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TV Guide Magazine October 28, 2019

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america’s top tv critic matt roush answers your burning questions

@TVGMMattRoush I am giving Evil a chance because CBS has created some great dramas when it’s gone beyond the procedural model (The Good Wife, Person of Interest), and I’ll watch anything with Michael Emerson. But what moron came up with the title? The show plays like a cross between The X-Files and a panel discussion on EWTN. I see interesting possibilities, but what message is that title trying to send? —Rick MATT ROUSH: Ambiguity, maybe? Executive producers Robert and Michelle King are taking a long view of the nature of evil in many manifestations, not just demonic, but in society at large, in social media—or recently, and more playfully, in a hacked digital assistant. Evil is designed to generate debate about matters of faith, the supernatural and science, and I feel like…

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plus your feedback

SUPER LOVE Thank you for celebrating Supernatural [October 14]! Fifteen years is a milestone. Glad to see y’all appreciate it almost as much as the “SPN Family.” —Penny NO COMMENT-ARY Whose bright idea was it for Madam Secretary to have the same storyline we have seen on the news ad nauseam over the last three years? I watch TV to escape reality, not relive it. Please kill this storyline ASAP and give us something inspirational. —Debra RIP, LUKE I watched Riverdale [October 9], and the tribute to Luke Perry was beautiful. The writing was excellent, and you could tell how personal and emotional this story was to the cast. —Marsha Email us: letters@tvgm.com COMING NEXT ISSUE THE CROWN We jetted to England to visit the set of Netflix’s historical drama The Crown for the November 11 issue of TV…

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everything you need to know about apple tv+ and disney+

Your DVR is pretty overloaded, you’ve already flagged a bunch of series to watch when you find the time and, within days, more TV options are arriving?! Come November, Apple and Disney will launch their highly anticipated subscription services—both offer original content and, in Disney’s case, a library of classic series and films. Apple TV+ and Disney+, as they’re called, will battle with stalwarts Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and CBS All Access to attract your eyeballs—and your dollars. Is either new option worth your cash? (Are both?) TV GUIDE MAGAZINE is here to help. We break down how much they cost, where to watch and what you’ll get so you can decide what’s best for your viewing habits…and your budget. Launches: Friday, November 1 How much does it cost? $4.99 per month…

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the return of jesse pinkman

WHEN AMC’S HIT drama Breaking Bad ended in 2013, drug lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston) was dead and his cohort Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul, below) had escaped imprisonment by white supremacists and was driving off to (supposed) safety. Over the years, series creator Vince Gilligan found himself wondering if Jesse could have encountered a different fate: “What if he went around the corner and the cops were there?” Gilligan asks. The answer to that question, and Jesse’s continuing journey (“He’s trying desperately to get out of town,” Gilligan says), can be found in the movie El Camino (now streaming on Netflix; it will air on AMC in 2020), which picks up right where the drama left off. Gilligan talks about revisiting the Bad world. We see Jesse’s friends Skinny Pete (Charles…

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Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge SEASON PREMIERE Sunday, Nov. 3, 9/8c, Food Network CHRISTIAN PETRONI “IT NEVER, EVER, ever, in a million years, ends,” Bronx-raised Italian chef Christian Petroni says with a laugh. The owner of five Fortina restaurants across the Northeast has just paused this interview after a barrage of phone calls from his mom. There was no literal fire to put out, but she did inform him that the fire department was dealing with a false alarm at one of the locations. The busy 2018 Food Network Star winner and new dad also joins Alex Guarnaschelli and Carla Hall to judge this year’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge. What got you into this field? My love of cooking really sprung from television. I would always go to Channel 20 [Discovery] in the hopes that Great Chefs would…

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the roush review

Sundays, 9/8c, HBO MASKS ARE ALL the rage in HBO’s mesmerizing, mystifying and overstuffed fantasia inspired by the 1980s cult comic Watchmen. Bad guys wear them—so do cops and costumed vigilantes—and it’s not always clear just who the heroes are. Visionary writer-producer Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers) chose not to remake the influential graphic novel but to use it as canon for a sprawling and disturbing new fable set 30-plus years later. (I now know how some Game of Thrones viewers felt diving into that complex world lacking intimate details of the dense mythology.) Luckily, the present-day incarnation of Watchmen has a vivid emotional center in Oscar and Emmy winner Regina King as Angela Abar, a Tulsa detective who masquerades as Sister Night. She’s a fearless ninja when duty calls—which it does…