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TV Soap 08 Jun 2020

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from the editor

It’s an all-Aussie love affair with our special cover story on The Bold and the Beautiful’s remote Sydney shoots. Catch the iconic scenes from 2007 on Channel 10 with Brooke, Ridge (then Ronn Moss), Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) and Rick (then Kyle Lowder). Then fast-forward a decade to 2017 to re-live the weddings of Steffy to Liam and Brooke to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) – again beautiful episodes shot around our harbour city. Enjoy your stroll down memory lane! Also in this issue we feature 16 pages of our streaming platform top picks. Plus, there’s drama in spades on The Secrets She Keeps, Neighbours and Home and Away, and plenty to keep you busy if you’re at home, including our extended puzzles pages. Enjoy and stay safe!…

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b&b’s aussie love affair

First up, viewers will see the episodes from 2007 when Rick (then Kyle Lowder), Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy), and Ridge (then Ronn Moss) travel to Sydney to meet up with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Forrester Creations business has brought the quartet Down Under, but, as usual, it’s interpersonal dynamics among the players that take centre stage. Rick and Phoebe are falling in love and pursuing a relationship. Alas, Ridge is adamant that there’s no way his daughter and Brooke’s son will ever be together! Rick and Phoebe fail to convince Ridge that what they have is the real deal and they just want to be left alone. Phoebe tries to reason with her dad; if she can accept that her parents are moving on to other relationships then why can’t she? And…

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bad girl comes good?

The shocking consequences of Kristen’s latest crime, of stealing Nicole’s identity to manipulate Brady into falling back in love with her, continue to reverberate around Salem as Brady wrestles with the intense feelings he still has for Kristen and a betrayed Eric reels to find the real Nicole alive and well, having been forced into co-operating with Kristen’s insane scheme to wear a mask of Nicole’s face to get what she wanted. Showing no mercy to the people she’s hurt, Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) is revelling in the immunity deal she’s struck with the cops to avoid prosecution. When John (Drake Hogestyn) confronts her to give her a piece of his mind, Kristen scoffs at his warning to stay away from Brady (Eric Martsolf) because he wants nothing to do with her,…

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dead woman walking

Supposedly shot and killed during a violent brawl with her arch-enemy Kate over a year ago, Vivian has spent the past several months recovering from her injuries after Dr Rolf brought her back to life with his resurrection formula. Arriving back in Salem, Vivian’s uppermost thought is to find Kate and get payback for what she did to her. Armed with a gun, Vivian finally tracks Kate down in the park, completely stunning her nemesis with her return from the dead. Wasting no time, Vivian sneers, “A cat has nine lives... unfortunately for you, a bitch only has one,” as she points the gun at Kate’s head! Explaining how Rolf (Will Utay) reincarnated her after Kate (Lauren Koslow) killed her in cold blood, Vivian (Robin Strasser) is in no mood to…

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hearts will go on

In a precarious condition since collapsing with a massive heart attack while fighting with Gabi, Julie languishes in hospital with an uncertain future ahead of her after being told that she needs a heart transplant to ensure her survival. As the search for a new organ begins, Julie’s beloved husband, Doug, remains in the dark about the extent of her poor health, with Julie wanting to protect him from the awful reality. Nevertheless, Doug (Bill Hayes) suspects everyone is hiding something from him when Haley (Thia Megia) hesitates to update him on Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) condition, while Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is devastated when Eli (Lamon Archey) is advised that Julie can’t get a heart. Realising she’s going to have to tell Doug, Hope finds her father at Julie’s bedside and…

3 min.
family secrets revealed

Chronicling the often scandalous history of the Abbott family was never going to be a smooth ride for Jack and Traci as they embarked on their quest to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of the family. Never in their wildest imaginations, however, did they expect to unearth more secrets than they thought they already had. Naturally, they are full of questions after learning about a possible love affair that their mother, Dina, may have had with Stuart Brooks, while she was dating their father, John, during their college days. Anxious for details, Jack (Peter Bergman) probes Dina (Marla Adams) for answers, aware that given the deterioration in her battle with Alzheimer’s Disease, he might not learn anything at all. Showing his mother a photo album full of memories, Jack…