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TV Soap 06 Jul 2020

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from the editor

We love a good catfight on daytime TV and there’s some feisty brawls coming our way on The Bold and The Beautiful The gloves are off when Brooke, Shauna, Steffy and Hope face off, plus we take a look at some of the show’s most iconic feuds A health crisis threatens John and Marilyn on Home and Away, and what deadly secret is Levi hiding on Neighbours? Ozark star Jason Bateman tells how he went from Hollywood good guy to the shady character he plays on the Netflix hit. Check out our 16 pages of what to watch on the streaming platforms, plus all the latest updates on what’s happening in Hollywood and on TV. Stay safe and enjoy the issue.…

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bold & beautiful brawls

Quinn v. Shauna Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) may or may not have strengthened his commitment to Shauna (Denise Richards) after their trip to Las Vegas. (You know – the place with all those chapels!) If Ridge and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) are on the out, Brooke could drift back into Eric’s (John McCook) orbit. That would make Quinn (Rena Sofer) vulnerable. It wouldn’t make sense for Quinn to blame her pal Shauna for this predicament – especially since Quinn championed a Ridge/Shauna pairing. However, all bets could be off if Quinn feels her future is being threatened. So, if Quinn and Shauna are at odds what could that mean to Wyatt and Flo’s dynamic? There could be tons of tension! Ridge and Brooke certainly had their conflicts over his son Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and…

3 min.
lives on the line

Following the massive heart attack she suffered during a heated argument with Gabi, Julie’s life has been hanging by a thread, and as her condition has deteriorated, her family has been advised that she will only recover if she receives a new heart. After plans for Julie to be given dying Kate’s donated heart fall through when Kate unexpectedly recovers from her shooting injuries, a devastated Julie resigns herself to the fact that she’ll probably die before a new donor can be found. Refusing to die in the hospital, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) begs Doug (Bill Hayes) to help her escape and after secretly sneaking her out of hospital, Doug brings her to their nightclub, Doug’s Place, where a pleased Julie announces she wants to breathe her last breath there once…

3 min.
a sinister new plan

Faced with the dreadful possibility that her half-sister/stepmother, Julie, could die before she receives the heart transplant she desperately needs, Hope is emotionally vulnerable as she maintains a round-the-clock vigil at Julie’s bedside. When Julie’s condition rapidly deteriorates and a vengeful Gabi refuses to donate Stefan’s heart to save her, Hope resorts to praying for a miracle in the hospital chapel. Instead of receiving the answers she wants from God, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is stunned when Rolf (Will Utay) surprises her in the chapel and suggests he is the answer to her prayers. Completely distrusting the mad scientist who has devoted many years to terrorising her and the people she loves at Stefano’s behest, Hope dismisses his babblings, assuming that he plans on resurrecting Stefan (Brandon Barash). Maintaining nothing can be…

3 min.
close encounter

Since finding Nicole alive and well, Eric has revelled in his reunion with the love of his life as they make the most of every minute they spend with each other. He is thrilled when he arrives home to find a provocative Nicole waiting for him wearing nothing but a sexy negligee, but as they make love Marlena innocently interrupts to wish her son a happy birthday and ultimately sets in motion a trail of events that could tear the lovers apart. Overhearing Marlena (Deidre Hall) questioning Eric (Greg Vaughan) about his feelings for Sarah (Linsey Godfrey), Nicole (Arianne Zucker) worries when he says he has been thinking about Sarah ever since he mistakenly thought she was pregnant. Alone with Eric, Nicole wonders if he would have reconciled his relationship with…

3 min.
fraudster found out

Weeks of uncertainty and agitation surrounding the supposed contestation of Katherine Chancellor’s will, who sabotaged it and why, has led to speculation that Jill’s husband, the notorious conman Colin Atkinson, is somehow involved in the fraud that’s taken place, resulting in Devon being disinherited and Katherine’s billions being given to Cane. Although Devon believes Cane has cheated him out of his inheritance, he finally consents to Jill investigating the Colin angle to put the matter to rest once and for all. After she tracks down Colin (Tristan Rogers), Jill (Jess Walton) angrily prepares for a fight when she finds her estranged husband living the high life in a luxurious paradise in the Maldives. Barging into his suite, Jill demands answers and is livid when a smug Colin gloats that he’s been…