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Tracks No. 566

Tracks is Australia's leading surfing magazine. For over 40 years Tracks has tapped into the minds of cheeky grommets and grizzled gurus alike, and remains the voice of hardcore surfing in Australia today. Every month it takes you to the most exotic surfing locations, fills you in on what's happening on the pro-circuit as well as at your local beaches. Tracks is the surfer's bible.

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the forces at work

A friend recently told me that he had been randomly seated next to Mick Fanning on a flight several years ago. It was shortly after Mick had snapped his hamstring off the pelvis bone (in 2004) and he was still recovering from what might have been a career-ending injury for less determined individuals. According to my mate, who worked in finance, Mick was friendly and engaging, as interested in his travelling companion’s line of work as he was in his own salt-crusted dreams. My friend also suggested that despite the amicable demeanour, he could sense Mick’s ambition simmering beneath. The injury had obviously been a major setback, but by temporarily robbing Mick of the things he took for granted it had also served its purpose as a catalyst for reinvention.…

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//_CRAIG_ANDERSON_TABONE_2606542.JPG After wreaking havoc on Tonga and its surrounding islands, TC Gita, originally heading west, performed a dramatic about face and ploughed southwest, spraying huge lines of swell toward Australia’s east coast as it went. As surfers awaited the swell, most of the attention was focused on Kirra – we’re sure you all remember the resulting shots and footage that saturated social media for weeks. However, Gita’s reach was wide. Far from the spotlight, on the south coast of NSW, surfers, including Craig Anderson, enjoyed spectacular waves of their own. Gita’s intense energy colliding with gurgling rock shelves in spectacular fashion, as indicated by Ando’s A-grade tube head in the image above.…

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//_JOEL_PARKINSON_BOSKO_S186958.JPG In the past, one could be forgiven for thinking the Quiksilver Pro was cursed. Each year the waiting period seemed fated to be bookmarked by classic swells, leaving nothing but half-arsed wind swell and chewed out banks for the event. Organisers this year licked their lips when Linda showed up on the synoptic chart – finally a cyclone swell in time for finals day! While the WSL made the call to move the comp to Kirra in order to capitalise on the froth, those already eliminated from the event feasted on eight-foot tubes behind the rock at Snapper. This included Joel Parkinson (pictured above) who scored what many called the best tube ever ridden at the wave.…

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//_JAY_DAVIES_RESPONDEK_A99Q8321.JPG For surfers on the west coast cyclones are a rare gift. The north swell unlocks a host of mythical and scarcely surfed waves. Of these, none gets WA surfers foaming at the mouth more than the ‘beachbreak’ you can see Jay Davies locked in the jaws of above. What is normally little more than a neck-breaking, shorey closeout transforms under cyclonic conditions to become a neck-breaking shorebreak closeout with a slight chance of making it. During Cyclone Marcus a star-studded cast gave it their all for hours on end, stepping off skis into the crystal clear bombs erupting on the shallow sandbank. While many left in search of the nearest chiro’, a lucky few including Jay, left with smiles plastered on their faces, set to last until the next time…

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two girls and a guy

Right now Australia is readying itself for the cool embrace of winter. But before we fall completely under the spell of crisp offshores and southern energy, let’s take a look back to summer’s curtain call, and its dramatic final bow. Not happy to gently fade into autumn, it instead delivered three consecutive Tropical Cyclones, two on the east coast and one on the west, two girls and a guy, Gita, Linda and Marcus. Each of them produced mind-blowing moments for the lucky surfers within their reach, the previous pages displaying three of the best, one from each cyclone. Read briefly about each below.…

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From The Vault. Get out of my dreams! Mick Fanning and friend. – Photo: Simon Williams This was rated number 22 in the ‘35 Shots That Made Tracks’ feature from October 2005. As the editor at the time Sean Doherty mused, “There’s a profound message in this shot. Somewhere.” You didn’t think we’d forgotten did you Mick? Follow. surfing’s best and only impersonator. @tylerallenvo Listen - Island by Carus Thompson . On Island, his first release in five years, songwriter Carus Thompson upholds the proud tradition of the Australian storyteller, digging deep into the Australian psyche and issues at the nation’s forefront, including refugees, isolation, apathy and Ice. Carus Thompson is making a grand statement about modern Australia. Not The News. Local Surfers’ Lineup Convo Cracks 100 Decibels. The long awaited results of a study into the volume of lineup…