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letter from the editor

Dearest Readers, As we reach the tail end of another year, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been one for the books. As we wipe the holiday sweat from our brows, we all can’t help but to think whew. And that’s not a sigh of total relief, it’s more of a breathable intermission. The uncertainty of this pandemic is not over, but for those of us who have been fortunate to make it into the new year unscathed, there is hope. Hope for a vaccine, hope for families to fully reunite again, and hope for being able to get back out into the world without (too much) worry. Travel is essential for those who live and breathe it. We are the road warriors, the explorers, the dreamers. We crave new horizons…

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travel q&a: taking a holiday after the holidays

Q Where is a good place to go once the holiday season is over? A: Since a lot of people will experience a true winter with colder temperatures and even snow, it is a great idea to plan a getaway to somewhere tropical, or at least where the weather is warmer. You may not be able to take a vacation to Bora Bora right after the holidays, but you can plan for a nice beach vacation or a weekend on a lake! travel TIP Q Are there airline ticket deals after the holidays? A: Similar to how products go on sale after a holiday passes, yes, you can find cheaper flights out to certain destinations. Not every airline will participate in this sale, and not every destination will either. For the best deals, check…

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discover tennessee

Nashville is known for its vibrant neighborhoods, eclectic foodie scene, and of course, music! When exploring this great city, you will want to make sure you are doing it like the locals do in order to get the most out of what Nashville has to offer. There are some iconic attractions worth your time, like the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. However, if you really want to dive into the culture and history here, start exploring neighborhood by neighborhood. Head to Downtown Nashville for a honky-tonk music experience unlike any other. As you walk the streets, music can be heard from almost every threshold and open window. The smell of world-class restaurants cooking up the most delicious meals will entice your taste buds to…

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discover texas welcome to dallas

There is so much to love about this Texas city. From the cowboy culture and BBQ, to the history, musical influences, and beautiful outdoor spaces, there is truly something for everyone to love about Dallas. Winter months in Dallas are mild but chilly, and some snow may even fall. January is usually the coldest month in Dallas, so don’t forget your jackets! If you are a history buff, there are plenty of places to get your fill of Texas (and worldly) knowledge. The Old Red Museum of Dallas County is a great place to start. Built in 1892, the museum was actually once the Old Red Courthouse. Within the museum, you will find some of the area’s most fascinating artifacts and special exhibits. The Old Red Museum is located in one of…

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old florida

“Perched along the shores of the Apalachicola River where the river greets the bay, Apalachicola is an historic town with a reputation for fresh seafood, fine dining and a growing artist community.” Perched along the shores of the Apalachicola River where the river greets the bay, Apalachicola is an historic town with a reputation for fresh seafood, fine dining and a growing artist community. The town is one of several coastal communities strung like pearls along the northern Gulf Coast in an area known as Florida’s Forgotten Coast. Apalachicola, along with the other communities of Carrabelle, Eastpoint, Alligator Point and St. George Island, are often described as the last vestiges of “old Florida.” The region is a protected oasis with quiet beaches, wooded trails and scenic paddling sloughs. The environment is the…

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discover crystal river

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the soul of Florida in Crystal River. Every winter, from November to March, docile, loveable manatees flock to Crystal River and Homosassa to bask in the warm waters provided by the numerous crystal clear springs. Here, these federally protected gentle giants spend their days munching on seagrass, floating lazily in the warm water, or resting on the bottom, conserving energy and soaking in the warmth. Come discover an underwater wonderland in Crystal River and enter their world when you swim with a manatee. Swim with a manatee! Let a trained guide take you out to experience this amazing opportunity to see these curious creatures up close. It’s an adventure you won’t soon forget, as each manatee has its own unique personality. Practice passive observation while in or…