Allrecipes October/November 2020

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letter from allrecipes

THE power OF food Food brings us together in so many situations. This issue’s cover is a reminder that even though we’re social distancing, we can still share favorite recipes and enjoy them wherever we are. Since a favorite recipe often comes with a heartfelt story, we asked some of our Allstars to share a dessert that reminds them of happy holidays past. Their stories and recipes start on page 44. We loaded the issue with lots of turkey and sides (I can’t resist extra helpings of the Epic Mashed Potatoes on page 29) and some creative wine suggestions. Choosing wine to go with a gathering of flavors from around the globe is not so easy, but we found a wine educator to take on the task. See Julia Coney’s awesome suggestions on…

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united we eat

Even if we’re unable to gather around the same table or agree on the best way forward, we can still share a toast or a moment via Facebook or Zoom. We can still take a swing at a new recipe and enjoy—together, even across the miles—a dish that’s as satisfying and comforting as a hug. Here, a Thanksgiving menu that delights in our differences and reminds us of our shared humanity: delicious dishes from diverse points of view that celebrate unique flavors and magically, wonderfully, taste even better when enjoyed together. ON THE Menu— Recipes on pages 96–98 1 Southern Italian Thanksgiving Stuffing 2 Asian-Inspired Green Beans 3 Roasted Delicata Squash with Garam Masala Mayo 4 Spiced Orange-Cranberry Sauce 5 Angie’s Perfect Dinner Rolls 6 Smoky Poblano Corn Pudding (photo on next page) FOR TURKEY See “Turkey Time,” page 42 FOR…

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must love dogs

Bowl Me Over Kids pull up barstools while pets pad up to food and water bowls built into the kitchen island. Quartz or solid surfacing on the raised feeding platform (great for senior pets) make cleanup a breeze. Creature Comfort Want to keep Buddy’s fresh food fresh—but not store doggo delicacies right next to your cheese tray? An undercounter fridge, such as Thermador’s double drawer model ($3,300 at offers a smart solution. Kibble Cubby A lidded storage tote tucked inside a large drawer beneath banquette seating is the perfect place to keep that big bag of dry dog food close at hand but out of sight. PHOTOS: (BOWL ME OVER) EMILY FOLLOWILL PHOTOGRAPHY. (KIBBLE CUBBY) SCOTT LITTLE…

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turkey day essentials

ALLSTAR TIP Do an inventory of your tools and set them out the night before. “Last Thanksgiving, I knew I had a set of turkey lifters, but I could not find them to save my life,” says Brenda Venable. “I finally found them, in March, when I was looking for something else.” OTHER ITEMS THE ALLSTARS LOVE Electric knives for carving, manual/pull choppers for making quick work of onions and celery, and terra-cotta or ceramic bread stones to keep the bread basket warm. “I used to go through a roasting pan a year. But this one—Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 16-inch Roasting Pan with Rack, $60 at—has held up for several years. The side handles provide easy gripping for lifting the turkey in and out of the oven. And since it sits level…

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pump it up

You love it in pies, breads, soups, and even lattes—but has antioxidant-packed pumpkin made it into your beauty routine? This favorite fall flavor is also a treat for skin, thanks to pumpkin’s rich stores of carotenoids. A single cup of cooked pumpkin has more than seven times the recommended daily amount of vitamin A, from the carotenoid beta-carotene. Essential for cell renewal and repair, carotenoids also support balanced oil production and can increase skin’s UV defenses. When pumpkins were first cultivated in Central America—an estimated 9,000 years ago—they were small and bitter. Today the flesh of pumpkins is packed with natural sweetness in addition to enzymes and naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids that gently speed up skin cell turnover. Those skin smoothers leave your complexion glowing when applied on the skin, while…

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the kindness of cooks

DELIVERING HELP — and hope My aunt has neighbors who have been hit hard by the pandemic. They have a brand-new baby (born just as things began to shut down) and three other children. The husband’s entire handyman business has completely gone away for now. When my aunt mentioned she was providing groceries for the family as best as she could and for as long as she could, I knew helping her was one small way we could become involved and actively do something. Sometimes you just need something positive to focus on, something actionable. For my family, it was helping another family through a tough time. I scour resources around my town of Lilburn, Georgia, to find protein at a reasonable price, and I found eggs from an incredible small farmer,…