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trike talk

HYPERSPORT TRIKES: NOW IN RHD The SPMZ Hypersport trike has been given a larger 300cc engine and is now available in right-hand drive. When we featured the SPMZ trike in Issue 36 (Winter 2015), it was only available in left-hand drive and had a 250cc engine with 16bhp and a four-speed gearbox. Now there’s a new secondgeneration SPMZ ‘Hypersport’ model with a bigger 300cc engine. This has 28bhp and a five-speed gearbox, as well as a stronger chassis, beefed-up rollover bar, wider front wishbones and a better steering rack. The new 2016 model is also now available in right-hand drive. The standard specification includes 15-inch alloy wheels, adjustable gas suspension and a racing exhaust. Also available is a new F1 special edition, with its 300cc engine boosted to over 45bhp, an HKS exhaust, brake upgrade,…

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y bn 25 rally

Memories of the monsoon-like conditions of 2013 and 2014 led me to threaten to murder anyone who mentioned the weather at this year’s the 25th anniversary You’ve Been NABBED Rally. We really had everything crossed that YBN 25 by the National Association for Bikers with a Disability was not going to suffer a similar fate. As luck would have it, Friday dawned dry and warmish. A steady trickle of vehicles started to arrive and folk set up their tents. The early birds wandered about the arena making use of the various food and drink vendors. It is an unwise man or woman who goes to sample the ale and cider on an empty belly. And with over 60 beers, ciders and real ales on sale, it’s an even braver man or…

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drag trip

ENGINEER, BIKE EXPERT AND ALL-ROUND ADVISER LINDSEY MORGAN, BETTER KNOWN AS MOGSI, HAS PROVED TO BE ONE OF THE BEST FINDS OF MY BIKING LIFE I have ridden bikes for over 40 years, ranging from my initial ‘Mod’-era Lambretta 250 Sport scooter to a Honda Superdream, through lots of other bikes, and ultimately ending up with a Suzuki Bandit 1250. My old rugby injuries (knackered knees and stiff neck) have recently come back to haunt me and the sheer weight of the Bandit was proving too much to handle safely. Not wanting to give up my bikes, I started looking at other possibilities and, although being more than a little sceptical, going down the trike trail seemed a distinct possibility. Having recently moved to west Wales, I thought the chances of being able…

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Can’t believe it’s TrikeFest time again – the 21st anniversary rally. It is amazing how quick it comes round, or is that just down to age these days? The guys and girls from Trikes R Us promised us all a great party rally and as usual they did not disappoint. From the private party on the Thursday until the last one standing on the bank holiday Monday, it was one hell of good time. The 21st TrikeFest kicked off properly on Friday morning with an endless cortège of trikes and a few bikes. The staff on the gate were being kept happily busy. This year it seemed to be Dave Haytree’s turn to abuse the incoming riders, as Griff was too busy riding around the field blowing his horn and singing. Well,…

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audi you do

We’ve seen trikes that can drift. We’ve seen trikes that can lift their front wheel. But never before have we seen trikes that can do both at the same time. Yes, we’re watching this trike spin around a full 360 degrees with its front wheel off the ground and its rear tyres smoking (look on YouTube if you want to see it yourself – it’s worth a watch). Welcome to the Kaszpir Trike, a V8 badass of a machine if ever we saw one. It’s of Polish origin, but it’s now available in the UK thanks to Lukasz Gawrych of Kaszpir Trike UK, who is now offering this amazing machine to British customers. What you’re looking at here is the sixth Kaszpir Trike built, and the first to make it into the UK.…

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tour de yorksh ire

Just as we cheer a passing greeting to a couple cycling on a tandem, an unexpected sight greets us up ahead. A quad bike has pulled out of a field and is waving at us. From a gap in the dry stone walls that Yorkshire is so famous for, a flock of sheep spills into the road. For half a mile, a trike, a tandem and a quad follow several dozen sheep through some of the most glorious countryside in England. Not a sight you see every day… What a fabulous recipe this is: the spectacular Yorkshire Dales, a Boom trike to ride on and a highly knowledgeable and interesting driver/guide. We’re in Yorkshire Trike Tours country – and we’re in heaven. We can see why YTT won the 2015 Visit…