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As you’ll no doubt know, these are exceptional times we currently find ourselves living in. As we accelerate away from the worst of the pandemic, the world has been hit by new challenges around supply. The automotive industry has been caught up in this, including Porsche. “You should be basing your finances on an ownership period of at least two years” As you’ll probably know, the issue affecting car deliveries specifically lies around a shortage of semiconductors (otherwise known as computer chips). You’ll find a useful note in our Views section of this issue, where we document in a bit more detail why this shortage has taken hold, but there’s no doubt the ramifications of this shortage have positively impacted used car values over the last 12 months. It’s been a perfect…

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Porsche Bugatti Rimac project gets underway With the merger complete, a new chapter in the history of the automotive industry is being written The electric hypercar company Rimac has successfully completed its merger with Bugatti. Porsche became a stakeholder in Rimac in 2018 and has steadily increased its involvement ever since. News that Porsche would join with the Bugatti brand and Rimac to form a partnership broke a few months ago, and now the project has begun work – providing a clearer picture of how the collaboration will operate. Under the new structure, 55% of Bugatti Rimac will be owned by the Rimac Group, based in Croatia, with Porsche AG taking the remaining 45%. Bugatti remains under the control of the Volkswagen Group, while Hyundai Motor Group owns 12% and other investors the…

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news in brief

10th Porsche Experience Centre to open Following on from the opening of the recent Tokyo Porsche Experience Centre comes news that the 10th version will be built in Toronto, Canada. Only the third of its kind in North America, the latest Centre will be the first ‘urban’ version of the concept, occupying a 20-acre site in Ontario which will also feature more than 400,000 square feet of retail space, a casino, concert hall and a luxury hotel with more than 300 rooms. It is slated to open by 2024. 996 coilover suspension GAZ Shocks is now offering a height and damper rate adjustable suspension kit for the 996. Adjuster knobs on the body of the units allow damping adjustment, the shortened body and stroke lengths provide a 25 to 55mm reduction in ride…

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top porsche products

HEEL TREAD SOCKS From £9 9WERKS offers a stunning array of Porsche-themed socks for the discerning enthusiast: if you’ve a passion for pasha, a hankering for houndstooth, or indeed a penchant for Porsche’s iconic Pink Pig livery, then these are for you! Choose from single pairs paying homage to iconic models such as Martini-clad RSRs and 953 K3s, or go big with the special-edition packs dedicated to the 930 Turbo, 917, or pepita trim. 911 SPEAKER SPECIAL EDITION £375 The original tailpipe of the Porsche 911 GT3 built as a high-end Bluetooth loudspeaker with brushed aluminium housing and high-gloss edges. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technology for wireless music transfer from smartphones, tablets and PCs in CD quality. 60-watt system power. True Wireless mode. NFC technology for the most simple connection with end devices. Up to…

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Just do it, part 2 Dear Sir, Thanks for printing my previous letter in issue 210. I thought I'd send an update as requested and share some hard-earned lessons for any others embarking on an engine re-build. My 996 Targa engine has now done 2,000 fun and healthy miles since I completed the engine re-build in September and the rest of the car passed 100,000 miles last week. I use it more or less as a daily now, in the knowledge that if bits wear or break I can now fix or replace them myself. One of the hardest things of the re-build was dealing with rusty nuts and bolts. Exhaust header bolts seize, along with the header/cat box flange bolts. Only six of my header bolts came out, leaving six as broken studs…

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ask the expert

Dear Sir, With the cold mornings now more apparent here in the UK, my car is taking longer to demist and I noticed the lower door cards are damp/wet, surely this can’t be normal? I drive a 996 C4S. Carl Scrivener The lower section of the carpeted door panels on 996 and 997s are something of a common fault point on these cars. The door membranes can fail on the 996 models, as the glue can become hard and lose its stickiness due to age, allowing moisture past. Likewise on the 997 variations, the foam seal can perish and degrade, allowing water past. A new membrane will be required to rectify this. This is also the perfect time of the year to check your water drains are clear on the bulkhead besides the…