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Triathlete August 2019

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Triathlete magazine is the leading triathlon publication, informing and inspiring athletes of all abilities with training and nutrition guidance,advice from the pros and top coaches and experts, athletes profiles, product reviews and all the information they need to fully enjoy the triathlon lifestyle.

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smooth criminal

Ours is a culture obsessed with true crime. Look no further than the raging success of Netflix’s 2015 serial Making a Murderer, the Serial podcast, and the subsequent flurry of similar programming for proof. Many theories explaining this mania abound, from the simple thrill-seeking element to the more complex desire to feel prepared; the more you know about a crime, we might think, the better we can prevent something similar from happening to us. Outdoor crime and mysteries have always fascinated me and the Triathlete editors, and we definitely perk up at any mention of morally suspicious activity in triathlon, from course cutting to doping—as well as any mention of greater crimes linked to our sport (like those on p. 53). We took a broad stroke at the subject of crime in…

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this month at triathlete.com

ONE-HOUR WORKOUTS Check out our archives of more than 275 sessions from top coaches covering swim, bike, run, and strength. The Triathlete’s Guide to a Fall Half-Marathon PR Take advantage of your hard-earned triathlon fitness, and crush your 13.1 miles with this eightweek training plan. 4 Tips to Mastering the Grill If you can eat it, you can likely grill it. Train Your Brain Run workouts that’ll turn you into a mental ninja. 6 Things Triathlon Coaches Secretly Hate They spilled the beans. Are your quirks on this list? Twitter Poll What is the biggest tri crime? 49% Doping 27% Course Cutting 16% Drafting 8% Crop Tops LET’S CONNECT! Join the conversation at Facebook.com/TriathleteMagazine Follow us on Twitter: @TriathleteMag Scroll Instagram images that inform and inspire: @triathletemag Subscribe to our YouTube channel at Youtube.com/Triathlete FIND ALL THESE STORIES AND MORE AT TRIATHLETE.COM/MAGAZINE…

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the guardian

SOME PEOPLE SAY SUPERHEROES AREN’T REAL, but 59 year-old James Waters proves just the opposite. As the chief of counterterrorism for the New York City Police Department, Waters is a real-life superhero—he’s even got the spandex suit to prove it. By day, Waters oversees the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau (CB), the city’s first line of defense against the threat of international and domestic terrorism. To say he’s got a busy job is an understatement—in addition to coordinating with federal and state agencies to share intelligence for detecting possible terrorist targets, Waters is in charge of developing strategies to guard against attacks. Waters, who is a second-generation NYPD officer, considers the job an honor. “I have served in the NYPD for 38 years,” Waters says. “I appreciate the opportunity to protect and serve the people…

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It was supposed to be a last adventure after her one month internship at a hospital in Bali, Indonesia, in 2014: a boat trip from Lombok to Komodo. But instead of snorkeling in the ocean, Els Visser and 24 other passengers ended up clinging to a wooden boat that had begun rapidly sinking in the middle of the night. With no communication devices or flares on board, she decided the next morning to swim to an island—nothing more than a little dot in the far distance. At that time, Visser was a medical student who’d lived in a sorority house in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and loved to socialize with her big group of friends in bars and at parties. She jogged an occasional 5K, but she was far from a pro…

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rebel with a cause

Shortly after the finish of the 1991 Ironman World Championship, race winner Paula Newby-Fraser took a moment to introduce runner-up Erin Baker to her father, who had flown over from South Africa to see his daughter race in Hawaii for the first time. Baker politely shook his hand, and then turned to Newby-Fraser and said, “I never pictured you as someone who had a family.” Baker wasn’t trying to come across as curt—although she most certainly did. That was just how she operated. “She almost had to dehumanize her competition to race well. My dad still talks about it to this day,” Newby-Fraser says. Were it not for competing during the same time as Newby-Fraser, Baker would be remembered as the undisputed queen of Kona. She won the Ironman World Championship twice…

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crimes against tri-manity

Sometimes it’s the little things… Sure, sure, doping is a problem. And, yeah, we could talk about all the laws drivers break on the regular. But forget those infractions. Let’s talk, instead, about the real crimes against tri-manity, the truly egregious injustices that stop triathletes in their tracks. These are the 10 biggest (smallest) wrongs that must be righted! #10: Bike stores that don’t sell triathlon equipment and have never seen a time-trial bike. Look, we get it, you’re super Euro-cool and cater to “real” cyclists. But you know who loves their bikes more than anything even if we can’t tell you who’s leading the current Tour? (And also who needs some very specific bike equipment?) Triathletes. #9: While we’re on the topic of bikes: bike boxes that don’t fit aerobars. Where are…