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Traditional Home July / August 2016

Traditional Home magazine offers readers expert advice in decorating, furnishings, antiques, tabletop and gardens. Also find tours of exquisite homes, renovation ideas and collecting in each issue of Traditional Home magazine.

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reader’s resource

PAGES 62–64 ARTISAN: PLAYFUL PATTERN Interior designer: Whitney Stewart, Whitney Stewart Interior Design, 5129 Linnean Ave. N.W., Washington, DC 2008; 202/537-0050, whitneystewartinteriordesign.com. PAGES 62–64. BATHROOM—Encaustic tile: Villa Lagoon, villalagoon.com. Vanity cabinet and dresser: Wisteria, wisteria.com. Vanity sink (“Marrakesh Design on Camber”): Kohler, kohler.com. Sconces (“Charlotte”/Aged Brass): Hudson Valley Lighting, hudsonvalleylighting.com. Faucets and showerhead (“Soraya” series/Aged Brass): Altmans, altmansproducts.com. Curtains converted to shower curtains (“Marrakech”): Anthropologie, anthropologie.com. Ceramic stool (“Carilo”): Crate & Barrel, crateandbarrel.com. Antique Chinese doors: eBay, ebay.com. PAGES 70–79 JUST RIGHT Architectural designer: Kevin Gray, Kevin Gray Design Group, 912-A 1st St. S., Jacksonville Beach, FL32250; 904/372-9350, kevingray.com. Interior designer: Andrew Howard, Andrew Howard Interior Design, 4128 Herschel St., Jacksonville, FL32210; 904/389-5100, andrewjhoward.com. Stylist: Elizabeth Demos, 912/308-4435, elizabethdemos.com. PAGES 70–73. POOL AREA—Rattan sofas; wall lanterns: owner’s collection. Pillows on sofas; lantern on coffee table: Mrs. Howard,…

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what’s old is new again

Doc Martens turned to an inspired source—Italian Renaissance painter Biagio d’Antonio—to create an Old Master version of every art student’s favorite footwear. The British company’s newest eight-eye boot (and, below, three-eye shoe), called the D’Antonio, comes printed with knights in armor ready to joust as seen in Biagio’s fanciful capriccio The Triumph of Camillus, which hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. According to Italian Paintings of the Fifteenth Century, the linking of past and present was an important subtext of Renaissance depictions of ancient heroes like Camillus, who were held up as timeless, universal examples of virtuous conduct. Last year, Doc Martens collaborated with London’s Sir John Soane’s Museum to create boots, shoes, and accessories based on William Hogarth’s 18th-century satirical series, “A Rake’s Progress.” In its…

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bless this home

Remember the nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in a shoe? She had so many children she didn’t know what to do. Joy and Cole Portis can relate. The Montgomery, Alabama, couple has nine children —six of whom are adopted. That’s 11 people, including five teenagers and a child with Down syndrome, plus two dogs and two cats, all sandwiched into their previous four-bedroom home. But, unlike the old woman, they knew exactly what to do. “We needed a larger house—for our kids now and in the future. Can you just imagine how many grandchildren we’ll have someday?” Joy asks with a chuckle. “In our old house we had four very small bedrooms. We had wall-to-wall beds in one bedroom. The laundry room was tiny, and the kitchen wasn’t…

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georgian light

ON the outside it’s classic 1915 Georgian style. But there’s a surprise inside this Hancock Park home. Because when Marnie and Howard Owens, their two soccer-playing girls, and one big Labrador moved in, so did a fresh, youthful attitude—and some new decorating, courtesy of interior designer Jennifer Culp. “While we paid respect to the architecture, we wanted to funk it up a bit,” Culp says Everything heavy and dated was booted to the curb like an old kickball as Culp ditched the darkness and formality of the home’s interiors. She ripped off leather-embossed wallpaper, painted over bloodred and hunter-green walls, and tore out clunky built-ins to make way for Marnie’s relaxed, bohemian style—and the soulful collections of art, photography, and furnishings the couple had gathered over time. “WHILE WE PAID RESPECT TO THE…

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face to face with aerin

[7:00 am] [8:30 am] Aerin Lauder has the kind of fame that makes her familiar—if not totally recognizable—to people on the street. “People often come up to me saying, ‘Excuse me, don’t we know each other?’ ” says Aerin, the much-photographed granddaughter of Estée Lauder. “They know my face, but they just can’t place it.” The eldest daughter of art collector and philanthropist Ronald Lauder (Estée’s younger son), Aerin has worked in the family business for more than two decades. Four years ago, she founded a luxury lifestyle label within Estée Lauder called Aerin, offering beauty, accessories, and home furnishings. The cosmetic shades are earthy and natural because Aerin’s own makeup is earthy and natural. The shoes are all flats because she likes to walk everywhere. The textiles she’s created with home furnishings…

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winning patterns emerge

Looking for clues about what’s hot in the design world today? Meet the talented winners of our annual Traditional Home Design Incubation competition, sponsored by the innovative fabric firm Fabricut. Competitors were challenged with designing (and redefining) traditional style for a contemporary home. Several common themes emerged from the mood boards and fabric samples created by skillful young designers who attend the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Nature is in. Ditto dimensional textures and painterly abstract patterns emphasizing patina or an artist’s hand. “We’re hungry for textures because we’re touching cold, flat screens all day,” says student designer Jessica Amsberry, one of the five members of Team Darlene, the winning group. (Other members are Hannah Golden, Celeste Buck, Morgan De Paoli, and Brittany Reidy.) “We really crave tactility,” agrees Hannah. Team…