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Trends SA Home Owner Special Edition Trends SA Home Owner Special Edition 2019

SA Home Owner Trends Special Edition 2018 is a yearly publication and a forecast on the latest trends, with more emphasis on the interiors, kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike the monthly magazine, where we feature more than one house. Here we focus on one extremely high-end, trend setting luxury home. A detailed focus in the interiors, kitchen and bathroom latest offerings based on international influence and local inspiration. Kitchens will be focusing on high tech kitchen innovations i.e appliances. For bathrooms will be looking at the next level bathroom also high-tech i.e foot spas. Interiors are all about high-end luxury furniture designs and comfort.

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from the editor

GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK Going green and the colour black are about to take the décor and design industry by storm. As our trends analyst Dave Nemeth eloquently puts it, ‘Going into 2019 you can expect to see a heightened sensitivity to the environment.’ The colour black is also taking over as we see ‘beautiful black kitchens, tableware and walls’ being the main players. Those dark moody colours are in, and to see what we are talking about turn to page 40 where Guinevere Davies talks about the kitchen maintaining its hygge-like essence with the inclusion of warm woods, cosy colour palettes and tactile matte surfaces. Bathrooms are also becoming eco-friendly with water-saving mixers and bath spouts that restrict water flow. Read about how you can introduce colour into your bathroom,…

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design and décor trends for 2019

Interior design and décor trends have not been as obvious in recent years as in past decades. From the 1950s all the way through to the 2000s, homes tended to look very similar, and most people followed trends as closely as possible. Recent years have seen a breakaway from this as most people try to be as individualistic as possible, avoiding the norm and opting instead for bespoke solutions. Trends are currently being driven more by personal beliefs and lifestyle than through the direction of colour and pattern. Through this individuality there have been certain trends that have dominated, such as industrial styling, many elements of which are still seen in homes commercial buildings and restaurants. Another strong direction was the use of copper and brass, which will continue to be…

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great expectations

With three gorgeous pendant chandeliers suspended from a double-volume ceiling, the eyes can’t help but immediately travel upwards upon entering this family home nestled in an exclusive golf estate on Kwa-Zulu Natal’s North Coast. “We are particularly proud of the entrance design,” the home owner reveals. “We feel that it captures the feel of the home perfectly and it creates an impressive first impression.” As jaw-dropping as the entrance – complete with floating spiral staircase – may be, the pyjama lounge offers the truest reflection of the home owners best. “It depicts our love for our favourite country, India, as we have some of our collectables displayed there; and it’s a very comfortable room in the house to unwind in, or go out onto the balcony and take in the tranquil…

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home is where the art is

The double-volume entrance, reached by way of a concrete bridge placed over a welcoming water feature, is encased in dark grey walls on the exterior, providing a cocoon-like enclosure to lead one into the glass fronted doorway. Once inside, the stark contrast of white surfaces and light-filled spaces offers a switch in perception. “The home is almost gallery-like, while still maintaining the casual comfort of a living environment,” says ARRCC director Mark Rielly. More casual in its function, the family room is nevertheless carefully considered. Maintaining the muted colour palette of the home, each item of furniture is expressed as an artwork of high-quality refinement. The kitchen adjacent to this family room is replete with monochromatic, functional design, with only the necessary equipment in sight, as all peripheral elements are cleverly tucked…

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cooking without  limits

Already the epicentre of modern homes, the kitchen is set to become even more fundamental to everyday life thanks to the influences of minimalism, the time-saving advancements of smart appliances and groundbreaking new technologies. Instead of feeling cold and clinical, the kitchen will maintain its hygge-like essence in 2019 with the inclusion of dark, warm woods, cosy colour palettes and tactile, matte surfaces. THE FUTURE IS NOW The walls around our kitchens may have fallen decades ago, but in the months to come, the kitchen space is only going to grow. With the rise of internet-ready and interconnected appliances, the home kitchen can extend as far as the internet allows. As blu_line’s Philip Richards reveals, “What this means is that the kitchen interacts seamlessly with the surrounding architecture as a start, but then…

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outstanding innovation

Meireles has designed a large-capacity oven with an A-class energy rating, twin fans and high-efficiency gas burners, which save substantially on gas consumption. www.eurafrican.co.za Whirlpool’s single-door fridge and freezer pair combines innovative 6th Sense and Fresh Control technologies for smarter, more versatile storage to keep food fresher for longer. www.whirlpool.co.za With a 14-place setting to suit any large family, this Whirlpool dishwasher is an entertainer’s dream. The PowerDry setting guarantees clean and dry dishes in an hour, and the completely stainless steel interior ensures the dishwasher stays hygienically clean. www.whirlpool.co.za Introducing the De’Longhi Pro-96MX. This gas/electric cooker, available only from Makro stores nationwide, features an electric grill and rotisserie and comes with a removable glass door to make cleaning a breeze. www.delonghicookers.co.za The Elba Fusion range is a combination of style and excellent durability,…