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Total Girl January 2020

Total Girl is Australia’s number one tween girls’ glossy magazine. Does your 6 to 13-year-old love fashion, celebrities, music and posters? Total Girl has it all – from things to make and do, to glam tips, style shoots and movie magic. She’ll be reading and having fun all month long with the latest buzz, heaps of activities and laugh-out-loud stories. Amazing competitions and perf posters make each jam-packed issue a great-value offering for your tween. Don’t miss out, subscribe now!

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hey tgs!

Handmade noodles. Prawn dumplings (har gao). Korean fried chicken. Real lemon gelato. Scones with jam and cream. Spaghetti carbonara. A fresh cinnamon doughnut that’s almost too hot to eat. Perfectly ripe nectarines, strawberries, passionfruit, almost any smoothie, I could go on… Yes, it’s true – we love food so much here at TGHQ that we had to make an issue about cooking, baking and enjoying all that’s incredible and edible. We hope you think it’s totes delish. XO Claire and Team TG All treats in moderation! We love fruit and veggies the most so keep it balanced.…

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girl talk

Hi TG, My name is Mella. My favourite celeb is Doug the Pug because he is sooo cute and has AMAZING fashion sense. Maybe one day you can put him on the cover of one of your mags! I play netball and basketball and I love to draw too. Reading your mags give me inspiration to create crazy drawings. Keep making your mags! Love, Mella Hey Mella, Yaaasss, isn’t Doug the Pug the cutest?! He has sah many looks. Did you know we interviewed him for our August 2019 issue? Yes, really! We would love to see one of your drawings! Love, Team TG x Hi TG, I am six years old and I love your magazine. My dad helps me to read. I’m Australian-Filipino. Here I am at the beach on school holidays. Love, Isabella Hi Isabella, Did you…

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readers rule!

Brilliant Designers These TGs sketched the T-shirt of their dreams and sent it in for the 2019 Design a Statement Tee contest. In no particular order, the three winners are… Eilish of SA We can just imagine this kitty blasting Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, singing along with not a care in the world – and tbh, it’s a mood we totally vibe. Sooooo cute and such an original design! Portia of NSW Yaaassss, can we join the narwhal squad?! This little unicorn of the sea is giving us so many happy feels, we want to wear this tee, asap. Ella of WA Ella, this T-shirt is llamazing! We love a good pun and we LOVE llamas (sah much), so this tee ticked all the right boxes. Plus your llama drawing is adorbs. These winning designs were turned into actual…

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totally embarrassing

Literally CANnot I went shopping with my nan, and I was standing on the side of the shopping trolley, leaning out. Suddenly my nan swerved really fast and I fell off, knocking over a stack of cans. Everyone was staring at me on the ground! OMTG, so embarrassing!!! Tamika Got an embarro story to share? Email totalgirl@nextmedia.com.au with the subject line ‘Totally Embarrassing’. SleePEEing beauties I went to my BFF’s house for a sleepover and Jade, my BFF’s sister, wanted to pull a prank on us. We heard something coming from the kitchen, after a while it stopped and so we went to sleep. When I woke up, I was like, OMTG, because the bed was wet! I thought I had wet myself! Later that day, Jade admitted she poured water into our bed. I’ll…

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anastasia is ready to go!

WHAT’S THE GO? Teen boy Jack loves to go fast. When he discovers a talent for go-kart racing, he must control his reckless ways if he is to win the national championships and defeat his arrogant rival. Anastasia plays a mechanic who helps Jack’s karts go faster. Hey Anastasia! Tell us about your character and her role in GO!. My character Mandy is a mechanic. She’s strong, smart and a bit of a lone wolf at first. But she comes together with Colin and Jack, they create a strong bond and take on the go-karting world. In GO! you know so much about mechanics, did you already have an interest in cars or has it grown since you did the role? It’s grown since I’ve done the role - I’ve become more interested in Formula…

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totes lol

PRAIRIE DOG FASHION Heard of these guys? Did you know they were sah stylish? Neither did we! JOKES Q: What do you call blueberries playing the guitar? A: A jam session. Q: Why does yoghurt love going to museums? A: Because it’s cultured. Q: What do you call a cheese that is sad? A: Blue cheese. Q: Why is a boiled egg good for breakfast? A: It’s really hard to beat. WHAT DO YOU MEME? READER CORNER Q: What’s the difference between a guitar and fish? A: You can’t tuna (tune a) fish! From TG reader Courtney Want to see your reader funny in Total Girl? Send us your fave joke via email to totalgirl @nextmedia.com.au with the subject line ‘Totes LOL’. WARNING! Don’t read this page – you might laugh until your face is sore!…