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TV Guide Magazine October 1, 2018

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Who will the Dunphys be grieving?@TVGMMattRoushWhy are they going to kill off a “significant member” of Modern Family? Why do they have to ruin this wonderful, funny comedy by bringing in tragedy? I stopped watching black-ish once they split up Dre and Bow. There is enough drama in real life. Let the comedies make us laugh! —LindaMATT ROUSH: Does it help that Dre and Bow are back together? Having grown up on Norman Lear comedies (All in the Family, etc.) and M*A*S*H, I’ve always felt the best comedies are well equipped to jerk tears when necessary, finding humor amid dark times. A highlight of Will & Grace last season was Karen tearfully laying longtime maid Rosario to rest. A death in the family, which is part of life, doesn’t have…

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By Elias NeophytouNONSTOP VIEWING Thanks for the “New Movie Releases” [see page 54]. I love having so many movies to stream. —RoyUNFAIR JEER The novel Sharp Objects does its big reveal after the book ends, in an epilogue [September 17, “Cheers & Jeers”]. HBO delighted me by honoring that and putting the reveal after the credits, which I found was a clever way to duplicate the spirit of the book. —ValBIG FAN Thank you for the photo of Alexander Skarsgård in your August 20 issue and the full-page Editors’ Pick on The Little Drummer Girl in your Fall Preview. He is my favorite actor, and I am so excited to see him in this new series, which looks like a thrill ride! —JodySUCCESSFUL FINALE Good job to CBS and everyone…

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will netflix rescue your favorite show?

Designated SurvivorDESIGNATED SURVIVOR IS living up to its name. ABC ousted the White House drama—starring Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman, a fledgling president plucked from the Cabinet and struggling to prove himself—in May after two seasons of middling ratings. Now it has received the equivalent of a full pardon: a 10-episode Season 3, to premiere in 2019, courtesy of its new home, Netflix.Clearly, “canceled” doesn’t mean what it once did. With so many networks in existence on a wide swath of platforms—broadcast, cable, streaming, online—one outlet’s pink slip has become another’s pickup. So what made Netflix bite on Designated Survivor? “The international audience for the show drove our interest to bring [it] to the world as a Netflix original,” says vice president of content Bela Bajaria. Since the streaming service…

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save my series 101

Fans hoping for a dead series to be resuscitated can tweet their little hearts out, but serious noise is needed to get execs’ attention. Followers of NBC’s era-hopping drama Timeless raised enough cash to rent two helicopters to fly over July’s San Diego Comic-Con, unfurling a “#SaveTimeless” banner—and a little more than a week later, NBC ordered a two-hour wrap-up movie (to air in December). Another tactic? Food. In 2007, inspired by a line uttered in Jericho’s finale, fans of the axed postapocalyptic drama sent 25 tons of nuts to CBS. The show got a second season. Star support helps too. The Voice’s Kelly Clarkson, who has more than 12 million Twitter followers, boosted the Timeless campaign with her tweet requesting more. And when Star Trek alum William Shatner (2.49…

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could these be next?

CODE BLACKCBS pulled the plug on the medical drama last May—and then it slew the competition during its summer run, boasting the highest ratings of the night five times. Revive it, STAT!QUANTICORetooling ABC’s FBI drama last season didn’t help low ratings, but if star Priyanka Chopra could get her musician-actor fiancé Nick Jonas to guest, maybe he’d be a draw?GOOD BEHAVIORTwo seasons aren’t enough of the TNT drama about troubled Letty Raines (Michelle Dockery). The show’s fate is in limbo, but at the very least, that heading-to-L.A. cliffhanger warrants a finale movie.GREAT NEWSNBC’s Tina Fey–produced workplace sitcom, which featured Andrea Martin, deserves more time to build an audience. Plus, Fey already has one Netflix hit with the comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.Great News (TOP: FOX/GETTYIMAGES. BOTTOM: TYLER GOLDEN/NBC/GETTYIMAGES) ■…

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PREMIERESThe Neighborhood Oct. 1, 8/7c, CBSHappy Together Oct. 1, 8:30/7:30c, CBSSEAL Team Oct. 3, 9/8c, CBSCriminal Minds Oct. 3, 10/9c, CBSSuperstore Oct. 4, 8/7c, NBCStation 19 Oct. 4, 9/8c, ABCWill & Grace Oct. 4, 9/8c, NBCInto the Dark Oct. 5, HuluThe Man in the High Castle Oct. 5, Amazon Prime VideoFresh Off the BoatFresh Off the Boat Oct. 5, 8/7c, ABCSpeechless Oct. 5, 8:30/7:30c, ABCChild Support Oct. 5, 9/8c, ABCZ Nation Oct. 5, 9/8c, SyfyVan Helsing Oct. 5, 10/9c, SyfyDoctor Who Oct. 7, BBC AmericaDancing With the Stars: Juniors Oct. 7, 8/7c, ABCThe Walking Dead Oct. 7, 9/8c, AMCMadam Secretary Oct. 7, 10/9c, CBSShark Tank Oct. 7, 10/9c, ABCThe Flash Oct. 9, 8/7c, The CWBlack Lightning Oct. 9, 9/8c, The CWRiverdale Oct. 10, 8/7c, The CWAll American Oct. 10, 9/8c,…