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TV Soap 22 Jun 2020

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from the editor

Great news from the US with The Bold and the Beautiful heading back to the studio after being shutdown due to COVID-19. We can’t wait for new episodes of the super soap! Check out the cover story for our predictions of what we think’s in store for our favourite daytime soap characters. I’d love your feedback. With local dramas Home and Away and Neighbours back in production, with strict safety measures in place, there’s great content coming our way with a potential Summer Bay baby secret and a scandalous sister swap in Ramsay Street. We give you our picks of what to watch on streaming platforms, plus the best of this fortnight’s soap highlights, including Emmerdale and Coronation Street. We catch up with the always delightful Anna Kendrick on her…

7 min.
what lies ahead

The Bold and the Beautiful’s cast and crew are planning a return to the studios to start creating new episodes when it is safe to do so in light of the Covid-19 pandemic! While the broadcast networks, including our local Channel 10, have been airing memorable classic episodes, featuring bold fashion shows and beautiful weddings and other moments from the show’s 33-year history, there’s no doubt the fans are desperate for new storylines. TV Soap is going to play armchair head writer and speculate on what viewers can expect to see when B&B comes back with new episodes… Oh, Flo! The first order of business that B&B will most likely address is Wyatt (Darin Brooks), and what exactly did he walk in on at his beach house? We already know that Sally (Courtney…

3 min.
the agony & the ecstasy

Riddled with amnesia, Jack defiantly claims that he no longer loves nor cares about Jennifer, or the decades of history that exist between them, but when his ex-wife mysteriously disappears, Jack fails to disguise his fear that she’s in serious trouble. Sure enough, Jennifer is in very hot water after being kidnapped by her aggrieved ex-lover, Henry Shah, who wants revenge on her for sabotaging his medical career to aid Rolf’s bid to restore Jack’s memories. Imprisoned in a motel room, a bound and gagged Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) trembles in fear as Henry (Piter Marek) rants that she’s humiliated him. She’s used him as a sex toy for long enough to get over other men like Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Jack (Matthew Ashford) and he says he won’t be her “pathetic…

2 min.
heart to heart

Two of Salem’s strongest, determined and most outspoken matriarchs have fought and won many battles over the years, but now Kate and Julie are fighting for their lives, and only one of them will survive! Returning to Salem to keep vigil at his mother Kate’s bedside following her grisly shooting, Lucas’ agony is doubled as he also faces the prospect of his beloved cousin Julie succumbing to the heart attack she recently suffered. Aware that Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) only hope for recovery is a heart transplant, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) anxiously begs Kate (Lauren Koslow) to wake up and fight but his valiant efforts appear fruitless when his mother fails to breathe unaided by life-support machines. Lacking in options, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) advises Lucas that as he has medical power…

3 min.
vivian’s anguish

Taking revenge on Kate for shooting her ‘dead’ years ago has given Vivian the macabre pleasure she’s longed for, but her peace of mind begins to evaporate when Stefan finds the stolen doctors’ scrubs his demented mother used to infiltrate the hospital and fatally suffocate Kate after shooting her and burying her alive. Appalled at Vivian’s (Robin Strasser) murderous actions, Stefan (Brandon Barash) implores her to see that killing won’t solve her problems but as they argue over the issue, Will (Chandler Massey) interrupts to report that his grandmother is still alive but that he suspects Vivian is responsible for trying to kill her. Denying his mother’s culpability, and lying that the police have found no evidence linking her to the crime, Stefan gets rid of Will while Vivian lashes out…

4 min.
horror at the hotel

During the years in which she was absent from Genoa City, Chelsea moved on with her life in an attempt to forget about Adam, and part of that change resulted in her marriage to Calvin Boudreaux. However, soon after she came home, a spotlight of discontent shone on her marriage, and Chelsea realised it was never going to succeed. Chelsea’s pull towards Adam was too strong, Calvin disapproved and ultimately died after arguing with her. His death ended up leaving Chelsea a very wealthy widow, but now she’s been reminded that Calvin’s money comes with strings attached. Her deceased husband may have been rich, but when it comes to money, problems often follow as Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) discovers when a mysterious stranger, Simon Black (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) shows up at…