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the boeing – airbus rivalry

An unavoidable duopoly stands out in the aviation world. With the making official of the purchase of the C-Series program of Bombardier by Airbus and a memo of understanding between Boeing and EMBRAER for the creation of a joint venture that includes the businesses and services of the production unit of the E-Jet family of regional jets, the process seems to be irrepressible. The agreement between the American giant and manufacturer headquartered in Brazil still will have many negotiations, especially in relation with the future of the engineering teams and the transaction value: as per the contract, Boeing will pay US$ 3.8 billion for 80% of the joint venture property. But, with the guarantee of both EMBRAER shareholders and Brazilian government, the business should be closed by 2019. The Boeing-Airbus rivalry…

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serge dassault

The businessman and politician Serge Dassault (1925-2018) was among the most important figures in the XXth century. Born in Paris, son of the aeronautical designer Marcel Dassault, he inherited from his father not only one of the Europe’s largest industrial conglomerates, but also the passion for aviation and politics. The Dassault Falcon family describes him as a leader whose vision, energy and contagious passion for aviation helped the company to become what it is today. “Since tributes come from around the world, Serge has been described with adjectives such as a pioneer, an innovator, a giant and a legend”. AN EMPIRE IN EXPANSION Taking over Dassault Aviation, Serge expanded the family empire by acquiring real estate, auction houses and the French journal Le Figaro, with an editorial line holding conservative views. In the…

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labace, engines on

This year edition of the Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition, LABACE 2018, takes place in a special moment of the business aviation in Latin America. After at least three years of uncertainties, the market gives the first signs of reaction, mainly in view of the perspective of the recovery of economic growth in Brazil, which has the largest fleet of the region, together with Mexico, both of them, by the way, with presidential elections this year. Issues such as oil barrel price and foreign exchange rate variations are still a concern, but analysts believe that the real productive economy is ready to react, and still are repressed resources for this. Due to physical restrictions in Congonhas, LABACE did not allow the exhibition of the entire portfolio of the…

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giants move

The Farnborough Airshow 2018 showed two scenarios, one for the civil aviation and other for the military. In the air transport market, the world’s largest aeronautical salon confirmed a global growth. In the defense segment, in turn, in view of the budgetary cuts across the globe, what was seen was a redirection of the industry to more orthodox solutions. A great highlight of this year edition, the rivalry between Airbus and Boeing in the commercial aviation, was measured in numbers. Together, both enterprises summed up over US$ 150 billion in orders. Although most of the orders were negotiations initiated before the British biennial fair, the consolidated contracts give a dimension of the courses of the airline market. WORLD FLEET Both publicized their studies on the market prospects for the next 20 years,…

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150 years of reading the flight time

Aviation was just beginning when the iconic IWC launched its first pocket watches with jumping digits, according to the Pallweber system, which stood out due to the absence of pointers. The company was founded in 1868 by Florentine Ariosto Jones, an American engineer and watchmaker, who had been director of E. Howard & Company, in Boston, at that time the leading watchmaking company in the United States. When creating the International Watch Company, Ariosto Jones intended to combine the skills of the Swiss in high-precision engineering with the new American technology that came to view as one of the most modern of its time. Some years later, the company was acquired by Johann Rauschenbach-Vogel, who would have four generations of the Rauschenbach family in command of the company. One of the famous…

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on board the a330neo over the atlantic

The Airbus A330 is the most successful widebody of Airbus. There are over 1,700 aircrafts sold, out of which, 1,400 have been already delivered. In its renewed version named Airbus 330neo (New Engine Option), the European consortium is convinced of the advantage of the new engines, new wing and new interior to provide performance and economy gains, facing the competition, especially the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The A330 has its origin still in the 70s, when Airbus developed a series of projects derived from the Airbus 300, its first commercial jet. The first one of these projects to effectively enter into production was the Airbus 310. In the early 80s, the manufacturer launched the program of the A320 narrow-body jet, a revolutionary aircraft in various aspects, mainly in relation with the use…