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Total Girl November 2019

Total Girl is Australia’s number one tween girls’ glossy magazine. Does your 6 to 13-year-old love fashion, celebrities, music and posters? Total Girl has it all – from things to make and do, to glam tips, style shoots and movie magic. She’ll be reading and having fun all month long with the latest buzz, heaps of activities and laugh-out-loud stories. Amazing competitions and perf posters make each jam-packed issue a great-value offering for your tween. Don’t miss out, subscribe now!

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hey tgs!

Gather ’round, let me tell you a tale * raises torch under face *. My grandmother’s house is always dark, even in the daytime. The old mirrors are cloudy and rusted around the edges. On the wall, one handprint trails a dark stain down the wall like someone clawed at it. And at night, I once heard something. A voice said, “I am nobody.” Eeeeeeeek! Spine-chilling times. One of my aunts believes she can talk to ghosts and that they used to sit on her bed and have a chat! Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the spooky season is a real fave for a lot of TGs so settle in and let us get CREEPTACULAR… muahahahaha. XO Claire and Team TG…

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Aaron I got my lunch from the fridge and there was a bite taken out of it. Ooooh!!! Sandra I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a girl standing in the corner. Rosie I swear there was a ghost in my old house. At night, it sounded like someone was stomping in the kitchen! Jim I was at an old farm house and heard a knock on the door. There was no one there when I opened it! What eerie experience has happened to you IRL? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Rosie and Claire went to TK Maxx’s Christmaxx and enjoyed walking in a winter wonderland (kinda!). Here we are having fun on the moon, hehe. Separated at birth Sandra had a surprise discovery – she looks exactly like Everest the yeti from Abominable! Same…

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girl talk

Dear Total Girl, My name is Amy and I am 10 years old. It is my birthday soon and I got your latest mag as an early birthday present. I absolutely LOVE your mag. It is so awesome and very inspiring to young girls like me. My fave singer is Taylor Swift and my favourite parts of the mag would have to be Totally Glam and all of the quizzes. Thank you for making such an awesome magazine! Love, Amy Dear Amy, Happy birthday! We hope you had a very spesh day with your fam and friends. We’re so glad to hear our mag inspires rad readers like you! We have a very cute We Bare Bears quiz on page 28 – enjoy! Love, Team TG x Hi Total Girl team! My name is Marina and I’m…

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totally embarrassing

Class clown It was the first school assembly of the year and I was the new kid. We had to sing the national anthem and they called me to sing on stage. I was super nervous, but all my friends were like, ‘Go on, you can do it.’ As I was walking up, I tripped over someone’s foot and fell flat on my face! Everyone laughed. I hopped back up, but my face was real sweaty and red like a tomato! Zahli Delivery for… Lucy? One day, I was waiting outside for my friend to come over. I saw a car turn the corner and I started waving to it, thinking it was my friend. It turned out to be a pizza delivery truck! It stopped at our driveway and Mum had to tell…

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totally now

PICTURE THIS With fab celebs spotted rocking the photo print trend, you know it’s worth trying out this spring. Prefer a DIY approach? Iron-on transfer paper can be found at an offi ce supply store near you and plain tees are cheap as chips at your local op shop. Now all you need is a dreamy snap… SUPER INTO SLOTHS Sometimes, all we need in life is a cute smiling face and a reminder you can do just fine if you hang out, snooze and pretty much chillax to the max. Here’s a mini edit of some of our faves who bring that sloth energy we need… ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOCORN Ummm, these are almost too cute and their extra big size makes for extra big fun. We saw these and went WHAT?!…

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totes lol

HAPPY PUG-O-WEEN! Doug the Pug has taken over this page to help us get ready for the spooky season! JOKES Q: What kind of music do mummies like to listen to? A: Wrap music Q: Which fun park rides are a ghost’s fave? A: The scary-go-round and the roller-ghoster! Q: What kind of plants are the scariest? A: Bam-BOO! Q: Why didn’t the skeleton like Halloween treats? A: He just didn’t have the stomach for it! WHAT DO YOU MEME? READER CORNER Q: What did the cow say to Simba the lion? A: Moooofasa From TG reader Matilda Want to see your reader funny in Total Girl? Send us your fave joke via email to totalgirl @nextmedia.com.au with the subject line ‘Totes LOL’. WARNING! This page has been cursed. If you read this, you are doomed to giggle for seven days! To undo the curse, say ‘Giggle Monster’…