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TV Guide Magazine October 15, 2018

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editor’s letter

If you’re in the checkout line at the grocery store reading this, make sure you look back at the magazine rack to see which Supernatural cover you want to grab. Hopefully, it’s both! Stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki appeared on TV GUIDE MAGAZINE’s first-ever “Fan Favorite” cover back in 2010, and the show has polled at the top of many of our favorites’ lists since. We’ve also seen firsthand how devoted fans are to the demon-hunting brothers, especially at Comic-Con International in San Diego, where we shot the cast this summer. We had planned to do a spooky, ominous shot for our Halloween Preview cover, but after witnessing the real-life chemistry between Ackles, Padalecki and Misha Collins (above, from left) in our photo room, we couldn’t pass up a…

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ask matt

Murphy Brown: Reboot or revival?@TVGMMattRoushOn my TV’s information screen, the reboots of Murphy Brown, Will & Grace and formerly Roseanne appeared as Seasons 10 or 11—in other words, as continuations of the original series. But Hawaii Five-0 and the new Magnum P.I. are listed as brand-new series. When the inevitable Law & Order reboot happens, would it become the longest-running drama (21 seasons, if SVU hasn’t surpassed it), or will it have to run another 21 years? —RickMATT ROUSH: let’s be precise about the wording of these comebacks. Revivals—shows returning with their original casts (like Murphy Brown)—are a different breed from reboots, which update a series’ premise and characters with new stars (Magnum P.I.). if Dick Wolf does ever revive Law & Order, it might bridge these worlds, since the…

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plus your feedback

FAREWELL DONE FAIRLYI too am saddened to hear that the fourth season of Mr. Robot will be the final one [September 17, “Cheers & Jeers”]. Apparently, showrunner Sam Esmail planned the show’s arc from the outset. I applaud him (and USA Network and the production companies) for avoiding the temptation to stretch the story (Twin Peaks, anyone?). Plus, as we wait, Esmail fans will be able to revel in Amazon Prime Video’s Homecoming, which looks as weird and wonderful as Mr. Robot. —KendallTRUE MASTERPIECECheers to The Miniaturist on PBS. it is gorgeous and riveting. I get so engrossed! —AimeeSVU LOVEI became a fan of Law & Order: SVU over the summer by binge-watching all of the previous seasons. I was anxious to see the new season and what it would…

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will you watch the conners without roseanne?

The Conners SERIES PREMIERE Tuesday, Oct. 16, 8/7c, ABCFamily bonding: Gilbert, Jayden Rey, Fishman, McNamara, Goodman, Metcalf, Goranson and Emma Kenney (ERIC MCCANDLESS/ABC)TVINSIDER.COM POLL 67% SAY NO!ABC’s Roseanne revival was one of last season’s bona fide success stories, with 18.4 million people watching the two-episode premiere. But will viewers turn The Conners, the sitcom’s new spinoff without star Roseanne Barr, into a hit? the answer seems to center on how much the franchise’s fans will miss Roseanne, whose mouthy, memorable matriarch was the mainstay of her blue-collar family.Last June, soon after Barr’s racist tweet brought about Roseanne’s cancellation, the network ordered the retooled series in the hopes of keeping that ratings gold mine going. Curious fans will no doubt tune in to see just how Roseanne is written off. (spoiler…

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New Amsterdam Tuesdays, 10/9c, NBCEggold’s Dr. Goodwin; below: Eggold and Dr. ManheimerNew Amsterdam’s Real-Life DocMEDICAL DIRECTOR DR. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) is on a mission—to put patients before budget reports at NYC’s oldest public hospital on NBC’s freshman drama New Amsterdam. The character is based on Dr. Eric Manheimer, whose 2012 memoir, Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital, laid the foundation for the series. in the premiere, Goodwin helps care for a patient who might have Ebola; in the October 16 episode, he volunteers his staff to help out at a neighboring facility. But first, Dr. Manheimer, now a clinical professor at New York university, chats about bringing his out-of-the-box insights to TV.What did you do before becoming the medical director at Bellevue?I was a professor of medicine…

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the roush review

Bishé (left) as a Romanov—or Romanoff—by marriage@TVGMMattRoushThe RomanoffsFridays, Amazon Prime VideoANY REVIEW OF an ambitious project like The Romanoffs is bound to be incomplete—in part because I’ve only seen three of the eight chapters in this deluxe and loosely linked anthology, which tells its offbeat stories in wildly varying styles, genres and locales. The very thin thematic thread: Each episode, premiering weekly in a departure from typical Amazon procedure, features at least one character who may or may not be a descendant of the doomed Russian royals. (The family’s bloody massacre in 1918 is depicted in the title credits.)But even if I’d seen more, to better assess how it works as a whole, I couldn’t say much more, given the baroquely secretive dictates of the creator-director, Mad Men wunderkind Matthew…