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Total Girl September 2019

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Total Girl is Australia’s number one tween girls’ glossy magazine. Does your 6 to 13-year-old love fashion, celebrities, music and posters? Total Girl has it all – from things to make and do, to glam tips, style shoots and movie magic. She’ll be reading and having fun all month long with the latest buzz, heaps of activities and laugh-out-loud stories. Amazing competitions and perf posters make each jam-packed issue a great-value offering for your tween. Don’t miss out, subscribe now!

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girl talk

Hi Total Girl, My name is Sienna, I am nine years old and I love TG!!! Earlier this year, my family and I went to Italy. I took a copy of TG with me to the ancient Colosseum of Rome and I made a wish at the Trevi Fountain! Love from Sienna Hi Sienna, WOW, the Colosseum looks incredible! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us, TG really did go global! ❤ Love, Team TG x Hey TG, My name is Cassidy and I’m nearly 11 years old. I’m very excited to be writing to you. I have been collecting your mags for three years. Never ever stop making them! I really love Harry Potter and my favourite character is Luna. I hope you like my picture! From your #1 fan Cassidy Hey Cassidy, We are total…

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totally embarrassing

Goal, attack! It was the start of a netball match and I had a really runny nose. It was also a super windy day, and as I passed the ball to a teammate and ran, a huge blob of snot flew out of my nose and onto the ground! Everyone saw and I didn’t know what to do so I wiped it with my shoe! Kayla This really cemented our friendship It was the end of the school day and my two besties and I walked out the door. Well… we all tried to walk out the door at once and got stuck! Everyone behind us was pushing and pushing. I stepped forward and faceplanted the cement floor! So embarrassing! Maggie Chocolate fountain My family and I were at a buffet dinner. After about half an hour…

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totally now

DRAW SOMETHING Did you get a Texta Nylorite marker free with your August issue of TG mag? Use that marker and add some imagination and ~skillz~ to draw an epic animal. What will you draw? Your gorgeous pet? A real animal at home in the savanna, ocean or bush? A made-up animal totally unique to you? Draw any animal at all – we can’t wait to see what you sketch. Time’s running out so put Texta to paper right now! Upload yours at totalgirl in the comps section. HOUSE PRIDE Where would the Magic issue be without a bit of love for Harry Potter?! Two decades after The Prisoner of Azkaban was first published, we’re obsessed with the extra spesh house editions of the tale of Harry, his uncle Sirius Black, and Buckbeak…

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Hey Funneh! How did you get into gaming? When I was a kid my parents gave me their old digital camera. I recorded funny skits with my siblings but it was never posted on YouTube. Around 2010, Minecraft was released. We had so much fun playing it that we wanted to share it on YouTube for others to watch. We’ve been posting gaming videos ever since. Your channel is filled with hilar videos, which ones are your faves? Human: Fall Flat ones – this game is a lot of fun because my siblings and I spend hours in each level figuring out solutions to escape. Our fans love it when we rage when stuck on an obstacle. What’s it like working with your siblings, a.k.a KREW? Recording videos with my siblings is surprisingly easy. There’s…

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totally entertaining

LOVER 2017’s reputationsaw Tay taking aim at those who had wronged her. The media and haters – look what you made her do! Sure, it was mostly tongue-in-cheek but there was a little venom behind her lyrics that provided the album with a rebellious attitude. Being one to always call it how she sees it, Tay’s newest effort hasn’t lost those cheeky vibes, but it does take on a different persona. Lover trades brooding for a more upbeat approach (cancel the snakes, add some butterflies!). Bursting with colour (have you seen the music videos?!) and sugary synth-pop flavour, it’s fun, fantastic and full of flair. Further proof you can’t pigeonhole Taylor, so don’t even try! Out August 23…

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NO MORE SECRETS Home and Away fans will get the opportunity to see one of their fave stars in a new Disney movie! Olivia Deeble a.k.a Raffy Morrison of Summer Bay will be a part of upcoming Disney+ film Secret Society of Second Born Royals. She will join a huge cast of big names including Peyton Elizabeth Lee of Andi Mack fame. Olivia has assured fans that there will still be plenty of Raffy on screen, despite rumours she has finished up with Home and Away. LITTLE MIX UP The bad news: Little Mix has rescheduled their 2019 Australian tour dates. The good news: we’re gifted with a new single ‘Bounce Back’ and the dates have been moved to December this year! Swings and roundabouts, TGs! LITTlE MIX ‘LM5 – THE TOUR’ AuSTRaLIA 2019 RAC…