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Every year, our team looks forward to the cover contest that determines who will star in this issue. The stories we receive are inspiring, heartbreaking at times, and always leave us proud and humbled to be a part of the triathlon community. Getting to meet this year’s winner, Michelle Bandur, was a highlight of the year for me. Her genuine passion for the sport—and for sharing triathlon’s power to boost self-esteem—radiate from within. She turned a mean-spirited $1 into a movement in a story that’s stuck with me, especially as I think about how I might have reacted in the same situation. Check it out on p. 44, then let us know what you would’ve done through Triathlete’s social media! The trispo continues throughout this issue, from short profiles at the front…

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TRI AT ANY AGE I just got my recent issue of Triathlete magazine and read it cover to cover as usual. I did my first triathlon in 1983. At age 62, with a body I have beaten pretty badly, the last iron-distance race of my career was Chattanooga in 2018. I was disappointed that it looks like there are virtually no shorter races that met your destination criteria [in March/April’s “Eight Worth The Wait”]. Please don’t forget there are still a lot of people (maybe even youngsters) who want to race and see cool places, just not at the 140.6 distance. Robert Rudolph Pennsylvania via email Robert, we feel your (longcourse) pain! Take a look at this month’s “Start Your Engines” on p. 20 for a list of nine excellent tris at 70.3…

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6 strategies for safe summer running

Your First Race Day “Beginner’s Luck” columnist Meredith Atwood shares what to focus on ahead of your first-ever triathlon. Roadmap to Your First Ironman Finish This training plan will arm first-timers with the mental and physical tools needed for a successful 140.6-mile finish. 3 Awesome Summer Triathlons These races are big on atmosphere, small on stress. Beginners welcome! The Best Triathlon Advice I Ever Got… Our editors and contributors share tips they’ve taken from Triathlete articles and applied to their own training.…

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chelsea sodaro

If good things come to those who wait, maybe it was necessary that Chelsea Sodaro waited until she was 27 to do her first triathlon. The former professional runner from Marin County, California, made a swift rise through the ITU ranks, but has since shifted her focus to 70.3 and wrapped up last season with a dominant win at Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells. While she has her eyes on a big performance at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in France this September, this relative newbie’s real goal for the season is just to enjoy the process of becoming a professional in an entirely new sport. CHELSEA’S FAVES Training destination Banyoles, Spain Race The next one Post-race meal Pizza Sport other than tri Tennis Book she’s recently read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl “I started following triathlon in the build-up to…

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the courage zone

STANDING ATOP A SNOW-CAPPED PEAK, SOME 23,000 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL, DANA PLATIN SAW HER FUTURE. It was the year 2000, and she had just completed an exhilarating summit of Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua in the Southern Andes, the Western Hemisphere’s highest peak. And from that exclusive view, Platin’s life stretched out before her. There would be more summits, sure. More finish lines. More goals crushed. More opportunities to be extraordinary. But for Platin, it was time to take that sense of empowerment and pass it on. Today, Platin, 46, has made it her mission to push people past their fears and accomplish their own extraordinary goals. Through the nonprofit The Warmi Project, Platin partnered with professional triathlete Rachel Joyce to form the Reinas brand, which seeks to give women the tools…

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vocab test

I’M A PERENNIAL OUTSIDER, NOT REALLY ON THE INSIDE OF ANY COMMUNITY. And that serves me well as a writer, but also ensures I’m rarely the first to know anything. I don’t get jokes (though I laugh, nervously), and I am frequently deep in the weeds with regard to jargon. Triathlon is a minefield for me: I recall an anxious phone conversation with an experienced triathlete the night before my first (and only) half-iron distance race. I listed off my gear—swimsuit, gog gles, running shorts, shoes, helmet, and bike, though I did not specify it was a three-speed Montgomery Ward affair with attached child seat. The veteran asked if I had aerobars. Spying a Clif bar I’d stashed in the fanny pack I planned to attach to the handlebars of…