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MISSING OUT I am so angry with NBC. They canceled Manifest and Debris, both very good shows. While I am a great fan of all the Law & Order series, the network has to have a variety of shows, and sci-fi is among them. —Marsha QUIZ SHOWSTOPPERS Our household of six thought Buzzy Cohen earned an A-plus as host of Jeopardy! and hope he takes it on permanently. All others who filled in temporarily, save for the boss [exec producer Mike Richards], would cause longtime fans to never watch again. —Patsy The celebrity guest hosts have done well, but I’d like to see a not-so-famous person as the new face of Jeopardy! So… Buzzy Cohen? He excelled at hosting the Tournament of Champions! —Nancy Jeers to your “Jeers to Ken Jennings” for his…

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@TVGMMattRoush I’m writing just after I found out about NBC’s cancellation of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. On one hand, I’m heartbroken. How am I going to live without this wonderful show in my life—and especially without Mo (Alex Newell), one of my favorite TV characters of all time? On the other hand, the show wrapped up several story arcs so well in the season finale that maybe it’s better that it turns the lights off now, at its peak, than to go on for one or more seasons and fizzle. What are your thoughts? —FTC MATT ROUSH: Sure, there’s something to be said for going out on a high, which Zoey most certainly did. (I’m still thinking about that final twist.) But I prefer it when the creators and the network are on…

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you’re gonna need a bigger remote

SharkFest Begins Monday, July 5, 8/7c, National Geographic Shark Week Begins Sunday, July 11, 8/7c, Discovery In the hourlong SharkFest special Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth (Monday, July 5, 9/8c, National Geographic), the actor and environmentalist best known as hammer-wielding superhero Thor in Marvel’s Avengers franchise investigates an alarming increase in attacks near where he lives and the beaches he surfs in eastern Australia. “The opportunity came up to explore the why of that, [study] ways to coexist safely and do away with some myths,” Hemsworth says, noting that rising water temperatures are bringing sharks closer to shore. He tells us more. Where does your love for sharks and the ocean come from? I started surfing when I was 6. The ocean gives me such joy. It’s my place of grounding any time I feel…

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the mating game

It’s the holy grail of shark science! These four specials chase new information on how sharks mate and where they give birth. In Shark Week’s thrilling Mecha-Shark (Wednesday, July 14, 9/8c, Discovery), expert Kina Scollay scubas inside a motorized cage shaped like a 14-foot great white. The goal: Get closer to large females off New Zealand and film frisky behavior. If the cage’s articulating tail being nibbled on counts as flirting, success! In the Bahamas, Dr. James Sulikowski makes history in Mothersharker (Tuesday, July 13, 8/7c, Discovery), placing a tracking tag inside a pregnant tiger shark’s uterus. Fun fact: Pointy teeth never looked as cute as they do on pups in an ultrasound. When the tag is expelled during labor, it reveals the location of a nursery—no spoilers! Return to…

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reaching the apex

These programs celebrate superlatives. In the splashy, Olympics-inspired Air Jaws: Going for Gold (Monday, July 12, 8/7c, Discovery), experts keep a leaderboard for breaching great whites in South Africa, awarding medals for speed, hang time and height. They capture the highest breach ever filmed in Chris Fallows’ popular Air Jaws franchise. Dr. Tristan Guttridge and conservationist James Glancy attempt one of the longest dives in The Great Hammerhead Stakeout (Sunday, July 18, Discovery+). Rather than surface during their 10-hour mission to find out why critically endangered great hammerheads are congregating at Andros Island in the Bahamas, the Brits rest (and enjoy a cup of tea!) in a tentlike underwater break room. The ocean’s fiercest face-off is the focus of Orca vs. Great White (Tuesday, July 6, 10/9c, National Geographic). Knowing…

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the con is back on

Leverage: Redemption SERIES PREMIERE Friday, July 9, IMDb TV NEARLY NINE YEARS after pulling their last job, Leverage’s ethical thieves are back in the Robin Hood business with new disguises, new targets and new team members, including a crafty lawyer (Noah Wyle). The revival of TNT’s 2008–12 crime drama—now called Leverage: Redemption and streaming on IMDb TV, Prime Video’s free service—reunites grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), one-named thief Parker (Beth Riesgraf), hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) and team protector Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane) as they pull off scams that offer amends to people harmed by powerful corporate and government entities. Only mastermind Nate Ford is missing, having died a year earlier. (Timothy Hutton, who played Ford, won’t return.) “Since the series ended, these kinds of crimes have gotten more brazen [in real life],” showrunner Kate…