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Is there a sports car out there that’s more special, and more revered than the iconic 959? Sure, there are other historically significant cars like the BMW 2002 or Audi Quattro, which gave high performance passenger vehicles turbocharging and 4WD respectively, the technologies of which are widespread across the automotive industry today. However, the 959 gave us everything, thereby underlining the 911 as the ultimate do-it-all super sports car. Much of its technology was groundbreaking at the time and, even more impressive, is still utilised on Porsche 911s today – 35 years later! It’s for this reason we’re paying homage to the 959 this issue, deep-diving into its history, assessing its relevance today, plus there’s a cool road trip report from an owner who drove across the continent for a…

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Porsche Classic unveils new Technical Certificate Raft of innovative developments adds to classic 911 appeal Porsche Classic has announced a host of innovative new components and initiatives for classic 911s, which seeks to enrich the experience of owning a classic Porsche. Chief among these new initiatives is the Technical Certificate. Available immediately for all classic 911s up to and including the 996, the Technical Certificate involves a ‘nut and bolt’ technical check of a vehicle, which can take up to two days, while information is provided on the technology and equipment of their classic vehicle upon delivery. The Technical Certificate will replace the Certificate of Authenticity, which Porsche ditched in 2019. Porsche Classic is also expanding its product range with new Performance Parts. Highlights here include preparation of a Performance Chassis for the 996-generation…

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Porsche deliveries up in first quarter Porsche has announced a 36% increase in vehicle deliveries in the first three months of the year compared to 2020, with deliveries of its 911 up 7.7% in the period. The figures are largely helped by COVID-19 lockdowns affecting performance last year. In the three months to the end of March 2021, Porsche delivered 9,133 examples of 992. This compares to 8,482 992s in the period last year. Goodwood Revival revised Goodwood has announced its celebrated Revival festival, due to take place on 17-19 September, has been substantially revamped over old. ‘The New Revival’, as it’s billed, will feature a new layout with areas including high-street shops on the Lavant Infield, and a central Drivers’ Club display feature, while maintaining the same spirit of stepping back in…

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guest column brian redman

Last month I discussed my enormous accident in June 1977 driving the new Haas/ Hall Lola T333 in a Can-Am race at St. Jovite, near Montreal. It was a disastrous race that nearly killed me. As I mentioned, on the way to the hospital, the ambulance blew a tyre. The next day when my wife Marion arrived, the headlines in Montreal’s papers read, “Redman est Mort”. The English translation… “Redman is Dead”. The photograph accompanying the headlines showed the ambulance upon the jack and the two medics working on the wheel with the backdoors of the ambulance wide open. After three days in an induced coma, I woke up in the Montreal Neurological Institute and learned that I had suffered a broken neck (C1), a shattered shoulder, a split sternum along with…

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Living the 911 legend Dear Sir, The day finally arrived! After more than 35 years in the making and a move to a different country, a different house, a different job and the support of my loving and understanding wife, the dream of Porsche ownership was only two weeks away. I’d spotted the car on the internet and was immediately drawn to the colour. Purchased from new with a one owner title, the 991.1 C4S was in excellent condition given it was eight years old. Packed with lots of factory extras, it was everything I was looking for. A quick phone call to Mark Sumpter from Paragon Porsche confirmed the car was in prep for sale. That evening the decision was made to purchase the car the following day. Two weeks later, we drove…

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ask the expert

Got a question for our Porsche technician? Email us Scott Gardner Job title Technical Director, Bahnsport Porsche experience 15 years Dear Sir, After only ever owning air-cooled Porsches, I’m now considering a 996 generation as a bit of a daily driver and also weekend fun. I’ve read lots online about IMS bearings, but conjecture seems to differ when it comes to deciding which years of factory bearings are most susceptible to problems. Can you provide a definitive answer? Also, which is the best aftermarket IMS to fit as a replacement? Richard Bellingham The famous IMS returns! To be definitive to make sure your car has the later, ‘larger nut’ IMS, you need to check your engine number, but as a general rule of thumb it’s the ’06 model year cars onwards which have the later IMS shaft…