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Total 911 is the world's only magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911; the only Porsche with over 40 years of history and a worldwide following of keen enthusiasts. This high-quality magazine is written and produced by true Porsche fans, and offers in-depth, exciting features on all models of 911 – from the classics of the 1960s, through the wild Turbos of the 1970s, right up to today's sophisticated supercars.

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“This Cup-engined GT3 significantly improves on the outgoing 991.2” Next year we’ll be celebrating half a century of 911 Rennsports. You can expect Porsche to fully capitalise on the occasion by releasing a new GT3 RS, most likely with help from Porsche Exclusive. Before that however, we need a GT3 on which to base said RS, which has duly – and finally – arrived in 992 form. Of course, you already know most of the details for the incoming GT3, thanks to our first look of a disguised prototype with its creator Andreas Preuninger in issue 199. Now officially revealed in all its glory (including that striking Shark blue launch colour), we can at last bring you confirmed performance stats and Nürburgring lap times, both of which mark this Cup-engined GT3…

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New Porsche safari prototype spied Lifted 992 sighting accelerates rumours of bizarre new 911 Total 911’s spies have captured an unusual-looking prototype in testing, adding to rumours that Porsche could be about to offer its 911 in safari specification. The mule in our pictures, seen on public roads around Weissach, features a significantly raised ride height and chunky tyres enclosed by tacked-on wheel arch extensions at all four corners. This latest sighting is a development of a mule seen pounding the Nürburgring in October 2020 with increased ground clearance and pronounced wheel arches. The rear bumper on this latest sighting is showing a new design with the rear licence plate recess moved up from its current home in the 992 range, allowing for the customary twin Sports exhaust pipes to be moved towards the centre…

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brian redman

When I began sharing my experiences at Le Mans last month, I mentioned it is still painful and bothers me to this day to know that the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the only major world championship sports car race I never won. I had 14 attempts at winning Le Mans, and I led the race overall on five different occasions. Last issue, I discussed two particular heart-breaking losses in 1969 and 1970. This month, I will share three others that were also painful to lose. In 1971 I was coming back from retirement, so I didn’t have a drive at Le Mans. In 1972 I was a Ferrari factory driver, but Ferrari decided to withdraw its works team as it felt the 3.0-litre 312PB Formula One-based engine wasn’t sufficiently…

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The Porsche 911 has gotten so big – or has it? Dear Sir, “It’s so big!” That’s what many say about the latest generation of the Porsche 911. But compared to other long-running models in the car world, is it really? To find out, let’s size up the 911 and a few other automotive icons and see how they compare relative to their predecessors. Porsche unveiled the 901, soon thereafter renamed the 911, at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Sept 1963. Like the Porsche 356 that preceded it, and the Volkswagen Beetle before that, the 911’s engine placement behind the rear axle allows for a space-efficient packaging of the mechanicals, and frees up cabin space for occupants. Despite being a sports car, the 911 is a 2+2, which means it has two rear…

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ask the expert

Got a question for our Porsche technician? Email us Scott Gardner Job title Workshop manager Place of work Porsche Centre Bournemouth, UK Time at Porsche 15 years I’m interested in buying a 993 as I believe they are better value than a 964. My budget won’t stretch to a low miles car, so could you please make me aware of the pitfalls/things I should be checking on a 993 with north of 100k on the clock? I’ll be looking for a car in the UK. Peter de Laet 993s are obviously the last era of air-cooled flat sixes and the build quality really is exceptional. I wouldn’t be worried about looking at vehicles north of 100,000 miles at all. Having an independent expert would be highly recommended to avoid buying a car that’s shiny on the outside but mechanically…

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butzi’s speedster

356, G-body, 964, 997, 991. Random names and numbers to some, these are of course the generations and internal model codes for one of Porsche’s most revered product lines: Speedster. This journey to what is arguably the ultimate expression of topless sports car began in 1952 with the 356 1500 America Roadster. Widely seen as the forefather of the Porsche Speedster, it flopped, incidentally, after costing more to make than sell, driving coach builder Heuer-Glaser to bankruptcy in the process. “Clearly used and adored by Butzi, the Speedster wears 2,065 kilometres on its clock today” Lessons were learned, with production moving in-house at Porsche, the Speedster now a cut-down version of the Cabriolet and running off the same production line as other 356s. In 1954, the Porsche Speedster as we know it was…