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TV Soap 30 Mar 2020

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from the editor

We celebrate Neighbours in our special tribute, featuring our favourite and most memorable storylines and stars. Who would have thought this Aussie-born soap would, 35 years later, be one of our most loved and successful dramas. Plus, so many iconic actors have gone on to success in Hollywood. I hope you love our stroll down memory lane and the sneak preview of what’s coming up for the folks of Erinsborough. Over to the US daytime soaps and The Bold and The Beautiful... who doesn’t love a wedding? Especially one fraught with drama, angst and nail-biting twists in every scene. The impending nuptials of Thomas and Zoe will no doubt deliver all the excitement... turn to our cover story to read what’s ahead for this unlikely couple. There’s so much for…

5 min.
wedding shocker!

Forget about extended engagements and well-thought out wedding plans! Thomas is determined to get Hope back in his clutches. If that means going ahead and actually marrying Zoe, then that’s what he might just end up doing! No matter how committed to Zoe (Kiara Barnes) Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) appears to be, he’s not going to trick Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) into thinking his heart now belongs to Zoe rather than Hope (Annika Noelle). Brooke needs someone to turn to, but that person may not be Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). If Thomas is going to remain firm in his desire to commit to Zoe, then Ridge isn’t as likely to be open to Brooke’s belief that he’s only interested in Hope. Ridge is going to tell his beloved to look at the facts. Watch…

3 min.
claire’s last stand

Convinced that Claire is the arsonist who tried to kill Ciara in the cabin fire last year, and more recently Tripp and Haley in a blaze she ignited at the Horton Cabin, Ciara and Tripp implement a dangerous plan to expose her and force her into a confession. However, the scheming duo has no idea that Claire is mentally unravelling at an alarming rate as the guilt of what she’s done threatens to overwhelm her. Putting their plan into motion, Tripp (Lucas Adams) and Ciara (Victoria Konefal) stage a romantic scene to trick Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) into finding them in bed. Predictably, Claire finds them half-naked beneath the sheets and flips out, screaming uncontrollably that all Ciara has ever wanted was to hurt her. As the tension peaks, Claire snatches…

2 min.
kill the killer

Deep in the tunnels beneath the DiMera mansion, an incarcerated Ted desperately tries to revive his new cellmate, Kate, after their captor, Xander, locked her up with him. Finally waking up, Kate is shocked by her surroundings and why she and Ted have been imprisoned. Recalling how she heard that Nicole’s daughter, Holly, is really alive, Kate wildly speculates that Kristen is responsible for their abductions. After all, the woman she heard talking about Holly sounded like Kristen, not Nicole! Despite Ted’s (Gilles Marini) assurances that Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) is dead, Kate (Lauren Koslow) isn’t swayed from her opinion, and barrages Xander (Paul Telfer) with questions about Kristen when he arrives at the dungeon to feed the prisoners. Frustrated that Kate is close to unmasking Kristen as alive, Xander pulls his…

2 min.
all hope is lost

Rafe and Hope’s marriage has been in turmoil for months, mainly because of Ted’s flirtations with Hope, but as the Hernandez couple’s problems continue to mount up, Rafe is feeling lost and alone. Taking refuge at the Brady Pub, he’s stunned to run into his ex-lover, Carrie, who’s still in town following Caroline’s memorial. Pleased to see Carrie (Christie Clark), Rafe (Galen Gering) catches her up on his life since she left Salem, but as the topic turns to Rafe and Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) marriage problems, Rafe is thrown when Carrie sympathises, especially when she announces that she and Austin have separated. She says she’s struggling to understand the reasons for the split, and as she admits that Austin never bothered to seek counselling with her, a supportive Rafe says he…

3 min.
wedding crashers

The day before their wedding, Lola and Kyle are confident yet nervous about the preparations for their big day and both hope everything will go off perfectly. Noticing that his sister has butterflies, Rey wonders if she has cold feet and marvels at her entrusting the wedding plans entirely to her groom. However, Lola insists she has total faith in Kyle, and she only wishes her mother, Celeste, could be there, and prays that Jack will be able to persuade Celeste to put aside her misgivings about Kyle and attend the wedding. Talk of Celeste (Eva La Rue) reminds Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) about their estranged father and as Lola (Sasha Calle) looks through her mail, she’s shocked to have received a letter from Adrian. Reading that her father wishes her well…