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a power is born

An historic movement that promises to decisively mark the XXI century. China comes to view as a new aerospace power and promises to compete with world leaders such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus and Northrop Grumman already in the next decade. In this edition we have prepared a special article on the Asian giant, showing its diverse fronts of action, from small electric aircrafts, through the new C919 widebody to the J-20 fifth-generation fighter. Also in this edition, three important international coverages. We went to Sydney, in Australia, to cover IATA’s general meeting. There, executives of the world’s largest airlines were unanimous in questioning the format of airport concessions to the private initiative around the world, alleging that governments give priority to short-term financial incomes in detriment of cost control for…

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china, a winged giant

China has assumed a new global position when placing in active service, in early 2017, the Chengdu J-20 air superiority fighter. The country with millenary culture acquired international relevance not only for having the only fifth-generation combat aircraft produced, and in activity, outside the United States, or for having conceived the aircraft in less than one decade, but specially for consolidating its technological rise with the development of a cutting-edge aeronautical industry in less than 30 years. With the fast Chinese economic growth from mid-1980, local authorities began to give priority to several strategic segments. The advance of high-tech electronic industry, mainly of semiconductors, took place in parallel with the expansion of the civil aviation market. In terms of air transportation scale, China has consecutively kept the position of second largest…

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chinese-russian project

The Chinese have given one step ahead to establish their presence in the commercial aviation global market by widening the capabilities of the CR929, the first large-sized Chinese aircraft. The model that should compete in the market of the Airbus A330neo and of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was given some changes in the project, becoming similar in capacity to the A330-900. The aircraft is being developed between the Chinese enterprise COMAC and the Russian enterprise UAC. The CRAIC consortium, that brings together both companies, includes subcontracted companies, such as the Russian company Sukhoi, which should be responsible for part of the aircraft’s systems and structures. One of the highlights of the CR929 is its capacity, which according to Sukhoi, should be 281 seats in three classes. The A330-900, in the…

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new wave

Every year the little town of Lakeland, in Florida, receives one of the most relaxed aeronautical meetings of the United States, the Sun ‘n Fun. The name exactly translates the event’s atmosphere, with much sun and fun. For many people, especially Brazilians, the Sun ‘n Fun fair is a compact version of the gigantic EAA Air Venture that occurs in Oshkosh.However, the meeting in Florida fulfils some particular characteristics, such as the largest business focus on light general aviation. Different from Oshkosh, which brings together hundreds of exhibitors, in Lakeland, the visitor may more calmly get to know the launches of the main manufacturers, mainly of light, homologated and experimental aviation. Not by chance the companies like the Brazilian SeaMax bet high on Sun ‘n Fun, where they find most of…

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aviation has future

Jack J. Pelton is the current Chairman and CEO of the Experimental Aircraft Association, better known as EAA, which congregates at least 200,000 members in the United States. It is the world’s largest and main entity dedicated to experimental aviation. Pelton has wide experience in aviation. He worked for over two decades at McDonnell Douglas, before entering the Textron group, where he took over the position of Cessna CEO. In March 2008, the then governess of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius, appointed Pelton for the Consulting Group of Energy and Environmental Policies of Kansas. Pelton was pensioned in 2011 and, in the following year, was appointed as Chairman of EAA. One of his challenges within the entity is maintaining the development of experimental aviation, supporting the authorities in the creation of more…

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news in the old continent

Europe has the world’s business aviation second largest fleet, with nearly 2,700 jets, only behind the United States. Among the turboprops, the old continent holds the third global position, with 900 units. Over the last decade, the Europeans adsorbed 20 percent of the deliveries of business jets and 13 percent of the world’s turboprops, which helps to understand the importance of EBACE 2018. After the chain effects started in 2008 in the global market, Europe plunged into its most serious financial and humanitarian crisis since the end of World War Two. Business demand significantly dropped, impacting the purchase of new aircrafts. In 2008, in the pre-crisis, the European market acquired 339 business jets directly from the manufacturers. Nine years later, there were only 121 aircrafts. The worst scenario happened with the…