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TV Soap 25 May 2020

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3 min.
the drama and the fashion

As B&B has exhausted its current reserve of original episodes due to the coronavirus, the show is instead presenting some of its classic episodes, featuring some of the show’s most memorable moments set against fashion presentations! Sit back and enjoy some of the best moments with original cast members John McCook (Eric) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), as well as some of your favourites from the past, including Ronn Moss (Ridge), Hunter Tylo (Taylor), Winsor Harmon (Thorne) and many more! When the Forresters set out to present a new line, Ridge has a plan to surprise Brooke with a marriage proposal – only the night before, he discovers her in an intimate embrace with his buddy Grant Chambers (Charles Grant). Ridge does some serious soul-searching as to whether Brooke is really the…

4 min.
the mask comes off!

Skulking around Salem in disguise as Nicole is finally taking its toll on a frustrated Kristen who would like nothing more than to strip off the face mask and tell the whole world that she’s Kristen, and she’s back to get what is rightfully hers. However, she’s being forced to maintain the identity ruse because her plans to manipulate Brady into loving her and to take control of DiMera Enterprises are continually hitting hurdles. Naturally, she isn’t happy when Tony balks at carrying out her latest instructions to kill Stefan and Gabi, and on the verge of snapping, she grabs her gun, intending to finalise her wicked plans that night at John and Marlena’s anniversary party. Arriving at the function disguised as Nicole (Arianne Zucker) on Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) arm, Kristen…

2 min.
aborted reunion

Hellbent on winning back Tony’s affections, a neurotic Anna finally convinces a skeptical Roman to follow through on her outrageous plan to fake an engagement in the hope that Tony will be so jealous he’ll divorce ‘Nicole’ and return to Anna’s loving arms. All Roman can do is secretly pray that the fraudulent betrothal pays off because the last thing he wants is to end up with Anna as his wife! As the newly engaged ‘lovebirds’ arrive at John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) anniversary party, Anna (Leann Hunley) is intent on inflaming Tony’s (Thaao Penghlis) jealousy as she boldly flashes her engagement ring in his face, before throwing a tantrum when she spies ‘Nicole’ (Arianne Zucker) playfully teasing Tony for Anna’s benefit. Flouncing outside, Anna gets flustered when Tony…

2 min.
head spin

In the wake of her marriage collapse with Rex, Sarah is striving to move forward and forge a future with Eric, the man she truly loves. As they are revelling in their newfound happiness, the revelations of Kristen’s true identity threaten to shatter their relationship. Reeling from the news that Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) has spent months impersonating Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) emotions boil over as he breaks down in Sarah’s (Linsey Godfrey) arms, assuming Kristen’s ruse means that Nicole is actually dead. Although Sarah is prepared to be there for Eric as he grieves Nicole, she can’t shake the thought that his reaction to the news only highlights the fact that Nicole is the love of his life. Trying to hold it together for Eric’s sake proves tougher than Sarah…

3 min.
deadly will pursuit

Amendments to the will of Katherine Chancellor have recently upended the lives of her entire family, particularly Devon, her original beneficiary, who has been disinherited of his multi-billion-dollar inheritance, with the changes in the new will stating Katherine’s fortune has been bequeathed to Cane. Upset because he’s been forced to deal with Amanda Sinclair, who looks just like his dead wife Hilary, and also because Cane is no blood relation to Katherine, Devon assumes he’s the victim of a scam to rob him of his fortune. Cane (Daniel Goddard) is also distressed about the revelations in the new will. He can’t understand why Katherine would bypass her own loved ones and turn over her empire to him and he is also struggling to believe that Katherine’s great-grandson, Chance Chancellor, is apparently…

3 min.
book of secrets

Undergoing a recent catharsis about the way he’s lived his life and the mistakes he has made along the way has prompted Jack to look to the future with an eye on leaving behind a legacy that will make his family proud. After sharing his thoughts with his sister Traci, Jack decides that he wants to write a biography of the Abbott family, and he wants Traci, in her capacity as a novelist, to be the book’s ghostwriter. As the siblings get to work, they are quickly made aware that the tome will likely dredge up some unpleasant aspects of the clan’s history. Deciding on the best way to proceed, Jack (Peter Bergman) declares he wants to make Jabot Cosmetics, the family empire, the centrepiece of the book so future generations…