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Discover trail running in South Africa as well as destinations worldwide through TRAIL magazine, published four times annually in digital format only. Discover the joys of experiencing nature through trails in quality articles and images, and contribute your own content. Become a better trail runner and connect with the rapidly growing trail community by reading TRAIL.

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run for the wild.

Take part in the WILDSERIES Three Cranes Challenge 2021. This 3-day stage event takes you through some of the most pristine sections of the Karkloof Valley, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature. All funds raised through this event will directly benefit and enable the crane conservation work done in collaboration with WILDTRUST, the Karkloof Conservancy and Endangered Wildlife Trust. Date: 7th - 10th July 2021 Venue: Bushwillow Campsite Enter Here: https://wildtrust.co.za/wildseries/three-cranes-challenge/…

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a valuable snapshot

Imagine where humanity would be if we didn’t have people who dutifully recorded happenings – both big and small. Without a reliably recorded history, we’d have only a vague past to refer to, with fewer lessons from our predecessors to learn from. Zoomed in a lot closer, the same applies to our local trail running scene. You’ll notice that this issue, as with all our others, includes overviews of recent trail running races. It’s something for the present, as well as an historical record for the future. One event we’ve included was the Addo Elephant Trail Run. I was delighted to attend my fifth Addo as part of their social media team. What struck me most was how quickly things are changing in the world of media. What wasn’t possible a few months ago is…

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one of you

It’s finally happened: I’m a junkie! After years of exercise being a chore, I feel robbed if I don’t get my daily sweat. All along, I thought you were exaggerating. I thought the idea of being addicted to exercise and needing it to feel normal was hyperbole. I thought you said those things to make the rest of us feel like slackers. And now here, I am: one of the addicted. To those of you who still dread lacing up, who run for many reasons but not for the sake of running: it gets easier. And I want you to keep taking walk breaks and selfies, because you have to build your relationship with running from a place of love, not punishment. And after a bad run, where you counted every painful step, take…

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my life my photos

CLOUD SURFING Ingrid Minter felt inspired to surf the clouds during her 19.5km run from Silvermine to Constantiaberg via the Constantia Mast. So she did just that. She was one of five on a group training run for the THIRSTI AFRICANX (see page 38), and they all took turns posing on the rock. Apparently she caught the wave of the day! TRAIL STOKE INFECTION Liandra Figland cannot contain her excitement en route to summit Keurkop in the Outeniqua Mountains. Lee, Christel, and Tania Noble went on a 13km run with 985m vertical gain. They made their way up through the mist, scrambling up rocks, and enjoying Watsonias and proteas in bloom. STRONG AGAIN After recovering from COVID-19, Liezel Claasen expressed her joy with this leap on Robberg Trail. CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP Oliver Rudy couldn’t resist doing his…

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my words my viewpoint

TRUE FRIENDSHIP It all started with a call on the Heritage Day 2020 long weekend from Alan, my old running partner of about 18 years. “Say you’re in for a challenge and I’ll tell you what it is!” After the obligatory Yes (How bad could it be? He had recently recovered from stomach cancer), he told me he was camping at Bushwillow Karkloof on the weekend of the Karkloof 100 Miler. Bushwillow was one of the aid stations, and Alan spent most of the weekend at the station, abandoning the family. We decided to be realistic and enter the 50 mile fun run, and were probably the first to pay. Alan was keen for a challenge after nearly a year of hospital and treatment, and this would signify his triumph over the disease. Race day…

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sabrina love challenge

WESTERN CAPE 25-31 December 2020 Holidaymakers in Plettenberg Bay were grateful that Sabrina Love Challenge could go ahead at the end of 2020, with a safer format. A total of 688 people took on the 6km, 12km, and 21km routes at Kurland Estate, with sweeping mountain and ocean views, crystal-clear river crossings, and pristine forest singletrack. Runners (and walkers) used the seven day, 6:45am to 11am window to join the leaderboard. This meant smaller numbers on the trails for an experience in touch with nature. Through entries, merchandise sales, and donations, the Sabrina Love Foundation raised R300,000 to keep helping the special-needs children in their care. w sabrinalove.co.za…