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who doesn’t love giving it a bash on a par 5?

It’s a standing joke in the TG office that I’ve never made an eagle. I can often reach two of the three par 5s at my club… but I’ve never converted. Lots of chances – the closest from about six feet – but now every eagle chance I get (and they’re far from regular!) there’s an added feeling of tension that “this could be the time… ” It’s just one more reason that par 5s are my favourite type of hole. There’s a sense of hopeful expectation when you step on the tee; the majority of my birdies come on par 5s, and they’re a bit more forgiving than 4s, and on 5s… a good third shot can make up for a lot! That’s why we’ve dedicated this issue to the long…

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can we fast-forward to next year, please?

Hold onto your hats, because between March and September next year, we can look forward to the Players Championship, the Masters, US PGA Championship, US Open, Open Championship, Olympics, Solheim Cup and now the Ryder Cup as well! The decision to postpone this year’s match due to player pressure and the prospect of no fans means the 43rd Ryder Cup will now take place at Whistling Straits from September 24-26, 2021, less than three weeks after Europe defend the Solheim Cup. The domino-effect sees the Presidents Cup shift back to 2022, with the Ryder Cup now reverting to odd- numbered years, as was the case before 9/11. Qualifying points for next year’s Euro team have been frozen until the New Year, though Captain Harrington will still receive three wild-card picks.…

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‘i spend 45 minutes stretching even before i hit a shot’

SERIOUS DEDICATION “My normal warm-up routine was challenged at The Open a couple of years ago when I was first off. I arrived at the course just after 4am… and nothing was open!” BEING SENSIBLE “I have a bulging disc, and if you’re 6ft 6in, swinging a club over 100mph and hitting tens of thousands of balls in practice, something is going to give. It’s basically a case of managing it and knowing that on a lot of days now I’m not going to be able to practise after a round.” DIY WEIGHTS Farced to adapt when his local gym in Bristol had to close doe to the pandemic, Wood manufactured his own weights by using his brother-in-law’s drill to fix handles to 35kg logs! I spend a lot of time on stretching exercises before I…

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what’s on our radar?

STREAM IT The Conor Moore Show Golf s favourite impressionist has his own golf/comedy sketch show, and if you take advantage of a free seven-day trial on Golf Pass, you can binge watch all of the first series. Other Golf Pass ‘originals’ we’d recommend include a docu-series on Rory and instruction from the likes of Me & My Golf, Sean Foley and Michael Bannon. Memberships start from £9.99 a month. www.golfpass.co.uk DO IT The Big Golf Race Help to keep more men in the game for longer by raising money for Prostate Cancer, now the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK. Simply pick your team, and sign up to take on a marathon (72 holes in a day), half marathon (36 holes in a day) or a sprint finish (18 holes, as quick as…

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just landed! another sublime par 3 at prince’s

It’s taken three years and a “significant” investment, but the renovation of all three, nine-hole courses at Prince’s Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent are finally complete - and the results are pretty special. The project, which was carried out by highly regarded course architects Mackenzie & Ebert, began with the reimagining of the Himalayas nine, which included the addition of two completely new holes. Since then, the Shore and Dunes have also been given a fresh look, culminating in the opening of this eye-catching par 3, named ‘Smugglers’ Landing”. The new short hole plays as the 5th on the Shore Course, replacing the current 8th, and breaks up the direction of the layout, facing north-east, out towards the sea. The club has also paid tribute to the history of the Sandwich Flats and…

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ask the expert

The slope rating of a course is a key part of the WHS equation. When combined with the handicap index, it will inform a golfer of their course handicap for that day’s play from a chosen set of tees. Don’t worry about needing to be a maths genius - the calculation will be done for you by computer, either at the club or via an app. But to understand how it works you need to know that slope rating isn’t used to compare the difficulty of two courses or two sets of tees. Slope rating is the measure of relative difficulty of a set of tees for a bogey player compared to a scratch player. The process starts with the course rating system. Here, each set of tees is rated for a…