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Total Girl June 2020

Total Girl is Australia’s number one tween girls’ glossy magazine. Does your 6 to 13-year-old love fashion, celebrities, music and posters? Total Girl has it all – from things to make and do, to glam tips, style shoots and movie magic. She’ll be reading and having fun all month long with the latest buzz, heaps of activities and laugh-out-loud stories. Amazing competitions and perf posters make each jam-packed issue a great-value offering for your tween. Don’t miss out, subscribe now!

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hey tgs!

Are you ready to get crafty? OK, real talk. Art was not my best subject at school, haha. I did take art lessons and definitely improved, but I guess I’m more creative in other ways. Like, I love making things, I love writing, and I play the piano – sounds like art to me! It’s our Art Attack issue and it’s packed with heaps of cool projects for you to try at home! Show me how you’re being creative this month. Send your letters and photos to totalgirl@nextmedia.com.au. XO Rosie and Team TG…

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girl talk

Dear Team TG! My name is Elodie and I love your mags! I have collected them for more than a year now! I have a subscription to Total Girl so once I’ve read one mag I wait for the next. I love drawing and playing with my puppy Miles. Miles is only 10 months old and he reads Total Girl with me. Love, Elodie Dear Elodie, OMG, Miles is such a CUTE puppy! We hope he found those animal facts interesting. Enjoy this issue and the many more TG mags to come. Love, Team TG x Hey TG, My name is Kira and I am nine years old. I ♥ your magazine. I only started collecting it in August 2019 and it is the best thing ever! My favourite parts are Girl Talk, Totally Embarrassing and Celebrity…

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totes lol

FEAT. BILLIE EILISH AND DOUG THE PUG! CALL ME KITTY EILISH CAN’T STOP STARING AT THOSE OCEAN EYES I’M THE BAD DOUG, DUH WARNING! Don’t read these jokes… unless you’re ready for some MAJOR giggles! JOKES Q: Why was the cat sitting on the computer? A: To keep an eye on the mouse! Q: How do cats stop crimes? A: They call claw enforcement. Q: Why did the cat run away from the tree? A: It was scared of its bark. Q: What did the cat say when it lost all its money? A: I’m paw! Q: Why did the cat wear a fancy dress? A: Coz she was feline fine!…

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totally now

CARTOON HEROES With a new album out, Dua Lipa has plenty to be happy about – and we want in! Don’t let the cold weather stop you from wearing bright fun prints. Pair with your fave jeans, a jacket, a smile and you’re set! TG FREEBIES Yaasssss, TGs! Looking for fun indoor activities? This. Is. It! Download your FREE digital activity book from totalgirl.com.au! Packed with over 50 pages of fun puzzles, tricky games and more. Plus it features all your faves like Trolls World Tour, Harry Potter, Star Wars and LEGO. What are you waiting for? Get your free book now! LET’S GET CRAFTY ! We can’t have an Art Attack issue without showing you some of our fave art kits! The Paint Your Own Flower Pots pack is too cute, and these handy Tiger…

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totally embarrassing

It’s bin great… One time at school, I was running and someone left their lunch box on the floor and I didn’t see it. It made me trip over and I fell straight into a bin! It was soooo embarrassing! Kaitlin Got an embarro story to share? Email totalgirl@nextmedia.com.au with the subject line ‘Totally Embarrassing’. Host with the most When I was in Year 2, my mum hosted my birthday party and said to me, “Sweetie, if you had a party who would you invite?” I said, “My whole class,” but she didn’t pick up on my sarcasm so she actually invited my WHOLE class including my crush! He got me a new pencil case and my friend laughed at me for using it at school. OMTG! Chanelle Don’t forgetti your spaghetti… It was ‘Nude Food Day’ at…

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studio magic

Name: Zoe Age: 12 Hometown: Adelaide, SA My mum likes to enter competitions and when she found out about this one, I said I really wanted to do it! For my entry, I recreated three celebrity photos of: Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Audrey Hepburn, and I submitted a poem. [Check out all three photos at totalgirl.com.au!] Coming up with Billie Eilish’s costume was the hardest. We couldn’t find any clothes that matched her style. My mum had to sew some shorts together. Billie is one of my favourite celebrities. Hundreds of people around Australia entered the competition. When I found out I won, I was really excited. I was excited just to go to Sydney with Mum. The two of us were flown to Sydney, it was my first time there. We did heaps…