people and millions of animals have died in wildfires that have destroyed more than 25 million acres since December and that are not expected to be contained anytime soon. The blazes, so large that they’ve created their own weather systems, have sparked widespread panic, prompted a military deployment and caused billions of dollars in damage. “We’re in the middle of a war situation,” says David Bowman, director of the Fire…

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attack at top delhi university signals rising tensions in india

WITH A BANDAGED HAND AND BRUISES ON his back, student Santosh Singh says he no longer feels safe at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), one of India’s top schools. On Jan. 5, he and some 30 others were injured when masked men stormed the campus, armed with rods, bats and stones to attack students who were protesting a fee increase. “I thought they were going to kill us,” Singh tells TIME. MOB RULES To Singh, it seems clear who the masked men were. “They were ABVP goons,” he says, referring to members of a right-wing Hindu nationalist student organization affiliated with the BJP, the party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Their slogans, their style of talking, and the word they love the most—traitors—was on their lips when they were beating…

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Earthquake rattles Puerto Rico A 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked Puerto Rico after it hit offshore in the predawn hours of Jan. 7. It was the largest in a series of quakes that struck the island in the first week of the year. At least one person died and eight were injured in the city of Ponce, and more than two-thirds of the island lost electricity. Methodist Church proposes split The United Methodist Church may split over differences in belief on LGBTQ clergy and marriage equality, according to a proposal announced on Jan. 3. Currently, “practicing” members of the LGBTQ community cannot become pastors, and pastors are barred from performing same-sex marriages. A vote on the proposal is scheduled for May. China fights mysterious illness Health officials in China struggled to identify a mysterious pneumonia-like virus contracted…

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why is america’s milk industry in so much trouble?

FOR MUCH OF THE 20TH CENTURY, MILK was a simple part of daily life in the U.S., as farmers raised cows, milkmen delivered bottles and children chugged it at school. But those days are fading—a fact accentuated by the announcement on Jan. 5 by Borden Dairy, the milk processor with a cheery Elsie the cow on its label, that it is filing for bankruptcy protection. Borden, which said it was impacted by “market challenges facing the dairy industry,” follows Dean Foods, America’s largest milk producer, which filed for bankruptcy protection in November. America has fallen out of love with drinking milk, as lower-calorie options have proliferated and people are substituting water bottles for milk cartons. Americans each drank an estimated 146 lb. of fluid milk—a category that includes products from skim…