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 / Cars & Motorcycles
Truckin' Life

Truckin' Life

September 2019

Truckin' Life is the ultimate road magazine, featuring the trucks, the drivers, the political issues, the history, the lifestyle, the interests and hobbies of anyone who's into the truckin' way of life.

Express Publications Pty Ltd
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14 Issues


2 min.
clocking off!

Welcome to the last issue of Truckin’ Life. Yes that’s right, unfortunately this incredible magazine is coming to an end. Unless someone decides to revive it in the future, the magazine’s 43 years in print will cease at the end of this month. This is a business decision based on changing markets and trends and while Truckin’ Life could’ve lasted another year or two at least under the current climate, management has decided to close all of the remaining magazines and pursue different business interests. While it makes me sad to be the one behind the wheel for this event, the history of the magazine makes me proud to have been a part of it at all. During my relatively short career in lifestyle magazines, I’ve never seen any readership that…

7 min.
princess diaries!

Darryl Brown considers himself one of the lucky ones, a person that knew what they wanted to do in life and was able to live it out. Darryl’s father, Chris, had machinery and trucks and Darryl grew up in and around them. “Ever since I was big enough to pick up a grease gun, I was under them. Every weekend I would be found servicing and washing; helping to the best of my ability which was a bit limited in early days, but I loved them. I enjoyed them and all I ever wanted to do was drive trucks,” he recalled. Skip forward 35 years and Darryl is living his dream of driving a truck, and not just any truck but one of the 75 limited edition Kenworth T950 Legends. “There are not…

3 min.
a steely goodbye!

After many years and dozens and dozens of Big Loads it’s all coming to an end. As sad as that makes me I was determined to find a really special feature to finish with. After shooting a few loads in recent weeks I finally settled on this one, so I hope you enjoy it! This particular job features a young driver in a big truck owned by a family business and moving what is about as big as you can get on the streets of Sydney. K & W Haulage is one of those transport operators who just quietly work away in the small hours doing the big loads and after many years in business have got a reputation as a ‘can-do’ type of operator. WEIGHING ABOUT 90 TONNES, AND WITH LOADED DIMENSIONS…

11 min.
made in japan

There was a time when the phrase, “Made in Japan”, sent shivers down the spines of true blue Aussies – particularly ex-servicemen who were haunted by the memories of WWII, and a little later, those baby boomers when cheap, shonky Japanese goods flooded the market. But oh, how times have changed! From high quality food products-to Mikasa and Tanto tableware and homeware-to Apato furniture-to tools-to cars and UD trucks, Japan these days produces functional, durable and unique products that rival the world’s finest. But anti-Japanese sentiment wasn’t easily overcome and transport operators like Cec Hopkins (aka Fred), a returned serviceman who started a one-man transport business in the 1950s, had to make a leap of faith when he bought his first CK40 UD in 1975. Cec’s father had been a teamster and…

6 min.
surprise party!

As we get older surprises seem to get further and further apart. While we’re young, everything new is a surprise but as we age and learn about life, it is generally only the unexpected that surprises us. Frank Scotson drives for Juts Haulage of Appin just south of Sydney and was on the receiving end of a rather pleasant surprise. Frank knew that he was getting a new truck, a K200 and the boss sent him down to Melbourne to pick it up and return it home. Frank had asked if Juts would consider a big cab but was told that they were too heavy. That was the end of it, or so Frank thought. There was no nagging on Frank’s half, he thought fair enough, he could understand their reasoning. Fast forward…

9 min.
dirty justice

When Graeme Davison wheels his big Kenworth K200 into the parking bay, I cannot fail to be impressed. From the striking blue and silver livery, to the shiny US style alloys, to that distinctive K200 kidney-shaped grill, this is one rig that oozes class. Returning my jaw to its natural setting, I reach for the door handle and effortlessly climb the steps - a huge improvement on the old K108’s tiny hidden steps, more suited to a Macaque monkey than a six foot plus human. Once inside, it is refreshing to survey a cabover Kenny with an engine tunnel which has been lowered to a far more manageable level. The bunk is wide, and there is a general feel of quality inside the Aerodyne sleeper. A familiar gearstick jutting out from…