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AERO Magazine brings you the latest information on business and commercial aviation. Written by an international team of pilots and experts and read by airplane owners, pilots, and the aviation trade, we bring you the must-know information on airplanes, helicopters, airports, technology, history and full coverage of the most important trade shows around the world.

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a magazine with history

My admiration for AERO Magazine became clear in different times of my life. Still being a teenager, I studied in Brazil, in Sao Paulo interior, and every day passed in front of Jundiai airport. I saw aircrafts landing and taking off while deciding between two careers, aeronautical engineering and business administration. In order to support my decision, I was reading as much as possible about both subjects; and AERO has been one of this source of knowledge. Finally, I has chosen business administration, but from the magazines of the past, in my room, I keep an AERO, that belonged to my grandfather, and has nearly the same age as me. Twenty years later, I was Sales and Marketing director of the publishing company that issues Náutica (a magazine dealing with boats),…

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from the beginning until 1910

1783 BALLOONS WITH PASSENGERS It is not easy to detail which was the first flight experience of mankind. However, there ae records that in 1783, passengers have made experimental ascensions in the hot air balloon of brothers Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier, paper manufacturers in Annonay, southern France. At the end of that year, experiments have also been made with hydrogen balloons. In the second half of 19th century, flying in hot air aerostats had become a common adventure in Europe, and the apparatus were also used by the military, as an observation resource. 1709 THE FLYING PRIEST One of the pioneers in balloon experiences in the Modern Era was Bartolomeu de Gusmão, a Brazilian priest, born in the city of Santos, in 1685. 20/07/1873 THE CHILD THAT WANTED TO FLY Very far away from Paris noise, in the…

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02/23/1911 THE FIRST AMPHIBIOUS In a time when few cities had unobstructed and suitable areas, a good alternative was taking off and landing on the water. In February 1911, Glenn Curtiss, a builder, introduces a version of its Model D equipped with floats, which was capable to operate both on ground or water: the history’s first amphibious aircraft. 10/10/1910 BASE IN TOULOUSE Appears in Toulouse Morane-Saulnier, a firm founded by the brothers Robert and LéonMorane and Raymond Saulnier, which took part in world’s first air race, the inaugural crossing of the Mediterranean and the construction of the first machine gum capable of shooting through the propeller system. In 1966 it began to be named SOCATA, an acronym of Societé de Construction d Avions de Tourisme et d Affaires, to be acquired by Sud Aviation (manufacturer…

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10/22/1921 DOUGLAS APPEARS Born in 1892, Donald Wills Douglas was one of the pioneers of American aviation. In 1920, he created the Davis-Douglas Company that has manufactured a single aircraft: The Cloudster – a long-range biplane single-engine aircraft, the first one to have a payload above its own weight. In July 1921, he opened a new company, Douglas Aircraft, which became famous in the 1930s with its DC (Douglas Commercial) models. In 1967, it became McDonnell Douglas and, 30 years later, it was incorporated to Boeing. 08/04/1922 THEREZA AND ANÉSIA Thereza de Marzo e Anésia Pinheiro Machado frequented the small circle of Sao Paulo pioneer aviators. Daughter of industrial executives, Thereza was friend of the Robba brothers, and dated Fritz Roesler, owner of Ypiranga aviation school. Anésia came from Itapetininga after the dream of learning…

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01/1931 ITALIANS CROSS THE ATLANTIC Leader of the Fascist Party since 1929, and member of the “Black Shirts” group, the aviator and future Air Marshall, Italo Balbo was a great propagandist of Mussolini’s government. In early 1931, at the helm of a squadron of 12 Savoia-Marchetti S.55 seaplanes, a courtesy , he was received with great feast by the government and the Italian community. 06/12/1931 MILITARY AIRMAIL One of the missions of military aviation in Brazil in its first years was overcoming the great distances of a continental country without a modern transport system. On June 12, 1931, lieutenant aviators Casimiro Montenegro Filho and Nélson Freire Lavenère-Wanderley took off from Rio de Janeiro in a Curtiss biplane “Fledgling” and, some hours later, they delivered in Sao Paulo a postal mail. The Military Airmail was inaugurated…

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12/07/1941 TORA, TORA, TORA! In December 1941, Would War II, has become a bloodshed in Europe and tension between the United States and Japan was increasing every day. In spite of this, air surveillance around Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii – with the Pacific US naval force, was incredibly relaxed on that Sunday 7. At the attack command “Tora, tora, tora” tens of Japanese fighters, torpedo bombers and bombers launched from aircraft carriers attacked American military airdromes and warships stationed in the port, practically without facing resistance. The attack left over 2,300 dead and almost destroyed fleet, except for two aircraft carriers that were in mission in the sea. The “day that will live in infamy” gave President Franklin Roosevelt the popular support he needed to declare war to the Axis…