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Truck Trend March/April 2019

Each issue of Truck Trend is full of the latest news on everything from bare-bones pick-ups to luxury sport utility vehicles. Truck Trend is also packed with road tests, performance style upgrades, and the expert information our readers have come to expect.

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trucks are too expensive

JGonderman@trucktrend.com @Mr_JGone Allow me to sit on my metaphoric porch and shake my cane at the neighborhood kids, because what I need to say will have me sounding like that crotchety old man everyone knows and loves. Trucks have gotten too damn expensive. There, I said it. As you’ll see later in this issue, we had a $75,000 ½-ton in our Pickup Truck of the Year test. Let that settle in for a minute. Adding insult to injury, the average price across the whole field of eight ½-ton competitors was more than $64,000. I’ll concede that that’s MSRP and nobody pays the sticker price except Hank Hill. But even being incredibly generous, you’ll probably only knock about $4K off, even with the best negotiating skills. If those prices seem bad, try pricing out a…

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trending now sema special!

AH, THE SEMA Show. Each year, nearly 200,000 automotive industry professionals make the pilgrimage from around the world to Sin City for a weeklong celebration of everything that makes our hobby and profession special. Covering more than a million square feet of floor space, the SEMA Show is not only the largest event of its kind but also among the largest conventions in the world. While the SEMA Show still isn’t open to the public (although the Ignited after-party is), they do let us media folks in amongst the exhibitors and buyers in hopes that we’ll tell you all about it. While technically not a car show, the display vehicles are what draw the attention of fans around the globe. Each year, companies attempt to outdo each other by building bigger,…

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paradise lost (and hopefully found again)

@brett_t_evans Late in 2018, the state of California experienced three incredibly destructive wildfires, including the worst the state has ever seen: the Camp fire. The epicenter of this horrendous inferno is just a few miles away from a town you probably hadn’t heard of: Paradise, California. Before the fire wiped out dozens of its residents and fully 95 percent of its structures, Paradise was fairly named: a mountainous, rugged town just north of Sacramento resting a few miles outside Tahoe National Forest. It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s playground, surrounded by oak trees that lend the air the kind of freshness unique to mountain towns (one that I now suspect has been replaced by the dry rancor of smoke and ash). I know this about the town because I’ve been there to attend the wedding…

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patriot games

It’s finally here—time to crown our 2019 Pickup Truck of the Year. The journey that embarks on the following pages is the culmination of hundreds of hours of hard work that encompasses several months. The days spent testing are long and nights often seem longer. Our crew is forced to work tirelessly in the harshest conditions Mother Nature can dish out, from stifling heat to howling wind and driving rain. Nothing can stop us. Our judging panel is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable minds in the automotive industry. They come to us with backgrounds in street, off-road, diesel, lifted, lowered, new, and classic trucks. This ensures that our judging staff is just as diverse as the pickups we’re testing. We all eat, sleep, and breathe trucks. At Truck Trend,…

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running the gauntlet

Looking from the outside in, our annual Pickup Truck of the Year test may appear as if we’re just a bunch of hooligans doing burnouts and donuts in brand-new pickups for a week. The reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, some adolescent shenanigans take place, usually for the sake of photography, but what aren’t seen are the many hundreds of hours of work that go on behind the scenes. We’ll spare you the details of the thousands of pages of paperwork, hundreds of emails, and many hours on the phone with various state, federal, and private organizations and get right to the nitty gritty. By now you should have noticed that there’s something different about this year’s test. For the first time, we have invited a pair…

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chevrolet silverado 1500

It’s hard not to feel a little bit sorry for Chevrolet. The ’19 Silverado 1500 was sneakily revealed in December 2017 for about 10 seconds before being given the press world’s full attention at the 2018 North American International Auto Show the next month. With ultra-modern exterior styling, a heavily redeveloped powertrain lineup, and more cargo and interior space than ever before, the Silverado 1500 looked like it would absolutely destroy its competition in nearly every way. But while its exterior is the last word in modernity, when peeking inside we were greeted with a dash design and materials that were better left back in 2009. And, unfortunately, the Chevy isn’t even offered with modern options like adaptive cruise control or a panoramic sunroof. While we were somewhat disappointed with the Chevy’s…